1st Edition

Regional and Urban Economics Parts 1 & 2

By Richard J. Arnott Copyright 1997

    A collection of the first section of the "Fundamentals of Pure and Applied Economics" series, "Regional and Urban Economics: Parts One and Two" is an encyclopaedia containing eight titles:
    This volume highlights original contributions in regional and urban economics, concentrating mainly on urban economic theory. The contributions focus on the treatment of space in economic theory. Drawing on the body of literature developed by Von Thunen, Christaller and Losch, these chapters explore empirical, theoretical and applied aspects of urban and regional economics which can be divided into the following areas:
    Location Theory, "Jean Jaskold Gabszewicz, Jacques-Francois Thisse, Masahisa Fujita "and" Urs Schwiezer"
    Urban Public Finance, "David E. Wildasin"
    Urban Dynamics and Urban Externalities, "Takahiro Miyao "and" Yoshitsugu" "Kanemoto"
    Systems of Cities and Facility Location,

    Introduction GENERAL EQUILIBRIUM IN SPACE AND AGGLOMERATION 1. Spatially Separated Markets 2. Introducing Location Choice 3. Integer Assignment 4. Fractional Assignment 5. Local Public Goods 6. Concluding Remarks SPATIAL COMPETITION AND THE LOCATION OF FIRMS 1. Introduction 2. Spatial Monopoly 3. The Basic Ingredients of Spatial Competition 4. Spatial Oligopolistic Competition 61 5. Spatial Competition with Free Entry 6. Reformulations and Conclusions URBAN LAND USE THEORY 1. Basic Theory of Residential Land Use 2. Residential Land Use with Externalities 3. General Equilibrium Models 4. Dynamics EXTERNALITIES IN SPACE 1. Introduction 2. Externalities between Producers and Households 3. Externalities among Households 4. Externalities among Producers 5. Externalities Associated with Urban Transportation 6. Measuring the Benefits and Costs of Externalities URBAN TRANSPORTATION ECONOMICS 1. Introduction 2. Travel Demand 3. Costs 4. Pricing, Investment, and Industrial Organization 5. Conclusion: Toward Unified Models of Urban Transportation Appendix: Long-Run Cost Functions with Queueing and Endogenous Scheduling FACILITY LOCATION ANALYSIS 1. Facility Location in Continuous Spaces 2. Facility Location in Finite Spaces 3. Facility Location on Networks SYSTEMS OF CITIES AND INTER-CITY TRADE Part One - Positive Analyses Part Two - Normative Properties


    Richard J. Arnott