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Regions and Cities

About the Series

In today’s globalised, knowledge-driven and networked world, regions and cities have assumed heightened significance as the interconnected nodes of economic, social and cultural production, and as sites of new modes of economic governance and policy experimentation. This book series brings together incisive and critically engaged international and interdisciplinary research on this resurgence of regions and cities, and should be of interest to geographers, economists, sociologists, political scientists and cultural scholars, as well as to policy-makers involved in regional and urban development.

If you would like to discuss a potential new book for the series, please contact:

Joan Fitzgerald – [email protected] – Series Editor-in-Chief, or

Kristina Abbotts – [email protected] – Routledge Commissioning Editor

The Regions and Cities book series welcomes Open Access projects. Please contact Kristina Abbotts or visit for more details.

About the Regional Studies Association (RSA)

The Regions and Cities Book Series is a series of the Regional Studies Association (RSA). The RSA is a global and interdisciplinary network for regional and urban research, policy and development. The RSA is a registered not-for-profit organisation, a learned society and membership body that aims to advance regional studies and science. The RSA’s publishing portfolio includes six academic journals, two book series, a Blog and an online magazine. For more information on the Regional Studies Association, visit

Dissemination Support for Authors

The RSA increases the dissemination of research and supports authors publishing in this book series through the promotion of new books, organisation of online book launches in cooperation with the author(s) and by offering a platform for the publication of book reviews.


Did you know that as a Regional Studies Association member you’re entitled to a 30% discount on all Routledge books? To order, simply email James Hill ([email protected]), or phone on +44 (0) 7831 120 008 and declare your RSA membership.

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Regions, Spatial Strategies and Sustainable Development

Regions, Spatial Strategies and Sustainable Development

1st Edition

By David Counsell, Graham Haughton
December 29, 2003

Focusing on recent regional policy and important planning debates across the English regions, this book analyzes the issues, disputes and tensions that have arisen in regional planning in the new millennium. With a range of local case studies to ground the argument in local as well as regional ...

Geographies of Labour Market Inequality

Geographies of Labour Market Inequality

1st Edition

Edited By Ron Martin, Philip S. Morrison
December 20, 2002

In recent years, the local dimensions of the labour market have attracted increasing attention from academic analysts and public policy-makers alike. There is growing realization that there is no such thing as the national labour market, instead a mosaic of local and regional markets that differ in...

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