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Regions and Cities

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In today’s globalised, knowledge-driven and networked world, regions and cities have assumed heightened significance as the interconnected nodes of economic, social and cultural production, and as sites of new modes of economic governance and policy experimentation. This book series brings together incisive and critically engaged international and interdisciplinary research on this resurgence of regions and cities, and should be of interest to geographers, economists, sociologists, political scientists and cultural scholars, as well as to policy-makers involved in regional and urban development.

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About the Regional Studies Association (RSA)

The Regions and Cities Book Series is a series of the Regional Studies Association (RSA). The RSA is a global and interdisciplinary network for regional and urban research, policy and development. The RSA is a registered not-for-profit organisation, a learned society and membership body that aims to advance regional studies and science. The RSA’s publishing portfolio includes six academic journals, two book series, a Blog and an online magazine. For more information on the Regional Studies Association, visit

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The RSA increases the dissemination of research and supports authors publishing in this book series through the promotion of new books, organisation of online book launches in cooperation with the author(s) and by offering a platform for the publication of book reviews.


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Diversities of Innovation

Diversities of Innovation

1st Edition

Edited By Ulrich Hilpert
December 18, 2020

Innovation is often understood exclusively in terms of the economy, but it is definitely a result of human labour and ingenuity, and of the relationships among individuals and social groups. Some societies and governmental structures are clearly more successful than others: they act in divergent ...

The Theory, Practice and Potential of Regional Development The Case of Canada

The Theory, Practice and Potential of Regional Development: The Case of Canada

1st Edition

Edited By Kelly Vodden, David Douglas, Sean Markey, Sarah Minnes, Bill Reimer
December 18, 2020

Canadian regional development today involves multiple actors operating within nested scales from local to national and even international levels. Recent approaches to making sense of this complexity have drawn on concepts such as multi-level governance, relational assets, integration, innovation, ...

Smart Development for Rural Areas

Smart Development for Rural Areas

1st Edition

Edited By André Torre, Stefano Corsi, Michael Steiner, Frédéric Wallet, Hans Westlund
October 12, 2020

This thought-provoking book questions the framework of the Horizon 2020 strategy and the policies of smart development. It aims to answer the following question: Is there any possibility for a policy of smart development and smart specialization in rural and peri-urban areas? Based on detailed ...

China in the Local and Global Economy History, Geography, Politics and Sustainability

China in the Local and Global Economy: History, Geography, Politics and Sustainability

1st Edition

Edited By Steven Brakman, Charles van Marrewijk, Peter J. Morgan, Nimesh Salike
September 30, 2020

The history of China dates back thousands of years, with periods of decline followed by periods of growth and innovation. This book puts the last 50 years – China's most recent period of growth – into perspective. It explores the changing national and international connections within China and...

EU Cohesion Policy Reassessing performance and direction

EU Cohesion Policy: Reassessing performance and direction

1st Edition

Edited By John Bachtler, Peter Berkowitz, Sally Hardy, Tatjana Muravska
September 30, 2020

The Open Access version of this book, available at, has been made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives 3.0 license.This book brings together academics, members of European institutions, and regional ...

Fragile Governance and Local Economic Development Theory and Evidence from Peripheral Regions in Latin America

Fragile Governance and Local Economic Development: Theory and Evidence from Peripheral Regions in Latin America

1st Edition

Edited By Sergio Montero, Karen Chapple
September 30, 2020

Much of our understanding of local economic development is based on large urban agglomerations as nodes of innovation and competitive advantage, connecting territories to global value chains. However, this framework cannot so easily be applied to peripheral regions and secondary cities in either ...

Smart Transitions in City Regionalism Territory, Politics and the Quest for Competitiveness and Sustainability

Smart Transitions in City Regionalism: Territory, Politics and the Quest for Competitiveness and Sustainability

1st Edition

By Tassilo Herrschel, Yonn Dierwechter
September 30, 2020

In recent years "smartness" has risen as a buzzword to characterize novel urban policy and development patterns. As a result of this, debates around what "smart" actually means, both theoretically and empirically, have emerged within the interdisciplinary arenas of urban and regional studies. This ...

Strategic Approaches to Regional Development Smart Experimentation in Less-Favoured Regions

Strategic Approaches to Regional Development: Smart Experimentation in Less-Favoured Regions

1st Edition

Edited By Iryna Kristensen, Alexandre Dubois, Jukka Teräs
September 30, 2020

The existence and persistence of regional disparities between European regions require context-tailored policies to promote structural change. This book explores the congruence between place-based development and regional competitiveness in the EU context. Drawing on a range of social science ...

The Entrepreneurial Discovery Process and Regional Development New Knowledge Emergence, Conversion and Exploitation

The Entrepreneurial Discovery Process and Regional Development: New Knowledge Emergence, Conversion and Exploitation

1st Edition

Edited By Åge Mariussen, Seija Virkkala, Håkon Finne, Tone Merethe Aasen
September 30, 2020

There is a broad and long-standing debate on possible solutions to the regional vulnerabilities of globalisation. In 2014, the European Commission began implementing Smart Specialisation Strategy, a place-based strategy of growth, regional transformation and new industrial policy with collective ...

Transitions in Regional Economic Development

Transitions in Regional Economic Development

1st Edition

Edited By Ivan Turok, David Bailey, Jennifer Clark, Jun Du, Ugo Fratesi, Michael Fritsch, John Harrison, Tom Kemeny, Dieter Kogler, Arnoud Lagendijk
December 19, 2019

At a time of extraordinary challenges confronting the world, this book analyses some of the profound changes occurring in the development of cities and regions. It discusses the uncertainties associated with the stalling of hyper-globalization and asks whether this creates opportunities for ...

Territorial Designs and International Politics Inside-out and Outside-in

Territorial Designs and International Politics: Inside-out and Outside-in

1st Edition

Edited By Boaz Atzili, Burak Kadercan
December 17, 2019

Territory is back with a vengeance. Although territorial politics never really went away, it was often perceived that way in public discussion and among scholars. The territorial conflicts of the last several years, however, have raised new academic and policy questions, revived old debates that ...

Approaches to Economic Geography Towards a geographical political economy

Approaches to Economic Geography: Towards a geographical political economy

1st Edition

By Ray Hudson
December 12, 2019

The last four decades have seen major changes in the global economy, with the collapse of communism and the spread of capitalism into parts of the world from which it had previously been excluded. Beginning with a grounding in Marxian political economy, this book explores a range of new ideas as to...

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