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Regions and Cities

About the Series

In today’s globalised, knowledge-driven and networked world, regions and cities have assumed heightened significance as the interconnected nodes of economic, social and cultural production, and as sites of new modes of economic governance and policy experimentation. This book series brings together incisive and critically engaged international and interdisciplinary research on this resurgence of regions and cities, and should be of interest to geographers, economists, sociologists, political scientists and cultural scholars, as well as to policy-makers involved in regional and urban development.

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About the Regional Studies Association (RSA)

The Regions and Cities Book Series is a series of the Regional Studies Association (RSA). The RSA is a global and interdisciplinary network for regional and urban research, policy and development. The RSA is a registered not-for-profit organisation, a learned society and membership body that aims to advance regional studies and science. The RSA’s publishing portfolio includes five academic journals, two book series, a Blog and an online magazine. For more information on the Regional Studies Association, visit


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Regional Policy in Europe

Regional Policy in Europe

1st Edition

By S.S Artobolevskiy
September 13, 2002

Based on the author's extensive research in the field, this book analyzes regional policy for the whole of Europe. Comparing East and West, it offers a new model of regional policy and gives an overview of the direction that it may take in Europe as a whole. Topics covered include: the evaluation ...

Union Retreat and the Regions The Shrinking Landscape of Organised Labour

Union Retreat and the Regions: The Shrinking Landscape of Organised Labour

1st Edition

By Ron Martin, Peter Sunley, Jane Wills
September 20, 2002

Since the beginning of the 1980s, British trade unions have experienced a dramatic retreat, marked by rapidly falling membership and declining industrial power. The authors examine the regional dimensions of this retreat of organised labour, paying particular attention to: The resilience of the ...

Community Economic Development

Community Economic Development

1st Edition

Edited By Graham Haughton
September 13, 2002

This important book examines the ways in which community economic development can contribute to local and regional regeneration. It presents a unique overview of the state of contemporary British practice in this important policy area and provides a series of fresh, theoretical, methodological and ...

Metropolitan Planning in Britain A Comparative Study

Metropolitan Planning in Britain: A Comparative Study

1st Edition

Edited By Peter Roberts, Kevin Thomas, Gwyndaf Williams
September 13, 2002

Metropolitan Planning in Britain is the first comparative analysis and assessment of metropolitan areas and their strategic planning for almost two decades. Changes in population distribution, styles of local government, business practices, and attitudes to the environment have all had an impact on...

British Regionalism and Devolution The Challenges of State Reform and European Integration

British Regionalism and Devolution: The Challenges of State Reform and European Integration

1st Edition

Edited By Jonathan Bradbury, John Mawson
September 13, 2002

This contributors provide a range of perspectives on the increasingly central issues of state reform, European integration and British regionalism in the 1990s. Using case material, the contributors examine: the effects of state reform and European integration on British regionalism and the ...

Europe's Changing Geography The Impact of Inter-regional Networks

Europe's Changing Geography: The Impact of Inter-regional Networks

1st Edition

Edited By Nicola Bellini, Ulrich Hilpert
January 27, 2017

European macro-regions, Euroregions and other forms of inter-regional, cross-border cooperation have helped to shape new scenarios and new relational spaces which may generate opportunities for economic development, while redefining the political and economic meaning of national borders. This ...

The Coherence of EU Regional Policy Contrasting Perspectives on the Structural Funds

The Coherence of EU Regional Policy: Contrasting Perspectives on the Structural Funds

1st Edition

Edited By John Bachtler, Ivan Turok
September 13, 2002

This book brings together a rich selection of up-to-date practical experience of EU regional policy from across Europe. It provides different perspectives on the design and operation of regional development strategies under the Structural Funds, from people closely involved in studying, managing or...

The Regional Imperative Regional Planning and Governance in Britain, Europe and the United States

The Regional Imperative: Regional Planning and Governance in Britain, Europe and the United States

1st Edition

By Urlan A. Wannop
September 13, 2002

Based on cases and interviews in Britain, Europe and the United States, this book explains the recurrence of regional planning and of initiatives in regional governance, in a wide range of advanced industrial countries. Providing an analysis of the nature of regional planning and governance, the ...

Economics of Planning Policies in China Infrastructure, Location and Cities

Economics of Planning Policies in China: Infrastructure, Location and Cities

1st Edition

By Wen-jie Wu
January 09, 2017

Fast urbanizing countries like China have experienced rapid – albeit geographically uneven – local and regional economic growth during the past few decades. Notwithstanding this development pattern, China has been investing heavily in targeted coastal and inland regions through planning policies ...

Restructuring Industry and Territory The Experience of Europe's Regions

Restructuring Industry and Territory: The Experience of Europe's Regions

1st Edition

Edited By Anna Giunta, Arnoud Lagendijk, Andy Pike
September 13, 2002

Examining the current trends in regional economic development in Europe, Restructuring Industry and Territory explores ways in which the restructuring of industry and territorial development relate to each other, their emergent interdependency and role in economic development. The book argues that ...

The Empirical and Institutional Dimensions of Smart Specialisation

The Empirical and Institutional Dimensions of Smart Specialisation

1st Edition

Edited By Philip McCann, Frank van Oort, John Goddard
December 09, 2016

Smart specialisation is the new policy approach to the development of regional innovation systems across Europe and it involves fostering innovative and entrepreneurial initiatives which are well tailored to the local context. The different technologies, skills profiles, business activities, ...

Regional Innovation Strategies The Challenge for Less-Favoured Regions

Regional Innovation Strategies: The Challenge for Less-Favoured Regions

1st Edition

Edited By Kevin Morgan, Claire Nauwelaers
September 13, 2002

Regional Innovation Strategiesoffers the first comprehensive analysis of the new wave of innovation-oriented regional policies. It draws conclusions from the European Regional Technology Plans and Regional Innovation Strategies, both in old industrialised areas and in regions where development is ...

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