1st Edition

Regulation of Secondary Metabolism in Actinomycetes

By Stuart Shapiro Copyright 1989
    ISBN 9780849369278
    312 Pages
    Published August 31, 1989 by CRC Press

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    This book provides a comprehensive examination of biochemical and genetic regulatory phenomena as they relate to the activity of actinomycete secondary metabolic pathways and the functioning of secondary metabolites as endogenous effectors of cytodifferentiation. Approximately 50 illustrations accompany the text.

    Structural Organization and Regulation of Antibiotic Biosynthesis and Resistance Genes in Actinomycetes. Cloning of Streptomycete Genes Involved in Antibiotic Synthesis and its Regulation. Autoregulatory Secondary Metabolites from Actinomycetes. Carbon Source Regulation of Idiolite Biosynthesis in Actinomycetes. Nitrogen Assimilation in Actinomycetes and the Influence of Nitrogen Nutrition on Actinomycete Secondary Metabolism. Molecular Mechanisms for the Control by Phosphate of the Biosynthesis of Antibiotics and Other Secondary Metabolites. Roles of Micronutrients in Secondary Metabolism of Actinomycetes. Physicochemical Factors Affecting Actinomycete Growth and Secondary Metabolism. Index.

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