1st Edition

Rehabilitation Engineering

    The purpose of this handbook is to bring together information on the special devices and associated systems which have been developed to assist the handicapped in living and vocational pursuits and in clinical use. This unique work places emphasis on the devices and systems plus includes sufficient background information to clarify the objectives and use. The general subject matter is divided into two major areas. The first area deals primarily with the environment of the handicapped. The second section deals with devices for personal assist systems-such as for testing, evaluation, and training-and devices which provide individualized support. The information in this comprehensive handbook will assist those working directly in the broad field of rehabilitation of the handicapped and also those associated with the subject matter in a peripheral way, including counseling and vocational evaluation.

    INTRODUCTION. People with Disabilities: A Population in Flux. MEDICAL. Sensory Feedback Using Electrical Stimulation of the Tactile Sense. Selection of Assistive Devices for Children. Au-diobiofeedback for Tasks. EVALUATION. Quantitative Measure-ment and Assessment of Function. Quantitative Assessment Using the Available Motions Inventory. SPECIAL APPLICATIONS. Inde-pendent Living. Timbers Assessment of Concepts of Independent Living. Independent Living Centers: A Parallel Resource. Communication. Criteria for Selection of an Augmentative Communication System. Seating-Mobility. Seating and Mobility for the Severely Disabled. Vocational. Rehabilitation Engineering in the Workplace. Considerations for Competitive Employment. Transportation. Recreation. Driver Assessment and Training of the Disabled Client. Recreation for the Disabled. Rehabilitation Assessment/Practice. Demographics of Worker Disability. RECREATION DEVICE ASSESSMENT. Users' Perceptions of Assistive Devices. Strategies for Corporations, Institutions and Public Facilities for Using Technical Aids to Provide Accessibility. Issues in the Assessment of Assistive Devices in Relation to Functional Performance of Children with Disabilities. Index.


    Raymond V. Smith