1st Edition

Rehabilitation from COVID-19 An Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Protocol

Edited By Wenguang Xia, Xiaolin Huang Copyright 2021
    384 Pages 56 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    The COVID-19 pandemic is unlike anything the world has ever seen before. Its reach is wide, and its effects have been debilitating. Understanding this particular strain of the coronavirus and knowing the best ways to recover are more important than ever.

    Rehabilitation from COVID-19: An Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Protocol contains basic knowledge about COVID-19, including its etiology, pathogenesis, and treatment both in traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine. It also includes relative assessment and rehabilitation targeting residual dysfunctions due to COVID-19, such as pulmonary dysfunction, mental disorders, and malnutrition, among others.

    Key Features

    • Presents a new concept of CRN (COVID-19 Rehabilitation Unit) that will protect patients and medical workers
    • Emphasizes special management of rehabilitation procedures under COVID-19 conditions
    • Includes home-based rehabilitation tactics
    • Provides assessment scales to help patients self-evaluate

    Based on clinical experience from experts, this text has been compiled by those on the frontline against COVID-19 in Wuhan. Rehabilitation from COVID-19 is an informative collection that will be helpful to patients and medical workers alike.

    Clinical Basics of COVID-19. Diagnosis and Treatment of COVID-19. Dysfunctions of COVID-19. Rehabilitation Assessment of COVID-19. Modern Rehabilitation Treatments for COVID-19. Rehabilitation Treatments of traditional Chinese medicine for COVID-19. Diagnosis and Treatment mode of COVID-19 Rehabilitation Unit (CRN). Management of COVID-19 Rehabilitation Nursing. Clinical Rehabilitation of COVID-19. Psychological Rehabilitation of COVID-19. Assessment and Treatments of Malnutrition of COVID-19. Community and Home-Based Rehabilitation of COVID-19.


    Wenguang Xia Chief Physician, Doctor of rehabilitation medicine, Master Tutor. Dr. Xia is now vice President of Hubei hospital of integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine and director of rehabilitation medical center. He is also the commissioner of Asia Pacific international physical medicine and rehabilitation medicine committee. He used to be a visiting scholar at the university of Hong Kong and New York university. He has acquired national and provincial scientific projects 6 times and have published more than 30 articles, including 4 SCI theses, Dr. Xia is editor in chief of 3 medical book and won the best paper award in Chinese journal of physical medicine and rehabilitation. The major research fields are neurological rehabilitation, orthopaedic rehabilitation. Dr. Xia is good at using the method of combining traditional Chinese and western medicine to treat common post-stroke dysfunction, peripheral neuropathy, and pain in neck, shoulder, waist and so on. Xiaolin Huang Professor, Chief Physician, Doctoral Advisor, Director of the department of rehabilitation medicine, in Tongji hospital, and the Director of the WHO rehabilitation training and research cooperation center. Prof. Huang graduated from the department of medicine, tongji medical university in 1983, and got PhD degree of rehabilitation of the Hong Kong polytechnic university in 2000. She has specialized in neurological rehabilitation, spinal and bone and joint injury rehabilitation for over 30 years. She is now the editor-in-chief of the Chinese journal of physical medicine and rehabilitation, the editor of the Chinese journal of rehabilitation, the deputy editor of the journal of nerve injury and functional reconstruction, the deputy editor of the journal of rehabilitation. Prof. Huang has led many national and internetioanal scientific projects like the national 863 program, national natural science fund project and international cooperation research projects. She has published more than 70 papers at home and abroad, and have participated in more than 10 textbooks and monographs.