1st Edition

Reimagining Faith and Management The Impact of Faith in the Workplace

Edited By Edwina Pio, Robert Kilpatrick, Timothy Pratt Copyright 2021
    332 Pages 6 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    332 Pages 6 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Much contemporary research ignores or is dismissive of the growth of global religiosity, even though 90 percent of the global population sees the world through a commitment to some kind of faith. Reimagining Faith and Management addresses this issue and extends the research on the impact of faith in various aspects of management, such as negotiation, leadership, entrepreneurship, governance, innovation, ethics, finance and careers.  

    Faith impacts how individuals and organisations envision, manage and respond to their various stakeholders, communities, the natural environment and the world around them. This book presents various facets of how faith, values and/or ideological outlook which informs, influences and adds mystery to inspire and impel individuals and organisations. The 21 chapters are based on academic research and offer practical managerial recommendations. The book is divided into three sections: faithful futures impacting individuals; faithful futures impacting organisations and faithful futures impacting society.  

    Each chapter presents a theoretical base and includes practical implications. The book is ideal reading for educators, practitioners, researchers and students of business, management, career studies, faith-based organisations, corporate governance and business ethics, as well as religious studies, including applied theology.

    1. Introduction

    Edwina Pio, Robert Kilpatrick, Timothy Pratt.

    Section One - Faithful futures Impacting Individuals.

    2. Religion and career success: A country-comparative study

    Wolfgang Mayrhofer, Martin A. Steinbereithner, Marco Rapp, Lea Reiss, and Dominik Zellhofer.

    3. Leading with Faith

    Claude-Hélène Mayer.

    4. Managing Piety, Respectability, and Professionalism within Women's Bodies

    Fitri Oktaviani.

    5. The problem of ethics in business: Does Vedanta Have a Solution?

    Atul Sinha.

    Section Two - Faithful futures Impacting Organisations.

    6. Faith and Organisational Ethics

    Peter McGhee.

    7. Faith in the boardroom: Seeking wisdom in governing for innovation

    Steve Taylor.

    8. The Entrepreneurial Church

    Peter Lineham.

    9. Employers’ Strategies on Faith and Spirituality at Work: Conceptual Thoughts for Germany

    Dorothea Alewell & Tobias Moll.

    10. Normativity in Practice: Governance in Secular and Faith-Based Non-Profit Organisations

    Helen Cameron.

    11. Faith is not negotiable: The importance of religious diversity in organisations

    Anett Herman & Christine Erten-Buch.

    12. Religious Organisations as a Litmus Test for True Leadership

    Leonard Bloksberg.

    13. Wealth Creation - The Church, Its Theology, Ethics and Business Practice

    Abraham Chikasa.

    Section Three - Faithful futures Impacting Society.

    14. Agreement while aggrieved. Negotiating business in conflict and post conflict settings

    Jock Noble.

    15. Mining faith to settle conflict: Bringing dispute to the surface in a resolvable fashion

    Maclean Ndabezinhle Dlodlo.

    16. Using Faith Based Methods to Combat Workplace Bullying in Africa

    Kwasi Sarkodie-Mensah.

    17. Management of Religious Diversity in state institutions in Austria

    Reiss Wolfram & Troyer Elisa.

    18. Religious Literacy About Religion and Religious Diversity is Important for Business

    Brian J. Grim.

    19. Faith and Finance

    Seamus P. Finn.

    20. Marketing of Faith

    Robert Kilpatrick, Louise von Sierakowski, Godfrey d’Lima, Edwina Pio.

    21. Conclusion

    Timothy Pratt, Edwina Pio & Robert Kilpatrick.


    Edwina Pio is New Zealand’s first Professor of Diversity, and University Director of Diversity at Auckland University of Technology, Aotearoa/New Zealand. A Fulbright alumna, recipient of a Royal Society Medal and a Duke of Edinburgh fellowship, she is a trustee of the national Religious Diversity Centre, New Zealand.  

    Robert Kilpatrick has travelled extensively in his work in both international mission and aid and development. For several years he co-chaired the Joint Learning Initiative of Local Faith Communities. 

    Timothy Pratt serves as lead chaplain at the University of Auckland and has a background in management and governance of civil society, or non-profit organisations. He chairs the Global Fellowship of Christian Youth.