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The ‘Reintroducing’ series offers concise and accessible books that remind us of the importance of sociological theorists whose work, while constituting a significant and lasting contribution to the discipline, is no longer widely discussed. With each volume examining the major themes in thought of a particular figure and the context in which this work came about, as well as its reception and enduring relevance to contemporary social science, the books in this series will appeal to scholars and students of sociology seeking to rediscover the work of important but often neglected sociologists.

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Reintroducing Robert K. Merton

Reintroducing Robert K. Merton

1st Edition

By Charles Crothers
December 31, 2020

This book reintroduces the work of Robert K. Merton as a bridge between classical sociology and modern sociology. Founded in the sociological classics but developing a modern approach to the advancement of theory and research methodology, Merton’s thought helped to construct modern sociology in its...

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