Relationality  book cover
1st Edition


Edited By

Simone Drichel

ISBN 9780367648442
Published December 31, 2020 by Routledge
212 Pages

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Book Description

This book on Relationality addresses our growing "crisis of connection" by foregrounding the multi-faceted ways in which we are interconnected with each other and the world in which we live.

When Niobe Way and her collaborators first proclaimed such a "crisis" in their 2018 book The Crisis of Connection: Roots, Consequences, and Solutions, they could not have foreseen the extremes of isolation and disconnection that Covid-19 would unleash just a couple of years later. Importantly, what such experiences of impaired and compromised relationality impress upon us—now more powerfully than ever—is just how fundamentally we are intertwined with each other and the world we inhabit. The ten scholarly chapters assembled here, combined with ten specially commissioned poems, emphasise the significance of these relational entanglements. They draw on a range of thinkers (with Emmanuel Levinas playing a particularly prominent role) to bring relationality into conversation with an array of contemporary paradigms and areas of political concern: the Anthropocene, post-humanism, neoliberalism, disability studies, and postcolonialism (to name but a few). Tracing the various challenges and opportunities associated with our relational existence, they collectively consider the role relationality plays, or might play, in our increasingly less-than-relational lives.

The chapters and poems in this book were originally published as a special issue of Angelaki.

Table of Contents

Foreword: Relationality

Simone Drichel

Introduction: "The Most Perfectly Autonomous Man": Relational Subjectivity and the Crisis of Connection

Simone Drichel

How to Read a Photograph (poetry)

Lynley Edmeades

1. Relationality and the Photographic Image: Of Sovereignty, Singularity, or Loneliness?

Rosalyn Diprose

How to Become Unhinged (poetry)

Lynley Edmeades

2. The Relationality of Disappearance

Neil Vallelly

A Treatise on the Ethical Dimensions of Acknowledging the Repellant Notions of Selfhood (poetry)

Lynley Edmeades

3. Reading the Dead with W.G. Sebald: Relational Challenges to Neoliberalism

Josephine Carter

Humanisme de l’Autre (poetry)

Lynley Edmeades

4. All our Relations: Levinas, the Posthuman, and the More-than-Human

Matthew Calarco

Can I Still Say I? (poetry)

Lynley Edmeades

5. The Other Does Not Respond: Levinas’s Answer to Blanchot

Robert Bernasconi

The Asymmetry of Embedded Needs (poetry)

Lynley Edmeades

6. Between an Ethic of Care and an Ethic of Autonomy: Negotiating Relational Autonomy, Disability, and Dependency

Laura Davy

In Which Everything is Made Up of Relationality (poetry)

Lynley Edmeades

7. Transmission, Relationality, Ethnography, Stephen Frosh & Ruth Sheldon

In Joining (Words) (poetry)

Lynley Edmeades

8. Settler-Colonialism’s "Miscarriage": Thinking the Failure of Relationality through Irigaray’s "Interval"

Joanne Faulkner

Because We (poetry)

Lynley Edmeades

9. Sites of Relation and "Tout-Monde": Reflections on Glissant’s Late Work

John E. Drabinski

Grounding for It (poetry)

Lynley Edmeades

10. A Cut in Relationality: Art at the End of the World

Claire Colebrook

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Simone Drichel teaches in the Department of English & Linguistics at the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand. A cross-disciplinary researcher, her current work traverses the fields of continental philosophy and relational psychoanalysis to address the widespread erosion of ethical responsiveness in the contemporary global political situation.