1st Edition

Relationally Queer A Pink Therapy Guide for Practitioners

Edited By Silva Neves, Dominic Davies Copyright 2023
    252 Pages 6 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    252 Pages 6 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Relationally Queer explores diverse intimate relationship styles and the connections with self for clinicians interested in gender, sex and relationship diversity.

    Offering readers a more inclusive and queer-friendly way of thinking about relationships, the book covers a range of topics that include intersectionality, consensual non-monogamy, working with shame, intimate partner violence, religious identities, and living with HIV. Exploring beyond a Eurocentric perspective, the book features a chapter on African-centred therapy and also includes the relationships of often erased populations such as bisexual people, sex workers, people with chronic health issues and trans people.

    The book will help psychosexual and relationship therapists, counsellors and psychologists who work with clients of diverse genders, sexualities and relationships.


    Silva Neves and Dominic Davies

    1. Getting real about monogamism: Disrupting mononormative bias in sex therapy and relationship counselling

    Dr Y Gávriel Ansara

    2. Loving Freedom (beyond monogamy- opening up a dyad)

    Niki D

    3. Common Presenting Issues in Consensual Non-Monogamy

    DK Green

    4. When Sex, Health & Stigma Collide: Counselling People who Sex Work (and their partners)

    Cyndi Darnell

    5. The Trans Compass: A way of hearing and understanding trans people's relationships with their identities

    Ellis Morgan

    6. Working with Bi+ Clients: Considerations for Individual and Relationship Therapy

    Dr Susannah Grant

    7. Sankofa's Quest: Cultivating Queer, African-centred, homecomings through intersectionality in therapy

    Joel Simpson

    8. Working with Intimate Partner Violence in GSRD Intimate Relationships

    Rima Hawkins

    9. Exploring the impact of a religious background or identity on LGBTQ people

    Saquib Ahmad

    10. Chronic Health Issues, Disability and Queer People

    Dr Alex Iantaffi

    11. The impact of Antiretroviral Therapies and PrEP on Gay Men

    Guillermo Llorca

    12. GSRD-Affirmative Supervision of Psychotherapy

    Daniel Bak

    13. Living and Working within our Communities

    Dominic Davies


    Silva Neves and Dominic Davies


    Silva Neves is a COSRT-accredited and UKCP-registered psychotherapist specialising in sexology and intimate relationships. He is a Pink Therapy clinical associate. He is a course director for the Contemporary Institute of Clinical Sexology (CICS), an international speaker, broadcaster and an author.

    Dominic Davies is the Founder of Pink Therapy, a clinical supervisor and sexologist and course director of two training programmes in gender, sex and relationship diversity therapy. He has been internationally recognised as one of 50 gender and sexual health revolutionaries.

    "This volume is a must have for affirmatively working with queer clients and their relationships of today and tomorrow. Relationally Queer is as ground breaking to the psychotherapy field as earlier volumes of the Pink Therapy series. Chapters address areas ranging from challenging monogamism to counselling people who sex work to addressing health issues—and more! A thoughtful overview of the gender, sex, and relationship diversities (GSRD) framework is also provided."

    Markie L.C Twist, PHD, LMFT, LMHC, CSE-S, Teaching Faculty, Antioch University New England; Editor-in-Chief, Sexual and Relationship Therapy.

    "Having trained relationship therapists -globally- for decades GRSD is of great value to me:  it recognises defines and positions a wide range of relationship expressions as either including everyone (and especially indigenous groups) or to stand accused of perpetuating colonialism. This work hits the spot and I commend the authors for this ground breaking, courageous work. I am particularly excited by the chapters on collectivist communities (African, Jewish, Muslim et al) in which individualist psychotherapy models have limited value"

    Bernd Leygraf, Consultant Psychotherapist, CEO Naos-Institute (www.naos-institute.com and www.psychosexualtraining.org.uk )

    "Relationally Queer" is THE book that all GSRD specialists (including mental health professionals in training) are waiting for. The publication fills in the gaps in existing writings on the topic. It not only gives a fresh perspective of how to talk about and talk to GSRD clients but also how to include practical tools into the therapeutical space. The importance of perspective "nothing about us without us" can help us create safer environment and change the world."

    Agata Loewe-Kurilla, PhD, Psychotherapist, Sexologist, Sexospher and tutor. Founder of Sex Positive Institute.