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A key contemporary political and intellectual issue is the link between the relationships that people have and the resources to which they have access.  When people share a sense of identity, hold similar values, trust each other and reciprocally do things for each other, this has an impact on the social, political and economic cohesion of the society in which they live.  So, are changes in contemporary society leading to deterioration in the link between relationships and resources, or new and innovative forms of linking, or merely the reproduction of enduring inequalities? Consideration of relationships and resources raises key theoretical and empirical issues around change and continuity over time as well as time use, the consequences of globalisation and individualisation for intimate and broader social relations, and location and space in terms of communities and neighbourhoods.  The books in this series are concerned with elaborating these issues and form a body of work that will contribute to academic and political debate.

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International Perspectives on Racial and Ethnic Mixedness and Mixing

International Perspectives on Racial and Ethnic Mixedness and Mixing

1st Edition

Edited By Rosalind Edwards, Suki Ali, Chamion Caballero, Miri Song
May 31, 2017

People from a ‘mixed’ or ‘inter’ racial and ethnic background, and people partnering and parenting across different racial and ethnic backgrounds, are of increasing political, public and intellectual interest internationally. Contributors to this interdisciplinary collection interrogate notions of ...

Parenting in Global Perspective Negotiating Ideologies of Kinship, Self and Politics

Parenting in Global Perspective: Negotiating Ideologies of Kinship, Self and Politics

1st Edition

Edited By Charlotte Faircloth, Diane M. Hoffman, Linda L. Layne
September 03, 2015

Drawing on both sociological and anthropological perspectives, this volume explores cross-national trends and everyday experiences of ‘parenting’. Parenting in Global Perspective examines the significance of ‘parenting’ as a subject of professional expertise, and activity in which adults are ...

Critical Approaches to Care Understanding Caring Relations, Identities and Cultures

Critical Approaches to Care: Understanding Caring Relations, Identities and Cultures

1st Edition

Edited By Chrissie Rogers, Susie Weller
March 27, 2014

What does ‘care’ mean in contemporary society? How are caring relationships practised in different contexts? What resources do individuals and collectives draw upon in order to care for, care with and care about themselves and others? How do such relationships and practices relate to broader social...

Transnational Families Ethnicities, Identities and Social Capital

Transnational Families: Ethnicities, Identities and Social Capital

1st Edition

By Harry Goulbourne, Tracey Reynolds, John Solomos, Elisabetta Zontini
May 11, 2011

Contemporary Western society is changing and, controversially, migration is often flagged up as one of the reasons why. The nature of population change challenges the conventional understandings of family forms and networks whilst multiculturalism poses challenges to our understanding of social ...

Interdependency and Care over the Lifecourse

Interdependency and Care over the Lifecourse

1st Edition

By Sophia Bowlby, Linda McKie, Susan Gregory, Isobel Macpherson
February 23, 2010

Interdependency and Care over the Lifecourse draws upon theories of time and space to consider how informal care is woven into the fabric of everyday lives and is shaped by social and economic inequalities and opportunities. The book comprises three parts. The first explores contrasting social ...

Researching Families and Communities Social and Generational Change

Researching Families and Communities: Social and Generational Change

1st Edition

Edited By Rosalind Edwards
June 24, 2008

Recent years have seen a concern with how family and community relationships have changed across the generations, whether for better or worse, and particularly how they have been affected by social and economic developments. But how can we think about and research the nature of the present in ...

Teenagers' Citizenship Experiences and Education

Teenagers' Citizenship: Experiences and Education

1st Edition

By Susie Weller
May 21, 2007

The introduction of compulsory citizenship education into the national curriculum has generated a plethora of new interests in the politics of childhood and youth. Citizenship for Teenagers explores teenagers’ acts of and engagement with citizenship in their local communities and examines the role ...

Marginalised Mothers Exploring Working Class Experiences of Parenting

Marginalised Mothers: Exploring Working Class Experiences of Parenting

1st Edition

By Val Gillies
December 19, 2006

Successive moral panics have cast poor or socially excluded mothers - associated with social problems as diverse as crime, underachievement, unemployment and mental illness - as bad mothers. Their mothering practices are held up as the antithesis of good parenting and are associated with poor ...

Sibling Identity and Relationships Sisters and Brothers

Sibling Identity and Relationships: Sisters and Brothers

1st Edition

By Rosalind Edwards, Lucy Hadfield, Helen Lucey, Melanie Mauthner
September 06, 2006

Sibling Identity and Relationships explores the special place that siblings occupy in the lives of children and young people, providing new insights into sibling identity and relationships. Drawing on social constructionist and psychodynamic perspectives, it discusses who constitutes a sibling, ...

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