1st Edition

Reliability, Risk and Safety - Back to the Future

Edited By Ben J.M. Ale, Ioannis A. Papazoglou, Enrico Zio Copyright 2010
    2448 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Reliability, Risk and Safety: Back to the Future covers topics on reliability, risk and safety issues, including risk and reliability analysis methods, maintenance optimization, human factors, and risk management. The application areas range from nuclear engineering, oil and gas industry, electrical and civil engineering to information technology and communication, security, transportation, health and medicine or critical infrastructures.

    Significant attention is paid to societal factors influencing the use of reliability and risk assessment methods, and to combinatorial analysis, which has found its way into the analysis of probabilities and risk, from which quantified risk analysis developed. Integral demonstrations of the use of risk analysis and safety assessment are provided in many practical applications concerning major technological systems and structures.

    Reliability, Risk and Safety: Back to the Future will be of interest to academics and engineers interested in nuclear engineering, oil and gas engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering, information technology, communication, and infrastructure.

    Thematic Areas 1. Risk and Hazard Analysis 2. System Reliability Analysis 3. Monte Carlo Methods in System Safety and Reliability 4. Dynamic Reliability 5. Bayesian methods 6. Reliability and Safety Data Collection and Analysis 7. Fault Identification and Diagnostics 8. Maintenance Modelling and Optimisation 9. Structural Reliability and Design Codes 10. Software Reliability 11. Consequence Modelling 12. Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analysis 13. Safety Culture 14.  Organizational Learning 15. Human Factors 16. Accident and Incident Investigation 17. Occupational Safety 18. Decision Support Systems and Software Tools for Safety and Reliability 19. Safety Management Systems 20. Integrated Risk  Management and Risk-Informed Decision-making 21. Stakeholder and public involvement in risk governance 22. Risk and Evidence Based Policy Making 23. Risk Control in Complex Environments 24. Risk Perception and Communication 25. Major Disasters & Public health 26. Crisis and Emergency Management 27. Legislative dimensions of risk management Industrial & Service Sectors A. Aeronautics and Aerospace B. Automotive Engineering C. Biotechnology and Food Industry D. Chemical Process Industry E. Civil Engineering F. Electrical and Electronic Engineering G. Energy Production and Distribution H. Environmental Engineering I. Health and Medicine J. Information Technology and Telecommunications K. Critical  Infrastructures L. Insurance and Finance M. Manufacturing N. Marine Industry O. Mechanical Engineering P. Natural Hazards Q. Nuclear Engineering R. Offshore Oil and Gas S. Security and Protection T. Surface Transportation (road and train) U. Waterborne Transportation V. Public Planning W. Policy Decisions