1st Edition

Reliability and Optimization of Structural Systems: Assessment, Design, and Life-Cycle Performance

Edited By Dan M. Frangopol, Mitsuo Kawatani, Chul W. Kim Copyright 2007

    Focussing on structural reliability methods, reliability-based optimization, structural system reliability and risk analysis, lifetime performance and various applications in civil engineering. Invaluable to all concerned with structural system reliability and optimization, especially students, engineers, and workers in research and development.


    Keynote Papers

    • Optimization and reliability problems in structural design of wind turbines
    • Life-cycle performance and cost analysis of bridge network considering seismic risk
    • Exchangeable condition states and Bayesian reliability updating

    Technical Contributions

    • Practical assessments of risk and its uncertainty
    • Sampling strategies to detect threshold excursions in random fields
    • Role of uncertainties in the lifetime performance of concrete structures
    • Lifetime optimization of deteriorating structures
    • Seismic reliability functions for complex systems based on a secant-stiffness
      reduction index
    • Redundancy and robustness of structures: A retrospective
    • Case study of a hands-on inspection for optimal maintenance planning for railway
    • Condition rating methodology on RC bridges with chloride induced deterioration
    • A new performance-based maintenance approach for infrastructures
    • Earthquake-proof reliability-based design for steel rigid-frame piers of highway bridges
    • Effect of dynamic wheel loads on fatigue performance of RC slabs
    • Effect of uncertainty in cross-sectional property on reliability-based topology
      optimization of frame structures
    • The applications of the third-order normal polynomial to structural reliability assessment
    • Bridge live load effects based on statistics of extremes using on-site load monitoring
    • Non-Gaussianity of structural resistance in the directional simulation in load space
    • Optimal strengthening of RC bridges with degradation in safety due to chloride
      induced deterioration
    • Evaluation of seismic performance of highway bridge system by Multi-State
      System approach
    • Optimal condition control of systems comprised of multiple homogeneous components
    • An investigation on story failure modes of frame structures
    • Elasto-plastic response of steel bridge pier base joint under seismic loading
    • Modelling the loss of steel-concrete bonds in corroded reinforced concrete beams
    • Random vibrations and peak response of a shear beam under high frequency
      seismic effects
    • Case studies on determination of load and resistance factors by method of moments
    • A method for computing reliability bound of series structural systems

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    Dan M. Frangopol, Mitsuo Kawatani, Chul W. Kim