1st Edition

Reliability and Optimization of Structural Systems Proceedings of the 11th IFIP WG7.5 Working Conference, Banff, Canada, 2-5 November 2003

By Marc Maes, Luc Huyse Copyright 2004

    This volume is an outcome of the 11th IFIP WG7.5 working conference on Reliability and Optimization of Structural Systems in Canada. The conference focuses on structural reliability methods and applications and engineering risk analysis and decision-making.

    1. Reliability-based optimal design: Problem formulations, algorithms and application (keynote lecture) 2. Strategic principles for managing risk (keynote lecture) 3. Loads and extreme events models for highway bridges 4. Seismic performance-based design and an application to a pile foundation 5. Life-cycle cost analysis of bridge structures considering seismic risk 6. Choice of an optimal intensity measure for the characterization of the damaging power of the ground motion 7. Maintenance planning optimization of a reinforced concrete bridge element using genetic algorithms and dynamic programming 8. LCC-based optimum seismic design of RC structures of JR 9. State of the art versus state of the practice in bridge evaluation 10. Uncertain probability estimates and an entropy-based measure of uncertainty 11. Discounting models and the Life-Quality Index for the estimation of societal willingness-to-pay for safety 12. Issues in utility modeling and rational decision making 13. Criteria for optimal safety 14. Modeling of risk perception in engineering decision analysis 15. Structural reliability considering spatial variability of pitting corrosion 16. Effective properties of systems with countable and uncountable number of components 17. Statistical series system size effects on bending strength of timber beams 18. A study for classification technique of cracks in concrete slabs by using pattern recognition 19. Integration of equivalent model within reliability-based design optimization for reducing freedom degrees in dynamic structures 20. A maximum likelihood approach to system reliability with respect to seismic collapse 21. Decision support system for optimal maintenance scheduling of highway bridge RC decks applying on fuzzy reasoning and classifier system 22. Developments in finite element reliability analysis of structural systems 23. Optimized reinforcement design in concrete structures 24. Reliability-based optimization using sample average approximations 25. Coupled Local Minimizers: A new global optimization method 26. Piecewise-linear system reliability estimates 27. FEM modelling of the evolution of corrosion cracks in reinforced concrete structures 28. Optimum reinforcing method for extending the span of H-beam bridges 29. Selection of cross section catalogue with random characteristics for a given class of spatial trusses 30. A life-cycle cost approach to the maintenance of overhead line supports 31. Probabilistic framework for fatigue analysis 32. A stochastic deterioration process for time-dependent reliability analysis 33. Optimal restoration scheduling for earthquake disaster by emergent computing 34. Probabilistic analysis software for structural seismic response 35. Applicability and limitations of moment methods for system reliability 36. An enhanced reliability index for assessing margin of safety in structures 37. Treatment of conflicting expert opinion in probabilistic analysis


    Marc Maes (Author) , Luc Huyse (Author)