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Religion, Resistance, Hospitalities

About the Series

Civic groups, churches, and ministries are globally among the most willing and active in the assistance and advocacy of refugees and migrants. Innumerous projects, camps, and activist practices are often the first line of resistance to increasingly restrictive policies.

These practices are located on all continents and in all localities with visible and contested migration. Yet so far, these practices have only rarely been researched and academically interpreted, even if they, on many occasions, have had a significant impact and significance, both locally and internationally. One might say that the resistance practices and their contexts represent the most visible and influential opposition to the politics of closed borders and deportation.

Documenting, analyzing, and interpreting different kinds of resistance and challenging practices – both historical and contemporary – is the aim of this new series. In order to achieve that, the series will take an open and interdisciplinary approach. It invites scholars from the fields of religious studies, sociology, criminology, anthropology, philosophy, history, theology, and related disciplines to submit and participate in the series.

The themes comprise:

  • religion, migration, and politics
  • religion, resistance, and citizenship in a migration context
  • methodological issues when working on the margins of civil society
  • theories of resistance practices
  • how resistance impacts religion itself
  • intersectionality and gender perspectives

3 Series Titles

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Contemporary Christian-Cultural Values Migration Encounters in the Nordic Region

Contemporary Christian-Cultural Values: Migration Encounters in the Nordic Region

1st Edition


Edited By Cecilia Nahnfeldt, Kaia S. Rønsdal
May 31, 2021

This book reconstructs the connection between religion and migration, drawing on post-colonial perspectives to shed light on what religion can contribute to migrant encounters. Examining the resources and motives for hospitality as lived in Christian contexts in the Nordic region, it addresses the ...

Contested Hospitalities in a Time of Migration Religious and Secular Counterspaces in the Nordic Region

Contested Hospitalities in a Time of Migration: Religious and Secular Counterspaces in the Nordic Region

1st Edition

Edited By Synnøve Bendixsen, Trygve Wyller
October 30, 2019

This book explores the duality of openness and restriction in approaches to migrants in the Nordic countries. As borders have become less permeable to non-Europeans, it presents research on civil society practices that oppose the existing border regimes and examine the values that they express. The...

Borderland Religion Ambiguous practices of difference, hope and beyond

Borderland Religion: Ambiguous practices of difference, hope and beyond

1st Edition

Edited By Daisy L. Machado, Bryan S. Turner, Trygve Eiliv Wyller
June 11, 2018

Borderland Religion narrates, presents and interprets the fascinating and significant practices when borders, migrants and religion intersect. This collection of original essays combines theology, philosophy and sociology to examine diverse religious issues surrounding external national borders and...

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