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Religion Today: Tradition, Modernity and Change: Religion Today: Tradition, Modernity and Change

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This new Open University/Ashgate series of textbooks offers an in-depth introduction to contemporary themes and challenges in religious studies. The contents highlight the central issues and ideas that are shaping religion today. The textbooks offer readers an understanding of the relevance of methodologies to lived experience and gain the ability to transfer analytic skills and explanatory devices to the study of religion in context. The textbooks focus on the following key issues in contemporary religious studies: representation and interpretation; modernity and social change; civil religion; the impact of globalization on religion; and the growth of alternative religion. The accompanying Reader presents primary and secondary source material structured around these core themes. Each textbook includes: ¢ Introductions to the issues and controversies relevant to each topic discussed. ¢ Detailed case studies, spanning many countries and religions. ¢ Extracts from other publications, which address the same issue from different perspectives. ¢ Extensive references and guidance on other published material. ¢ Supporting colour and black-and-white illustrations throughout.

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Religion Today: A Reader

Religion Today: A Reader

1st Edition

Edited By Susan Mumm
February 13, 2002

- Organized by themes which are central to understanding religion today - Suitable for advanced undergraduates: emphasis on controversy and debates in the field - International range of sources and religions - Includes popular as well as scholarly sources...

Belief Beyond Boundaries Volume 5

Belief Beyond Boundaries: Volume 5

1st Edition

Edited By Joanne Pearson
July 09, 2002

Belief Beyond Boundaries explores 'religions' or forms of spirituality that tend to be marginal to the mainstream of British and North American religious expression. The book examines how alternative spiritualities traditionally classed as 'New Age' or new religious movements have grown ...

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