Religion in Society : A Sociology of Religion book cover
8th Edition

Religion in Society
A Sociology of Religion

ISBN 9780131884076
Published February 15, 2006 by Routledge
448 Pages

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Book Description

For junior/senior-level courses in Religion and Society in departments of Sociology and Religious Studies. Using an unbiased, balanced approach, the 8th edition of this text puts religion in its social context by discussing the impact of society on religion and helps students understand the role and function of religion in society that occur regardless of anyone's claims about the truth or falsity of religious systems.

Table of Contents

PART I  INTRODUCTION TO THE SOCIOLOGY OF RELIGION  Chapter 1: The Sociological Perspective  The Task of Sociology  Central Sociological Assumptions  The Sociology of Religion  Defining Religion  The Characteristics of Religion  A Working Definition of Religion  The Definition Applied to "Magic"  Final Reflection on the Definition of Religion  A Concluding Historical Note: The Development of the Sociology of Religion  Notes  Chapter 2: The Sources of Religion  Revelation As Origin  The "Natural-Knowledge-Of-God" Explanation  Anthropological Explanations  Psychological Explanations  Sociological Views  Rational Choice Theory  Conclusion  Notes  PART II  THE SOCIAL ORGANIZATION OF RELIGION  Chapter 3: Religion As A Group Phenomenon  Religion and the Characteristics of a Group  Religion and the Five Functional Prerequisites of Group Life  The Effects of Increasing Group Size  The Bureaucratization of Religion  Religious Leadership  Notes  Chapter 4: The Church-Sect Continuum of Religious Organization  The Sect  The Church  The Denomination  The Formation of Sects  The Impact of Deprivation on Sect Development  The Evolution of Sects  The Institutionalized Sect  The Cult  Other Non-American Cults  Refinements of the Church-Sect Typology  Notes  Chapter 5: Becoming Religious  Elements in Religious Socialization  Methods of Religious Socialization  Measuring the Impact of Religious Socialization  Sociological Definitions of Religiosity: Group Affiliation  Sociological Definitions of Religiosity: The Individual Approach  Sociological Measures of Religiosity: Multidimensional Measures  Internalization of Religion  Religious Conversion  Deconversion  Deprogramming  Conclusion  Notes  Chapter 6: Religious Conflict  Conflict Theory According to Karl Marx  Religious Conflict in History  Contemporary Examples of Religious Conflict  Intrareligious Conflict  Challenges to Society from Religious Groups  Conclusion  Notes  PART III  RELIGION IN  SOCIETY  Chapter 7: Religion and Politics  The Relationship of Religion and Politics  The Influence of Religion on Politics  Civil Religion  Religion and Politics in the Third World  Notes  Chapter 8: Religious Fundamentalism  The Concept of Fundamentalism: Its Origin and Use  Protestant Fundamentalism  Jewish Fundamentalism  Islamic Fundamentalism  The Future  Notes  Chapter 9: Religion and the Economy  Religion as an Economic Institution  Religion as a Shaper of Economic Attitudes and Behavior  An Assessment of the Relationship between Religion and Economics  Notes  Chapter 10: Religion and the Class System  Differences in Religious Meaning and Expression among Social Classes  Differential Denominational Affiliation by Social Class  Social Stratification within Religious Groups  Stratification, Religion, and Race  Notes  Chapter 11: Women and Religion  The Relationship of Women to Religion as Societies Evolved  The Historical Patterns  Contemporary Responses  Female-Dominated Religions  Predictions  Application of Rational Choice Theory  Conclusion  Notes  PART IV  RELIGION IN AMERICA  Chapter 12: Major Historical Developments  Intolerant Beginnings  The Constitutional Compromise  The Frontier Challenge  The Ordeal of Pluralism  Religious Social Concern  The Post-World War II Revival  Notes  Chapter 13: Black and Native American Religion in America  The Historical Development of the Black Church as a Social Institution  Militancy in the Black Church  New Themes in Black Religion  Other Religious Options for African Americans  Native American Religion  Notes  Chapter 14: Denominational Society  The Multiplicity of Groups  The Diversity of Groups  Major Denominational Families  Special Interest Religious Groups  Ecumenism  The Megachurch Phenomenon  The Continued Viability of Denominationalism  Notes  Chapter 15: The Future of Religion  Level of Religious Activity  The Growth and Decline of Membership  Impending Protestant Loss of Majority Religious Position  The Dilemmas of Roman Catholicism  Continuity in the Traditional Social Functions of Religion  The Factor of Secularization  The Conflict over the Purpose of Religion  Conclusion  Notes  Index

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