2nd Edition

Religious Thought in the Reformation

By Bernard M. G. Reardon Copyright 1995
    342 Pages
    by Routledge

    344 Pages
    by Routledge

    Most general accounts of the reformation concentrate on its events and personalities while recent scholarship has been largely devoted to its social and economic consequences. Benard Reardon's famous book has been designed specifically to reassert the role of religion in the study of reformation history and make the theological issues and arguments that fuelled it accessible to non-specialists today.

    Preface. Acknowledgements. l. The eve of the Reformation, anticipations of reform. 2. Desiderius Erasmus.3. Martin Luther I.The religious revolutionary. 4. Martin Luther II. The founder of Protestantism. 5. Huldrech Zwingli. 6. Melanchthon and the development of Lutheranism. 7. Calvin and reformed Christianity:I. Strassburg & Geneva. 8. Calvin and reformed Christianity:II. A pattern of sound doctrine. 9. The Radical Reformation. 10. The Reformation in Britain:I. Crisis. 11. The Reformation in Britain:II. Consolidation. 12. Counter-Reformation: the Council of Trent. Bibliography. Index


    Bernard M. G. Reardon