1st Edition

Reluctant Hosts: Europe and Its Refugees

Edited By Danièle Joly, Robin Cohen Copyright 1989

    Now reissued with a new Preface by Robin Cohen and Danièle Joly this book was originally published in 1989 at a time when the reality of a single European Community had begun to materialize the comfortable belief that many European countries offered havens for those fleeing persecution. This belief was undermined as governments sought to cope with xenophobic and racist sentiments by their indigenous populations. This book, with contributions from social scientists, policy-makers and representatives from many European countries discusses the response of European governments to the increasing demands by asylum-seekers, refugees and exiles for admission, settlement and protection: issues which remain as pertinent today as when the book was originally published.

    Preface Jacques Chonchol 1. Introduction: The ‘New Refugees’ of Europe Robin Cohen and Danièle Joly 2. Resettling Refugees: The Dutch Model Robert Sayers 3. Refugees in Denmark Eszter Körmendi 4. Refugeees From South-East Asia in Spain: The Challenge of Hope Maria José Santa Cruz Robles 5. Refugees and National Policies: The Norwegian Case Ragnar Naess 6. Resettling Refugees form Vietnam in Birmingham Danièle Joly 7. Refugees & Turkish Migrants in West Berlin Jochen Blaschke 8. The Politics of Gender in Exile: Chileans in Glasgow Diana Kay 9. The Process of Transculturation: Exiles and Institutions in France Ana Vasquez 10. Employment as a Key to Settlement Alan Phillips 11. The Detention of Asylum-Seekers in The UK Robin Cohen 12. Asylum and Xenophobia in West Germany Robin Schneider Reports and Documents: 1. The Reception and Resettlement of Refugees in Portugal Ana Maria Silva 2. Spanish Resettlement Programmes Maria Cruz Jordana & Lorenzo Sanchez Pardo 3. Cooperation and Conflict Between Voluntary Agencies and Government in Switzerland Walter Stöckli 4. The Swedish Refugee Reception Project Tomas Hammar & Anders Lange 5. Refugees in West Germany: A Research Report Andreas Germershausen 6. The Cophenhagen Rehabilitation Centre for Torture Victims Erik Pedersen 7. European Initiatives on Asylum Philip Rudge 8. A Refugee Policy for Europe European Consultation on Refugees & Exiles.


    Robin Cohen is Emeritus Professor of Development Studies at the University of Oxford. For the first decade of his academic career, he worked on comparative labour issues. His books included Labour and Politics in Nigeria (1974) and the co-edited collections The development of an African working class (1975), International Labour and the Third World (1987), African Labor History (1978) and the current title, Peasants and Proletarians. He subsequently wrote on the themes of migration, globalization and diasporas. His best-known work is Global diasporas: An introduction (3rd edition, 2022).

    Danièle Joly is Professor Emeritus of Sociology, University of Warwick and Associate researcher, College d’études mondiales (MSH-Paris). Formerly, European Commission Marie Curie Fellow at EHESS (CADIS); resident researcher at IEA-Paris. Prior to that, Director of the Centre for Research in Ethnic Relations, University of Warwick. Her publications include L'Emeute (2007), Muslims in Prison (2005), Blacks and Britannity (2001), Haven or Hell: Asylum Policy and Refugees in Europe (1996), Britannia's Crescent: Making a Place for Muslims in British Society (1995), The PCF and the Algerian War (1991). With K. Wadia, Muslim women and power (2017), winner of the PSA,WJM Mackensie Prize for Best Book in Political Sciences 2017-2018.

    ‘The result of one of the series of excellent conferences organised by the Centre for Research in Ethnic Relations at Warwick. Its appearance is timely ... a valuable source of material on a relatively neglected topic’. Zig Layton-Henry Ethnic & Racial Studies, 14 (3) 199

    ‘[The book] adds up to a substantial body of factual material documenting the refugee ’crisis’ that has developed during the 1980s. It can therefore be viewed as a useful reference for those seeking an overview of the evolution of this crisis’. Robert Miles Critical Social Policy, 11 (31) 1991.

    ‘The numerous case studies are rich in data and provide some interesting theoretical insights. Naturally, such a large and diverse collection makes the formulation of a grand theory of refugee experiences a difficult task, though those who may wish to do so in the future will find the book very useful’. Y Shain International Migration, 28 (3) 1990