1st Edition

Remaking Metropolis Global Challenges of the Urban Landscape

Edited By Edward Cook, Jesus Lara Copyright 2013
    360 Pages
    by Routledge

    358 Pages
    by Routledge

    Remaking Metropolis examines examples of both urban decay and destruction as well as urban rebirth. It shows why particular approaches were successful, or did not achieve their objectives. By bringing together innovative approaches to urban living from across the world, and by demonstrating how local initiatives can contribute to global solutions, the book establishes a framework in which to evaluate current and future developments for urban change, and to stimulate a reassessment of urban redevelopment and policies.

    "Think Globally, Act Locally" is an oft used phrase to encourage citizens to take steps close to home as part of addressing overarching environmental issues. Critics of this view point to the potential for parochial or even myopic approaches, while supporters argue that it creates both a more sustainable and a more culturally grounded environment. Remaking Metropolis brings together real world experiences that combine local action with a global world view, to demonstrate the continuum between the local and the remote.

    At the same time the compartmentalization of contemporary perspectives towards human life in the fields of science, design, ecology, medicine, and politics is leading to increased fragmentation of the mind, body, city, and globe. By bridging these artificial divides between disciplines, this collection of individual case studies demonstrates the holistic approach necessary for a genuinely sustainable urban condition.

    Foreword: Designing Our Futures
    Frederick Steiner

    Part A: Introduction
    Chapter 1: Global Dynamics of Urban Landscapes. Edward A. Cook and Jesus J. Lara

    Part B: Challenges of Global Urbanism
    Chapter 2: The State of the Global Metropolis. Jesus J. Lara and Edward A. Cook

    Part C: Global Sustainability and Shifting Urban Systems
    Chapter 3: The World Shrinks, the World Expands: Information, Energy and Relocalization. Rob Thayer
    Chapter 4: Urbanization Challenges in Turkey: The Implications for Aydin Turkey. Hayriye Esbah
    Chapter 5: Tbilisi: Urban Transformation and Role Transformation in Post-Soviet Metropolis. Kristof Van Assche and Joseph Salukvadze
    Chapter 6: Urban Indicators for Border Areas: Measuring and Tracking Community Conditions in the U.S-Mexico Border Region. David Pijawka, Subhrajit Guhathakurta, Edward Sadalla, Kimberly Collins, Mihir Prakash, and Devon McAslan

    Part D: The Future of the Metropolis
    Chapter 7: Small Steps Achieving the Urban Sustainability of the Metropolitan Area of Mexico City.  Desiree Martinez Uriarte
    Chapter 8: The Transformations of the Urbanizing Delta Landscape. Han Meyer
    Chapter 9: Sustainable Urban Design Approaches: Lessons from Dutch Cities. Jesus J. Lara

    Part E: Remaking the Urban Landscape
    Chapter 10: Turning Cities Around. Lars Gemzoe and Sohyun Park
    Chapter 11: Re-urbanization in Thailand: Reconsidering Urban Development Following the Tsunami. Khanin Hutanuwatr
    Chapter 12: Urban/suburban Landscapes: An Ecological View. Michael Hough
    Chapter 13: Tapestries and Traditions: Urban Ecology and City Making. Martin Bryant and Penny Allan
    Chapter 14: Urban Ecosystems and the Sustainable Metropolis. Edward A. Cook
    Chapter 15: Bringing Urban Streams Back to Life! The Use of Modern Waterway Construction Technologies in Restoring Degraded Streams. Peter Geitz
    Chapter 16: The Managing the Urban/Nature Border: Sonoran Islands in the Urban Desert. Joseph M. Ewan, John Ball, Michael Underhill and James P. Burke

    Part F: Conclusions
    Chapter 17: Global Prospects for the Metropolis. Edward A. Cook and Jesus J. Lara:


    Dr. Edward A. Cook is a Professor of landscape architecture in The Design School at Arizona State University where he teaches courses on urban ecological design, landscapes and sustainability and landscape ecological planning. He has published books and articles focused on his research in urban ecology, green/ecological networks and sustainable urbanism.  He has worked on projects in landscape ecological planning throughout the world and was one of the pioneers in developing planning and design strategies for ecological networks in urban landscapes.

    Dr. Jesus J. Lara is Associate Professor of City and Regional Planning in the Knowlton School at the Ohio State University. His research and pedagogy are centered on sustainable urban design, Latino Urbanism, community development, and sociocultural factors in community design, from urban environments and poverty stricken areas to empty suburban malls and commercial areas at the intersection of upscale developments and highway commerce. His work emphasizes the creation of responsive and adaptive urban environments that focus on people and place, using university-community partnerships to explore the potentials for change, redevelopment and improvement.

    "Remaking Metropolis is an important and impressive contribution to conversations on the urgent issues facing built environment academics and professionals. Cook & Lara have edited a spirited and passionate volume which does not shy away from the complex political challenges facing planning and landscape professionals." - Dr Kathryn R Hegarty, RMIT University, Australia