1st Edition

Renew! Become a Better and More Authentic Writing Teacher

By Shawna Coppola Copyright 2017

    When was the last time you shook up your writing instruction? In Renew!: Become a Better and More Authentic Writing Teacher, author Shawna Coppola builds on the premise that our students are ever-changing, and so is our collective knowledge base. Instructional strategies that have worked in the past may need to evolve accordingly. Coppola guides K-8 writing teachers with a three-part framework for Rethinking, Revising, and Renewing their approaches and finding new energy along the way. Using the framework, Renew! examines the most pervasive educational practices in writing instruction and poses questions that guide teachers to revise those practices to ensure they are effective for all students. Coppola believes the work is challenging, yet critical, referencing R. Buckminster Fuller's Knowledge Doubling Curve: According to Fuller's paradigm, the amount of time it takes for us to increase our collective knowledge base by 100 percent will continue to shrink the older we get. If this is true or even close to being true show can we, as educators, ever feel satisfied with teaching our students the same concepts, using the same methodologies and practices, that we have in the past? The book offers a road map for renewing key aspects of our practice, including:

    • How we teach the writing process: Over time and frequent usage, some of our favorite teaching strategies can become rigid. Coppola gives a candid account of how her enthusiasm for the writing process as an undergraduate led her to teach writing for years as a set of pre-determined steps. Now she teaches that there are many variations of the writing process and many twists and turns along the path. One foundational strategy used is opening up her own process as a writer and her writer's notebooks to students and encouraging them to think and talk about their process with classmates.
    • What we mean by Writing: Coppola argues that drawing isn't an accompaniment to writing; it is writing. It's another form of composition through which students can tell stories, convey ideas, and engage readers. The book is full of visual compositions by students as well as Shawna's wonderfully simple and evocative sketches from her writer's notebook.
    • The tools we use to teach writing: The most ubiquitous tools used to teach writing from anchor charts to graphic organizers to sentence starters etc. tend to be teacher-centric rather than student-centric. Renew! invites students into the process of constructing tools that are meaningful and helpful to them. The book includes a range of examples of tools built collaboratively with students.
    • How we assess and evaluate student writing: Coppola draws a distinction between assessments which should be an interactive conversation with students and evaluation, which is about judging and categorizing what students know and can do. Renew! offers a range of examples and resources that illustrate effective feedback for student writers, including online videos of teacher-student and peer-to-peer conferences.

    Renew! also offers ideas for how teachers can nurture their own writing lives and thus reinvigorate their instructional practice. Through rethinking, revising, and renewing their practice, teachers can not only strengthen students' skills as writers, but also nurture students to become critical thinkers, problem solvers, and risk-takers in the classroom and in our rapidly changing world.

    Introduction; Chapter 1: Why It‘s Important to Continually Rethink, Revise, & Renew Our Practice as Teachers of Writers; Chapter 2: Renew How We Teach Writing Process; Chapter 3: Renew What It Means to “Write”; Chapter 4: Renew the Tools We Use to Teach Our Student Writers; Chapter 5: Renew How We Assess & Evaluate Student Writing; Chapter 6: Renew Our Role as Teachers of Writers; Afterword


    Shawna Coppola has taught in public schools for over sixteen years. She currently works as a K–6 literacy specialist in Rollinsford, New Hampshire, and teaches courses and seminars through the NH Literacy Institutes as well as University of New Hampshire’s Professional Development & Training Program. She is a firm believer in the power and wisdom of children of all ages and is grateful for the lessons they teach her on a daily basis.

    “Just finished, Renew by Shawna Coppola. A lovely read that will help writing teachers accomplish what its title suggests. Shawna uses her wit and humor and years of experience as a literacy specialist to persuade teachers to examine their practice and sprout new wings. The book is loaded with little epiphanies and resources along with wholesome wisdom and humility. A great summer read for teachers seeking a fresh start next year.”
    by Barry Lane