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Renewable Energy

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Marc A. Rosen

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Published July 22, 2015 by Routledge
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Book Description

This four-volume collection brings together the most important canonical papers in the wide and important field of renewable energy. This is the first coherent academic reference work to date.

By looking at renewable energy topics such as solar, wind and geothermal energy; bioenergy and waste waste-derived; tidal, wave and hydraulic energy; ocean thermal energy, this major work addresses both existing and potential future renewable energy technologies and systems.

Table of Contents

Volume I: Energy and Energy Sustainability

Part 1: Energy Systems and Types of Energy

1. Nicola Armaroli and Vincenzo Balzani, ‘The Future of Energy Supply: Challenges and Opportunities’, Angew. Chem. Int, 2007, 46, 52–66.

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Part 2: Environmental Impact of Energy Systems

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Part 3: Energy Sustainability and Sustainable Development

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Volume II: Types of Renewable Energy

Part 1: Solar Energy

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Part 2: Wind Energy

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Part 3: Geothermal Energy

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Part 4: Bioenergy and Waste-derived Energy

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Part 5: Tidal, Wave and Hydraulic Energy and Ocean Thermal Energy

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Volume III: Energy Technologies that Facilitate Renewable-Energy Use

Part 1: Multigeneration and Integrated Energy Systems

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Part 2: District Energy

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Part 3: Energy Storage

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Part 4: Hydrogen Energy Systems and Technologies

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Volume IV: Assessments, Comparisons, and Planning for Renewable-Energy Options and Research on Renewable Energy

Assessments, Comparisons, and Planning for Renewable-Energy Options

Part 1: Technical Performance

47. Deepak Paramashivan Kaundinya, P. Balachandra, and N. H. Ravindranath, ‘Grid-connected Versus Stand-alone Energy Systems for Decentralized Power—A Review of Literature’, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 2009, 13, 8, 2041–50.

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Part 2: Economics

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Part 3: Social Acceptance

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Part 4: Renewable Energy Planning and Policies

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Research on Renewable Energy

Part 1: New Types of Renewable Energy

60. Nyomi Uduman, Ying Qi, Michael K. Danquah, Gareth M. Forde, and Andrew Hoadley, ‘Dewatering of Microalgal Cultures: A Major Bottleneck to Algae-based Fuels’, Journal of Renewable and Sustainable Energy, 2010, 2, 012701.

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Part 2: Advances and Developments in Renewable Energy

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