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1st Edition

Social Constructions of Gender

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ISBN 9780895030528
Published June 15, 1989 by Routledge
326 Pages

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Book Description

Developed from an edited series of journal articles into a larger collection with a clear identity and emphasis all its own-one need only browse through the Table of Contents. "The divided lives of women in literature ," "Case studies of agency and communion in women's lives," "A sense of humor," "Dialogue with Guatemalan Indian women," "Coping with rape," "Earliest memories: Sex differences and the meaning of experience," "Women's explanations for job changes," "Androgyny and the life cycle: The Bacchae of Euripides" -these are but a few of the topics represented in this diverse and interesting collection. What, then, binds these essays together? First and foremost, this is a book of stories about women, about the conflicts, choices, and opportunities that are present in the lives of women, both real and imagined.

Table of Contents



PART I: Women's Consciousness: Public and Private Images
 Sex in Psychological Paradigms--from Behavior to Cognition Rhoda Kesler Unger The Divided Lives of Women in Literature Katherine V. Pope

E. Nesbit's Forty-First Year: Her Life, Times, and Symbolizations of Personality Growth Ravenna Helson

Telling Our Mother's Story: Changing Daughters' Perceptions of Their Mothers in a Women's Studies Course Karen G. Howe

Case Studies of Agency and Communion in Women's Lives Abigail J. Stewart and Janet E. Malley

A Case of Feminist Transformation: A Constructivist-Developmental Perspective Diedrick Snoek

Self-Fulfilling Prophecies: Sex Role Stereotypes as Expectations for Behavior Shelagh M.J. Towson, Mark P. Zanna, and Glenda MacDonald

PART II: The Construction of Women (and Men)
Personal Construct Theory and Stimulus Sex and Subject Sex Differences Susan Z. Volentine and Stanley L. Brodsky Conceptual and Methodological Sources of Controversies about Androgyny Mary Anne Sedney

A Sense of Humor Leigh Marlowe

Humor in Conversational Context: Beyond Biases in the Study of Gender and Humor Mary Crawford

Dialogue with Guatemalan Indian Women: Critical Perspectives on Constructing Collaborative Research M. Brinton Lykes

Coping with Rape: Critical Perspectives on Consciousness Michelle Fine

PART III: Innovative Strategies for Examining Social Constructs
Explorations in Feminist Ideology: Surprising Consistencies and Unexamined Conflicts Rhoda K. Unger Taking the Traditional Route: Some Covert Costs of Traditional Decisions for the Married Career Woman Audrey Sanders, Janice M. Steil, and Janet Weinglass

Perceptions of Daily Life Scripts and Their Effects on College Women's Desires for Children Irene Hanson Frieze, Scott Bailey, Patricia Mamula, and Mira Moss

Earliest Memories: Sex Differences and the Meaning of Experience Adria E. Schwartz

She Has Her Reasons: Women's Explanations for Job Changes Marianne LaFrance

PART IV: Dichotomizing Sex and Gender: The Use of Fiction
 Initiative Taking as a Determinant of Role-Reciprocal Organization Bertram A. John and Lori E. Sussman Androgyny and the Life Cycle: The Bacchae of Euripides Nancy Datan

The Pier Glass and the Candle: Reality, Perception, and Gender in the Fiction of George Eliot Joan E. Hartman

Imaging Feminist Visions: Comments on a Bibliography Michelle Fine, Louise Kidder, and Joanne Boell

The Social Construction of Gender: The Turn to Fiction Sondra Farganis 

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RHODA UNGER received her Ph.D. in experimental psychology from Harvard University in 1966, but has worked in the area of the psychology of sex and gender since the early 1970s. She is Professor of Psychology and Director of the Honors Program at Montclair State College and has also served several terms as coordinator of women's studies.