1st Edition

Representative Government and Environmental Management

By Edwin T. Haefele Copyright 2011

    First Published in 2011. Mr. Haefele is a thoroughly modern eighteenth-century man in that he brings to bear new techniques of political analysis with an undisguised preference for making the government of the American Republic as contemplated by the founding fathers really work for the benefit of the people. Focusing on the question of environmental management, Haefele carefully examines how we make social choices today and how the Constitution says we should and presents compelling arguments for bringing the two processes back into congruence. The papers in this volume have been brought together from several earlier ones published in professional journals, and some rewritten.

    Chapter 1 1976 and the Machinery of American Government; Chapter 2 Environmental Quality as a Problem of Social Choice; Chapter 3 Social Choices and Individual Preferences: Is There a Connecting Mechanism?; Chapter 4 Residuals Management, Metropolitan Governance, and the Optimal Jurisdiction, ALLEN V. KNEESE; Chapter 5 Representative Government and Environmental Management; Chapter 6 Governance of Common Property Resources;


    Haefele, Edwin T.

    ' it cannot be too highly recommended... Combines ecological knowledge with political philosophy.' Robert Waller, The Ecologist 'Looked at from the standpoint of specialists in public choices, the mathematical model which permits investigation of various logrolling activities is the most interesting part of the book... Both those who have been working on environmental management and know little or nothing about the modern approach to politics and those who have been working on politics will find much in this book to think over carefully...' American Political Science Review