Reproductive Biology and Phylogeny of Chondrichthyes : Sharks, Batoids, and Chimaeras, Volume 3 book cover
1st Edition

Reproductive Biology and Phylogeny of Chondrichthyes
Sharks, Batoids, and Chimaeras, Volume 3

Edited By

William C. Hamlett

ISBN 9781578083145
Published March 1, 2005 by CRC Press
572 Pages 40 Color Illustrations

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Book Description

Internal fertilization is universal in chondrichthyan fishes and, as such, requires a suite of biological activities, including behavioral, morphological and physiological mechanisms, to ensure successful copulation and fertilization. This volume correlates available data and ideas concerning the development, reproductive morphology, function, and phylogeny of chondrichthyan fishes. Coverage includes oogenesis, spermatogenesis, gestation, regulation of reproductive tract function, sperm storage, nutrient provision, placentation, and phylogeny. New and exciting data is presented including the idea that yolk sac viviparity is the plesiomorphic state rather than oviparity.

Table of Contents

Phylogenetic Relationships Among the Major Lineages of Modern Elasmobranchs: G.J.P. Naylor, et al.
Population and Reproductive Genetics in Chondrichthyes: E.J. Heist
Reproductive Evolution of Chondrichthyans: J.A. Musick and J.K. Ellis
Reproduction in Fisheries Science: T.I. Walker
Elasmobranch Courtship and Mating Behavior: H.L. Pratt, Jr. and J.C. Carrier
The Testis and Spermatogenesis: K. Bonner Engel and G. Vincz Callard
Spermatozoa and Phylogeny: B.G.M. Jamieson
The Elasmobranch Ovary: B.V. Lutton, et al.
Endocrine Control of the Female Reproductive Tract: I.P. Callard, et al.
Oviducal Glands in Chondrichthyans: W.C. Hamlett, et al.
Alkaline Glands and Clasper Glands of Batoids: E.R. Lacy
Male Genital Ducts and Copulatory Appendages in Chondrichthyans: C.J.P. Jones, et al.
Chondrichthyan Parity, Lecithotrophy and Matrotrophy: W.C. Hamlett, et al.
Oophagy, Intrauterine Cannibalism and Reproductive Strategy in Lamnoid Sharks:R. Grant Gilmore, Jr., et al.
Placentatrophy in Sharks: W.C. Hamlett, et al.
Checklist of Living Chondrichthyes: L.J.V. Compagno

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