2nd Edition

Requisite Organization A Total System for Effective Managerial Organization and Managerial Leadership for the 21st Century

By Elliott Jaques Copyright 2006

    Based on Elliott Jaques’ latest research, this is a thorough revision of a book that has established itself as a classic in its field. Jaques has written a practical high-level, how-to book, that applies to all kinds of working organizations - industrial, commercial, service and public. He sets out a totally new way of doing business. Step by step, he builds up the concepts, and then introduces the working procedures to enable CEOs and senior executives, managers, and HR specialists, to develop requisite organization for themselves - in other words, organization which enhances creativity, productive effectiveness, human satisfaction and excellent morale. Requisite Organization challenges all of our current methods and assumptions in the field of organization, leadership and management, and presents a unified total management system built upon a rigorous theoretical base, Stratified Systems Theory. Any enterprise can gain a competitive edge in the short-term by introducing new products and services. In the long-term, however, an adaptive and successful enterprise calls for soundly structured organization with effective staffing and managerial leadership at every level - a requisite organization.

    Contents: Part 1 Introduction. Part 2 Of Human Capability or Human Nature at Work. Part 3 Organizational Structure of the MAH: The universal underlying pattern of organization strata of the MAH; Functional alignment; The structure of task delegation; Categories of role complexity or how complex is a problem?; Structure of differential compensation; Role relationships or how people work together. Part 4 Managerial Leadership Practices: Introduction; Immediate manager-subordinate managerial leadership; MoR-SoR managerial leadership; Organizational leadership practices; Part 5 Implementation and Conclusion.


    Elliott Jaques' academic posts include Visiting Research Professor in Management Science at The George Washington University and Professor Emeritus of Social Science at Brunel University in England. A trained psychoanalyst, and business organization guru, he has continuously combined work with organizations and with individuals - in industry, commerce, public service, education, the Church of England and the US Army. He is the author of 18 books, including Human Capability with Kathryn Cason, also published by Gower. In The Changing Culture of a Factory (1951), Dr Jaques introduced the concept of business culture and its affect on the work environment. He is recognized for creating the concept of mid-life crisis, in his 1965 scholarly paper, 'Death and the Mid-Life Crisis'.

    'although its style and presentation are simple, the range of concepts is very great ... includes a range of stimulating and valuable thoughts about delegation' Personnel Management 'This book is required reading for CEOs or anyone responsible for designing and leading an organization. Requisite Organization is Elliott Jaques at his best. His ideas about organizations and people are down to earth and practical. We are using them.' A F Smith, President and Chairman, Gilbert Associates, Inc 'Elliott Jaques' concepts are more relevant today than ever before.' David Stroll, IT Marketing Manager - Services Industries in Europe, Digital Equipment Corporation 'It is one of the most creative, interesting, mind boggling, comprehensive works on organization I have ever read.' Dr Jerry Harvey, Professor of Organization and industrial Psychology - The George Washington University 'Every page overflows with principles to guide the reader’s thinking and practical suggestions for implementation.' Trident (Merseyside Chamber of Commerce magazine) 'A remarkable book that should be read by anyone seriously interested in understanding what makes organizations work.' Long Range Planning