1st Edition

Research Methodologies for Business Management

By Vanessa Ratten Copyright 2023
    158 Pages
    by Routledge

    158 Pages
    by Routledge

    Most existing research methodologies texts take a more general approach or are edited books of previously published articles or chapters written by different authors. This book, written by a business management scholar, covers the fundamentals of business management research and its methodologies in a seamless, unified manner.

    The book offers up-date methodologies and accessible explanations of the research process. It starts with advances in business management research methodology and gives a thorough overview on the different levels of analysis in the field. It builds upon the knowledge by examining both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies in the context of business management. It also goes over the use of machine learning and other technological advances like AI in research and data collection, as well as how the United Nations sustainable development goals are being considered by researchers.

    This book will help business management students and junior researchers quickly build an essential base of knowledge and gain a strategic advantage in publishing and reviewing business related research.

    1. Advances in Business Management Research Methodology 2. Levels of Analysis in Business Management Research 3. Designing Effective Business Management Research Studies 4. Qualitative Business Management Research Methodologies 5. Conducting Interviews and Focus Groups 6. Qualitative Data Analysis 7. Quantitative Business Management Research Methodologies 8. Bibliometrics and Literature Reviews in Business Management 9. United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and Research Engagement 10. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


    Vanessa Ratten is Associate Professor at School of Business, La Trobe University, Australia.

    ‘This is a timely and comprehensive introduction to business management research methodologies which covers both qualitative and quantitative approaches to the subject. A highlight is the application of research methodologies to the United Nations Strategic Development Goals which broadens the scope of the book beyond a narrow managerial focus. There is also a useful examination of how machine learning and artificial intelligence is relevant to business management research. The author is commended for her innovative approach to this vital area of business education.’

    Russell Lansbury, Emeritus Professor and former Associate Dean of Research, University of Sydney Business School

    ‘Catapulted by unprecedented levels of consumer engagement, digital transformation, and vast quantities of transactional, ‘big’ data, the research serving business management has never so desperately needed a new roadmap. Research Methodologies for Business Management provides a timely guide for students, academics, and practitioners to understand the transformation of business models and prosper in the new digital landscape. Its content offers a comprehensive yet accessible user-guide for every research need in the contemporary business environment. It’s easy to recommend this foundational text.’

    Aaron Smith, Professor, Sport Business & Innovation and Director, Institute for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Loughborough University, U.K.