1st Edition

Research Methodology From Philosophy of Science to Research Design

    130 Pages
    by CRC Press

    136 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    Research Methodology: From Philosophy of Science to Research Design distinguishes itself from many other works devoted to research methodology and the philosophy of science in its integrated approach towards scientific research, which is regarded as the scientific project on all levels–from philosophy of science to research design. This work studies the basics of the methodology of scientific research and the organization of scientific activity from the viewpoint of systems science and system analysis.

    The book discusses the basics of the methodology including philosophical, psychological, epistemological and ethical/aesthetical foundations, the characteristics of scientific activity, including principles of scientific cognition, the means and methods of scientific research, the organization of a research implementation process and its chronological structure and finally, the organization of a collective scientific research design.

    The work should be of interest to researchers, students and professionals in the fields of systems science, cybernetics, systems engineering, philosophy of science and project management, as well as to specialists of applied activity in the fields of operations research, programming, mathematical modeling of decision-making in organizations and economics.

    Introduction; 1 Foundations of Research Methodology; 2 Characteristics of Scientific Research Activity; 3 Means and Methods of Scientific Research; 4 Organization of Scientific Research; 5 Organization of Collective Scientific Research; Conclusion. Appendix The Role of Science in Modern Society.


    Alexander M. Novikov was born in 1941. Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, Dr. Sci. (Pedagogics), Prof., academic of the Russian Academy of Education, foreign member of the Ukrainian Academy of Pedagogical Sciences, member of the Union of Journalists, laureate of the National Prize of the Russian Federation. At present, he is head of the Research Center of the theory of continuous education of the Russian Academy of Education. He has authored over 300 scientific publications on: methodology and the theory of pedagogics, the theory and methods of labour education and professional education, psychology and physiology of labour. Scientific adviser of 10 Doctors of Science and 32 Candidates of Science.
    Dmitry A. Novikov was born in 1970. Dr. Sci. (Tech.), Prof., corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. At present, he is Deputy Director of the Trapeznikov Institute of Control Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and Head of the Control Sciences Department of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT). He has authored of over 400 scientific publications on the theory of control in interdisciplinary systems, including research works on: methodology, system analysis, game theory, decision-making and control mechanisms in social and economic systems. Scientific adviser of 6 Doctors of Science and 24 Candidates of Science.