1st Edition

Research Methods for Strategic Management

Edited By Giovanni B. Dagnino, Maria Cristina Cinici Copyright 2016
    392 Pages 42 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    396 Pages 42 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The field of strategic management has developed significantly since its birth from "business policy" and "business planning" in the 1960s. Pioneering studies were essentially normative, prescriptive and often based on in-depth case studies. The evolution of strategic management into a respected field of academic study resulted from the adoption of research methods previously employed in economics. Today, research in strategic management is likely to employ a mixture of methods which can be confusing to researchers new to the field.

    This book provides the reader with a broad introduction to the array of qualitative and quantitative research methods required to investigate strategic management. Throughout the book, strong emphasis is placed on practical applications that transcend the mere analysis of the theoretical roots of single research methods. The underlying result is a book that encourages and aids readers to "learn by doing" - in applying the implications of each chapter to their own research.

    This text is vital reading for postgraduate students and researchers focused on business strategy.

    1. Introduction: New frontiers in research methods for strategic management (Giovanni Battista Dagnino and Maria Cristina Cinici) 2. Evolutionary Lineage of the Dominant Paradigms in Strategic Management Research (Giovanni Battista Dagnino) Part I: Testing and Developing Theory in Strategic Management 3. Multilevel Models for Strategy Research: An idea whose time (still) has come (Thomas P. Moliterno and Robert E. Ployhart) 4. Contextualized Explanation in Strategy Research (Harry Sminia) 5. Structural Equations Modelling: Theory and applications in strategic management (Gaetano Miceli and Claudio Barbaranelli) 6. Templates and Turns in Qualitative Studies of Strategy and Management (Ann Langley and Chahrazad Abdallah) Part II: Analyzing Text and Talk in Strategic Management 7. In Search of Strategy Meanings: Semiotics and its applications (Maria Cristina Cinici) 8. Putting Words to Numbers in the Discernment of Meaning: Applications of repertory grid in strategic management (Gerard P. Hodgkinson, Sotirios Paroutis and Robert Wright) Part III: Novel Methodological Approaches in Strategic Management Research 9. Qualitative Comparative Analysis: Fuzzy set applications for strategic management research (Thomas Greckhamer) 10. Neuroscientific Methods in Strategic Management (Sebastiano Massaro) Part IV: Research Design and Execution in Strategic Management 11. A Multi-Indicator Approach for Tracking Field Emergence: The rise of Bologna Nanotech (Simone Ferriani, Gianni Lorenzoni and Damiano Russo) 12. Data Collection Protocol for Strategic Management: Challenges and methods (Giorgia M. D’Allura) 13. Designing and Performing a Mixed-Method Research in Strategic Management (Jose Francisco Molina-Azorin) 14. Organizing the Future by Reconnecting with the Past: Methodological challenges in strategic management research (Maria Cristina Cinici and Giovanni Battista Dagnino)


    Giovanni Battista Dagnino is Professor of Business Economics and Management at University of Catania, Italy

    Maria Cristina Cinici is Assistant Professor of Business Economics and Management at the University of Messina, Italy