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Research Methods in Developmental Psychology: A Handbook Series

About the Series

Research Methods in Developmental Psychology is a series of edited books focusing upon research challenges for conducting research in developmental psychology. Ideally suited to both students coming to this area for the first time and more experienced researchers each volume provides an invaluable overview of research in this growing field, and how it can inform both education and interventions. Volumes include research challenges in neurodevelopmental disorders, child development and gerontology.

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Handbook of Gerontology Research Methods Understanding successful aging

Handbook of Gerontology Research Methods: Understanding successful aging

1st Edition

Edited By Leigh Riby
November 17, 2016

The Handbook of Gerontology Research Methods offers a clear understanding of the most important research challenges and issues in the burgeoning field of the psychology of aging. As people in developed countries live longer, so a range of research methods has evolved that allows a more nuanced ...

Practical Research with Children

Practical Research with Children

1st Edition

Edited By Jess Prior, Jo Van Herwegen
June 10, 2016

Practical Research with Children is designed to help the reader understand techniques for research with children, based on real world experience. The book describes a wide range of research methods, focusing equally on quantitative and qualitative approaches, and considers how different methods can...

Neurodevelopmental Disorders Research challenges and solutions

Neurodevelopmental Disorders: Research challenges and solutions

1st Edition

Edited By Jo Van Herwegen, Deborah Riby
December 08, 2014

Interest in the field of neurodevelopmental disorders has grown exponentially in recent years across a range of disciplines, including psychology, psychiatry, education and neuroscience. The research itself has become more sophisticated, using multidisciplinary methods to probe interdisciplinary ...

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