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Research and Applications in Structural Engineering, Mechanics and Computation

ISBN 9781138000612
Published November 11, 2013 by CRC Press
960 Pages

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Book Description

Research and Applications in Structural Engineering, Mechanics and Computation contains the Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Structural Engineering, Mechanics and Computation (SEMC 2013, Cape Town, South Africa, 2-4 September 2013). Over 420 papers are featured. Many topics are covered, but the contributions may be seen to fall into one of four broad themes of the conference, namely: (i) structural mechanics (dynamics, vibration, seismic response, statics, bifurcation, buckling, stability, impact response, contact mechanics, fluid-structure interaction, soil-structure interaction, etc); (ii) mechanics of materials (elasticity, plasticity, fracture, damage, fatigue, creep, shrinkage, etc); (iii) modelling and testing (finite-element modelling, numerical methods, numerical simulations, experimental methods, experimental testing); (iv) structural-engineering practice (planning, analysis, design, construction, maintenance, repair, retrofitting, decommissioning). Not only do the considerations cover many types of engineering structures (buildings, bridges, tunnels, towers, space frames, roofs, foundations, shells, plates, mechanical assemblies, etc), they also span a diversity of engineering materials ranging from the traditional to the novel: steel, concrete, timber, masonry, aluminium, special alloys, glass, composites, functionally-graded materials, smart materials, etc.

Two versions of each paper are available. The printed book features 2-page versions of the papers, intended to be concise but sufficiently informative summaries of the full papers. Details may be seen in the full papers, which are carried on the accompanying CD-ROM. Research and Applications in Structural Engineering, Mechanics and Computation is of interest to civil, structural, mechanical, marine and aerospace engineers concerned with the modelling, analysis, design, construction and maintenance of engineering structures. Researchers, practitioners and academics in these discipines will find the book useful.

The SEMC international conferences, inaugurated in 2001, aim at bringing together from around the world academics, researchers and practitioners in the broad fields of structural mechanics, associated computation and structural engineering, to review recent achievements in the advancement of knowledge and understanding in these areas, share the latest developments, and address the challenges that the present and the future pose.

Table of Contents

1.Keynote lectures

Insights and advances in the analysis of structures
K.J. Bathe

Recent studies on long-span bridges: Vibration control, seismic retrofit and monitoring in Japan
Y. Fujino & D.M. Siringoringo

Local-distortional interaction in cold-formed steel columns: Non-linear behaviour, ultimate strength and DSM design
D. Camotim, P.B. Dinis, B. Young & N. Silvestre

Simulation of multi-physical processes in solar updraft power generation
W.B. Krätzig

Mechanics of interfaces and evolving discontinuities
R. de Borst, J.J.C. Remmers, C.V. Verhoosel &A. Needleman

Recent controversies and new challenges in structural topology optimization
G.I.N. Rozvany

2.Dynamic response, vibration analysis, vibration control

General conditions for instantaneous system inversion in structural dynamics
K. Maes, E. Lourens, G. De Roeck & G. Lombaert

Determination of aerodynamic damping of twin cables in wet conditions through passive-dynamic wind tunnel tests
M.B. Eriksen, E. Mattiello & C.T. Georgakis

Frequency domain stochastic response of structural systems with uncertain parameters: Closed-form sensitivity
G. Muscolino, R. Santoro &A. Sofi

Semi-active control of structural systems with uncertainties using an unscented Kalman filter
M.S. Miah, E.N. Chatzi & F.Weber

Guided waves for stress identification
A. Pau, G. Ruta & F. Vestroni

Unscented Kalman Filter for the identification of passive control devices
R. Ceravolo, A. De Stefano, E. Matta, A. Quattrone & L. Zanotti Fragonara

Vibration elimination analysis of simply-supported bridge under moving loads based on Laplace-Carson integral transform
K.Wang, H. Xia &W. Guo

Dynamic identification of Palazzo Marchesale in S. Giuliano di Puglia
G. Bongiovanni, G. Buffarini, P. Clemente, D. Rinaldis, F. Saitta, M. Nicoletti, A. De Sortis & G. Rossi

A suspended mass damper for torsional and translational vibration control
M. Carlisle & K. Li

Status quo and critical review of PPV safe limits for subsurface construction blasting close to low-rise buildings
E.Y. Sayed-Ahmed & K.K. Naji

Dynamic response of rigid pavement under moving traffic load with variable velocity
Y. Zhong & M.J. Xu

Assessment of bridge behavior due to the passage of high speed trains
A. Graça, L. Guerreiro & F. Virtuoso

Dynamic response of airport building structure due to construction machinery effects
J. Benˇcat & D. Papán

3.Vibration serviceability, human-induced vibrations,human-structure interaction

Data-driven model of random lateral pedestrian excitation
V. Racic, J.M.W. Brownjohn &A. Pavic

Simultaneous registration of walking behaviour and structural response
K. Van Nimmen, P. Van den Broeck, G. Lombaert & G. De Roeck

Vibrations in a multi-storey lightweight building structure: Influence of connections and nonstructural mass
L.V. Andersen & P.H. Kirkegaard

Direct velocity feedback versus a geometric controller design of remotely located vibration control systems
D.S. Nyawako, U. Ubaid, P. Reynolds & M.J. Hudson

Sensitivity analysis of coupled crowd-structure system dynamics to walking crowd properties
E. Shahabpoor, A. Pavic &V. Racic

Experimental study of the human ability to deliberately excite a flexible floor
C. Schwartz, A. Berger, O. Brüls, J.-L. Croisier, B. Forthomme &V. Denoël

4.Non-linear dynamics

Dynamics of structural components subjected to large rotations using a flexible multibody approach (Invited Paper)
J. Ambrósio & M.A. Neto

Nonlinear dynamics of a rotating SD oscillator
Q. Cao, N. Han & M.Wiercigroch

A hybrid time-frequency procedure for the solution of nonlinear dynamic problems
F.N. Correa & B.P. Jacob

Nonplanar vibration and dynamics instability of slender cruciform columns
E.C. Carvalho, P.B. Gonçalves, Z.J.G.N. Del Prado & G. Rega

Bifurcation analysis of a Jeffcott rotor with a bearing clearance: Numerics and experiments (Invited Paper)
J. Páez Chávez, M.Wiercigroch & S.V. Vaziri Hamaneh

A computational study of the upper Lyapunov exponent and the uniform persistence for monotone skew-product semiflows
J.A. Calzada & R. Obaya

Vibrations of cables with bending stiffness by an asymptotic approach
T. Canor &V. Denoël

Singularities that induce a breakdown of determinism in mechanics
M.R. Jeffrey

On the dynamics of stacks of rigid blocks
F. Saitta, P. Clemente & D. Rinaldis

Numerical bifurcation analysis of an impact oscillator with drift
J. Páez Chávez, M.Wiercigroch & E.E. Pavlovskaia

5.Seismic response, seismic analysis, earthquake-resistant design

Seismic behaviour and earthquake resistant design of long period structures (Invited Paper)
A. Astaneh-Asl

Thinking outside the box: Integrated seismic system evolution in high rises
M. Sarkisian, N. Mathias & E. Long

Yokohama-Bay cable-stayed bridge seismic response analysis during the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake
Y. Fujino & D.M. Siringoringo

Large natural draft cooling towers under earthquake excitation
M. Andres, R.Woermann & D. Casucci

Future development of the European seismic code, Eurocode 8
E.D. Booth

Dynamic shakedown design of structures under repeated seismic loads
S. Benfratello, L. Palizzolo & P. Tabbuso

Performance of buildings and other structures during the Tohoku Tsunami
I.N. Robertson & G. Chock

Numerical investigation of the cyclic response of CHS braces
T. Sheehan, T.M. Chan, J.H. Xing & L. Gardner

Parametric identification of building structures with seismic recordings
R. Zhang & L.O. Gargab

Generation of spectrum compatible site-dependent earthquake load histories by evolutionary approach
F. Carli & C. Carino

Large-scale dual shake tables testing: An experimental approach to study the non-uniform excitation effects on long span bridges
M.M.S. Cheung, C.-Y. Yang, Y. Pan & F. Xiong

Seismic design of the self anchored suspension bridge: San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge
M. Nader & B. Maroney

Seismic performance of an asymmetric base-isolated building in the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake
Y. Fujino & D.M. Siringoringo

Assessment of evaluation methods of dynamic response of multi-span bridge to mining tremor
J.M. Dulinska & M. Fabijanska-Kopacz

Characterization of the seismic behaviour of steel pallet racks in cross-aisle direction
C. Braham & H. Degée

Passive energy dissipation characteristics of yielding shear panel device produced from steel and stainless steel
M. Ashraf & M.R. Hossain

Seismic behaviour of exposed column bases in buckling restrained braced frames
Y. Cui, S. Kishiki & S. Yamada

Multi-story steel structures: Seismic energy modal distribution
O. Prodan, I. Ladar & N. Chira

Effect of basement rigidity on seismic response of RC buildings
A. Koçak, M. Borekci, E.C. Ekinci &A. Kalyoncuoglu

Bidirectional pushover analysis of irregular structures
G.P. Cimellaro, D. Lopez-García &T. Giovine

Seismic collapsing response analysis of wooden house retrofitted by ACM braces
T. Takatani & H. Nishikawa

Nonlinear behaviour of submerged floating tunnels accounting for seaquake effects
C.X. Shi, M. Domaneschi & L. Martinelli

An innovative solution for earthquake resistant hybrid steel-concrete systems with replaceable dissipative steel links
A. Zona, G. Leoni, A. Dall’Asta, T. Bogdan, C. Braham & H. Degée

Effectiveness of seismic protection by added damping: An energy approach
I. Ladar, O. Prodan & N. Chira

Seismic Safety Screening Method (SSSM) for slum clearance
P.O. Caglayan

Experimental study on the performance of hollow reinforced concrete bridge piers subjected to lateral seismic loads
O. Lopez-Batiz, R. Gomez-Martinez, J.A. Escobar-Sanchez, F. De la Serna-Hernandez & G. Aguilar-Ramos

Evaluating the seismic performance of RCC dams, subjected to near-field and far-field earthquakes via FEA approach
M.R.A. Ala, H.R. Vosoughifar, N. Hasani & S.K.S. Shokouhi

6.Material modelling, composite materials, functionally-graded materials

Some advances in functionally graded materials (Invited Paper)
L. Nunziante

Numerical implementation of the Hoek-Brown material model with strain hardening
E.S. Sørensen, J. Clausen & L. Damkilde

Simulation of the mechanical behaviour of W/Cu composites containing FGM related interpenetrating microstructures under consideration of phase dependent damage limits
S. Schmauder & U.Weber

Determination of effective elastic constants of two phase composites
O. Bulut, N. Kadioglu, S. Ataoglu, M. Yuksek & E. Sancak

Strain induced product properties of magneto-electric composites
J. Schröder, M.-A. Keip, M. Labusch & D.C. Lupascu

Microstructural image-based modelling of weld failure
O. Barrera, A.C.F. Cocks & E. Tarleton

Flame straightening application on structural steels: Effects on mechanical and fracture properties
R. Lacalle, J.A. Álvarez, D. Ferreño, J. Portilla, E. Ruiz, B. Arroyo & F. Gutiérrez-Solana

Statistically similar RVE construction based on 3D dual-phase steel microstructures
L. Scheunemann, D. Balzani, D. Brands, J. Schröder & D. Raabe

A study of local mechanical properties of 304L SS welded joints subjected to cyclic straining using depth-sensing instrumented indentation
D.Ye, F. Mi & X.Yin

Biological tissue mechanics with fibres modelled as one-dimensional Cosserat continua: Applications to cardiac tissue in healthy and diseased states
K. Sack, S. Skatulla & C. Sansour

Buckling analysis of thin composite plates reinforced by carbon nanotubes (CNTs) using finite strip methods (F.S.M)
M. Pazoki, M. Azhari &A. Heidarpour

Identification of nonlinear hyperelastic material parameters for healthy myocardial tissue via an inverse method based on modelling the passive filling stage of the cardiac cycle
M. Essack & S. Skatulla

Numerical properties of second order integration algorithms for plasticity models
M. Jahanshahi

7.Numerical modelling, FEM modelling

A layered shell element for the thermal analysis of plates exposed to non-uniform heating
A.E. Jeffers

Co-rotational FEM for fast geometrically nonlinear static and dynamic algorithms
D. Marinkovic & M.W. Zehn

Finite element modelling of shear tab connections including damage simulation
A. Mirzaei, C.A. Rogers & R. Tremblay

Nonlinear static and dynamic analysis of an electrically-actuated microbeam modelled by means of the strain gradient elasticity theory
P. Belardinelli & S. Lenci

Peak shear stress distribution in finite element models of concrete slabs
E.O.L. Lantsoght, C. van der Veen, J.C.Walraven &A. de Boer

Elimination of slip-locking in composite beam analysis by using a meshfree method
R.E. Erkmen

Nonlinear analysis of semi-rigid steel frames subjected to blast or fire
A. Heidarpour

Coupling different FE-models for the calculation of the thermo-mechanical behavior of ultra high performance concrete components under high temperature load
M. Siemon, D. Hosser & J. Zehfuß

FE modelling of semi-rigid flush end plate joints with concrete-filled steel tubular columns
A. Ataei & M.A. Bradford

Development and testing of a technique for the simulation of the rock cutting process
M.J. Mikl, R. Tichy,W. Ecker, T. Antretter & G. Pittino

Material influence on the strength of aluminium column web in tension
G. Sarracco, G. Brando & G. De Matteis

8.Impact, blast, damage mechanics, damage modelling

Interaction forces between huge cargo vessels and quay walls
M. Bahr &V. Sigrist

Response of a building envelope system to near field blast events
H.D. Hidallana-Gamage, D.P. Thambiratnam & N.J. Perera

Impact velocity and initial length influence on the crushing behaviour of TWCF open section members under axial impact
M. Kotełko, R.J. Mania & M. Jankowski

Computational modelling of reinforced concrete wall subjected to transformer tank rupture
M.A. Seman, M.A. Nasly, Y.T. Feng & Z.M. Jaini

Blast test and numerical simulation of point-supported laminated glass curtain wall
S. Chen, C.G. Zhu, G.Q. Li &Y. Lu

Thermodynamics-based constitutive modeling of coupled dissipative phenomena in engineering materials
H. Egner,W. Egner & M. Ry´s

Heterogeneous structures studied by an interphase elasto-plastic damage model
G. Giambanco, G. Fileccia Scimemi &A. Spada

A coupled local-nonlocal framework for modeling hydraulic fracturing in the Karoo
D.Z. Turner

Tensile and compressive buckling of shear deformable damaged beams
S. Caddemi, I. Caliò & F. Cannizzaro

9.Fracture, fatigue

The use of the theory of critical distances in fracture and structural integrity assessments
S. Cicero, V. Madrazo, I. Carrascal &T. García

Fracture mechanics as an improvement of fatigue life assessment in orthotropic bridge decks
W. Nagy, H. De Backer & Ph. Van Bogaert

Analogies in the fracture mechanisms of concrete and ice
B. Chiaia, A.P. Fantilli & B. Frigo

An investigation of the double torsion geometry using peridynamics
T.H. Becker & D.Z. Turner

Propagation of non-planar pressurized cracks from a borehole
J.A.L. Napier & E. Detournay

Hydraulic fracture simulation: Comparison with exact solutions
C. Detournay, P.A. Cundall & B. Damjanac

Optimisation of the Double Torsion geometry
S.P. Goqo, S. Skatulla &T.H. Becker

An experimental validation of residual stresses in weld clad pipelines
G. Schnier, J.Wood &A. Galloway

Assessment of fracture toughness in strain hardening cement-based composite (SHCC) made from fine and coarse sand
S.C. Paul & G.P.A.G. van Zijl

Polymeric facades: Fatigue performance of pultruded panel connections
P.T. Gates, T.J. Ibell, A.P. Darby & M. Evernden

Experimental evaluation of the fretting fatigue behaviour of high-strength steel monostrands
J.Winkler, C.T. Georgakis & G. Fischer

10.Wind loading, robustness, progressive collapse, tall buildings

Revised wind loading for linear and non-linear design of cooling towers (Invited Paper)
H.-J. Niemann &W. Hubert

Wind-tunnel investigations of pressure distribution over high-rise buildings
M. Cwik, M.A. Gizejowski &A.M. Goliger

Probabilistic models for design of structures against wind loads
J.V. Retief, C. Barnardo-Viljoen & M. Holicky

Computational fluid dynamics simulations and validation of results
M.A. Sitek, M. Cwik, M.A. Gizejowski &A.M. Goliger

Equivalent static wind loads for structures with non-proportional damping
N. Blaise, V. Denoël &T. Canor

Robustness of structures: State of art
Seema, N. Baldassino & R. Zandonini

Performance-based plastic design of earthquake resistant tall building frames
W.-C. Liao, M.R. Bayat & S.C. Goel

Parametric study of pyramid-like tubular structure
G.S. Liou & H.-C. Kuo

More optimal seismic design of highrise structures using nonlinear analysis techniques
S.A. Ashrafi

Progressive collapse prevention of drive-in steel storage racks
S. Yadwad & L.H. Teh

Assessment of column removal time for progressive collapse evaluation of high rise structures
O.D. Stephen, D. Lam &V.V. Toropov

Rotational capacity of concrete slabs and its influence on tensile membrane action in the framework of robustness analysis
D. Gouverneur, R. Caspeele & L. Taerwe

The impact of fire scenario to the collapse of a tall structure
S. Selamet

Behaviour of tall buildings under blast loading with direct simulation method
F. Fu

A modal property analysis of linked tall buildings using a matrix model
K.T. Tse & J. Song

11.Bridge engineering, bridge girders

Composite steel-concrete cable-stayed bridges: Developments and future trends
J.J. Oliveira Pedro &A.J. Reis

Analysis of steel and steel-concrete bridge girders through a higher order beam model (Invited Paper)
R.F. Vieira, F.B. Virtuoso & E.B.R. Pereira

Full-scale testing of concrete deck slabs under fatigue-causing axle loads
G. Borkowski, K. Thoma & P. Roos

Cable stressing sequence of an asymmetrical cable stayed bridge
J.R.B. Anderson

Design curves for stiffened flanges used in steel box girder bridges
P.S. Ferreira & F. Virtuoso

Fatigue life assessment of existing motorway bridge
L. D’Angelo, A. Nussbaumer, M.A. Fenart &A.-G. Dumont

Comparing two types of fatigue and tsunami resisting medium span bridges
Ph. Van Bogaert

Are short span reinforced concrete bridge girders cost effective?
T.N. Haas & D. Smith

Effect of constraint in-plane displacement conditions for the unloaded edges of stiffened flanges used in steel box girder bridges
P.S. Ferreira & F. Virtuoso

Buckling resistance with combined shear of steel curved bridge girder webs
Ph. Van Bogaert

The weathering steel bridges maintenance practice in Poland
M. Łagoda &T.Wierzbicki

Study on high speed railway prestressed continuous rigid frame bridges
J.Q. Lei & K. Zhang

Experimental study on hybrid FRP-concrete bridge superstructure
Y.L.Wang, J.H. Ran, Y.Y. Li & M.M. Cao

12.Lightweight structures, roof systems, membranes, cables, bars, rods, struts

Design of tension components according to Eurocode 3 Part 1-11 (Invited Paper)
K. Kathage

Extraordinary possibilities using fabric to form concrete structures (Invited Paper)
J.J. Orr, T.J. Ibell, A.P. Darby & M. Evernden

The Porsche Pavilion in the AutostadtWolfsburg, Germany (Invited Paper)
H. Pasternak &T. Krausche

Computational model for simulation of rigid foldable origami structures
J.D. van derWoerd, R. Chudoba & J. Hegger

Performance analysis of a membrane roof project
E.F. Nunes, J.B.M. de Sousa Jr, B. Baier &A.M.S. de Freitas

Collapse behaviour of double-layer grid structures in steel
J.M. Adams &A. Zingoni

Behaviour of composite bar structures: Theory and examples (Invited Paper)
J.B. Obre˛bski

A method for reconstructing the shape of highly flexible, slender objects from distributed strain measurements
M.D. Todd, C.J. Stull & M. Dickerson

Rod-in-tube buckling – Comparative analysis of numerical and test results
V.S. Tikhonov & O.S. Bukashkina

On load drop phenomenon in axially compressed elasto-plastic columns
L. Kwasniewski

Eulerian formulation for an extensible elastic rod
A. Huynen, E. Detournay &V. Denoël

Some results of experimental investigations of thin-walled bars
J.B. Obre˛bski

13.Plates, shells, laminated composite structures, sandwich structures

Bending and buckling of circular sandwich orthotropic plates with corrugated cores (Invited Paper)
K. Magnucki, M.Walachowski & E. Magnucka-Blandzi

Modeling and simulation of large amplitude vibrations of layered composite and smart structures
R. Schmidt, M.N. Rao &T.D. Vu

Simplified modelling of stiffened panels for simultaneous static and dynamic optimisation
L.Weiß, H. Köke & C. Hühne

Finite element vibration analysis of pole structures made of advanced composite materials
G.-D. Kim & S.-Y. Lee

Experiments on fatigue behaviour of sandwich panels
H. Nelke & J. Lange

Modelling and nonlinear FE analysis of composite shells at finite rotations (Invited Paper)
R. Schmidt, M.N. Rao &T.D. Vu

Using the polynomial annihilation edge detection for locating delamination in laminated composite plates
C. Surace, H. Darwich & M. Gherlone

On the design of plates and stiffeners of rectangular industrial ducts
T. Thanga, K.S. Sivakumaran & B. Halabieh

Structural behaviour of flexible straws
B. Zhang & Z. You

A strain gradient Reissner-Mindlin micro-plate model obtained through an asymptotic analysis
M. Serpilli

Inelastic buckling of annular plates in shear
J. Becque

A novel analytical solution of orthotropic rectangular thick plate
B. Pan & H. Liu

14.Renewable energy structures

Wind loading on solar chimneys: From wind tunnel experiments to CFD simulation
F. Lupi, C. Borri & H.-J. Niemann

Stability and nonlinear behaviour of RC solar updraft towers
R. Harte

An analysis of an optimised solar thermal chimney for desert deployment
P. Cottam, P. Duffour & P. Fromme

Solar energy systems under impact of aeolian sand and dust
C. Kalender-Wevers, U.Winkelmann & R. Höffer

Constructability-aspects for reinforced concrete solar updraft power plants chimneys: From construction technology and logistics to schedules and costs – data-requirements for
economical evaluation
L. Laußat, N.Warkus & M. Helmus

SHM strategies, application and measurements on tripod offshore wind energy converters within the German offshore park Alpha Ventus
W. Rücker, S. Thöns, S. Said &W. Schmid

A comparative study about the effects of linear, weakly and fully nonlinear wave models on the dynamic response of offshore wind turbines
E. Marino, G. Stabile, C. Borri & C. Lugni

Structural health monitoring for life-cyle estimation of on-shore wind energy converters
R. Höffer, D. Hartmann, S. Lachmann, X. Liu & K.R. Leimbach

15.Cold-formed steel structures, thin-walled sections

Analysis and design of perforated cold-formed steel members in compression (Invited Paper)
Z. Yao & K.J.R. Rasmussen

A semi-discretized thin-walled beam element including distortion
M.J. Andreassen & J. Jönsson

Generalised Beam Theory (GBT) for stiffened sections
G. Taig, G. Ranzi, G. Piccardo &A. Luongo

Cold-formed steel design and research assisted by testing (Invited Paper)
D. Dubina

On the response of cold-formed steel sections under compression
N. Baldassino, G. Torresani, R. Zandonini, G. Manzini & F. Scavazza

Local and global vibration analysis of thin-walled steel frames using Generalised Beam Theory (GBT)
C. Basaglia, D. Camotim & H.B. Coda

Moment redistribution in cold-formed steel continuous beams
C. Hui, L. Gardner & D.A. Nethercot

Shear strengths of lipped channel beams with stiffened web openings using numerical studies
P. Keerthan & M. Mahendran

Coupled instability behaviour of members with thin-walled welded box sections loaded in bending and compression
A. Taras, H. Unterweger & S. Hafner

Performance of reinforced web openings of cold-formed steel joists
K.S. Sivakumaran

A linear one-dimensional model for the flexural-torsional vibrations of tapered thin-walled bars with open cross-sections
A. Andrade, P. Providência & D. Camotim

Design models for the bolted joints of cold-formed steel pitched roof portal frames
D. Dubina, V. Ungureanu & P. Perne¸s

Tests of cold-formed steel lipped channel columns undergoing local-distortional-global interaction
B. Young, D. Camotim & P.B. Dinis

Shear design of cold-formed steel beams using direct strength method
P. Keerthan & M. Mahendran

Influence of cross-section geometry on the distortional post-buckling strength of cold-formed steel columns
A. Landesmann, D. Camotim & C. Basaglia

Cold-formed steel beams of corrugated web
D. Dubina, V. Ungureanu & L. Gîlia

Post-buckling behaviour and strength of cold-formed steel lipped channel columns: When is local-distortional interaction relevant?
P.B. Dinis, D. Camotim &A.D. Martins

Design of Z-section purlins under combined axial compression and bending
J. Becque & K.J.R. Rasmussen

Buckling of cold-formed lipped-channel stub columns
M. Dundu & J. Lim

Continuous beam tests on aluminium alloy SHS and RHS with internal stiffeners
M. Su, B. Young & L. Gardner

Rational DSM design of thin-walled cruciform and angle columns
P.B. Dinis & D. Camotim

Flexural-torsional analysis of shear-deformable monosymmetric thin-walled open members – I. Closed-form solution
M.A. Hjaji & M. Mohareb

Flexural-torsional analysis of shear-deformable monosymmetric thin-walled open members – II. Finite element formulation
M.A. Hjaji & M. Mohareb

Flexural strength of single channels restrained by angle cleats
G.M. Bukasa & M. Dundu

Single shear screwed connection tests of thin sheet steel at elevated temperatures
S. Yan & B. Young

Finite element simulation of perforated rack section columns
A.M. Sarmanho Freitas, M.S.R. Freitas & F.T. Souza

16.Steel structures: Stability, strength, design

Inelastic post-buckling GBT analysis of tubular thin-walled metal members
M. Abambres, D. Camotim & N. Silvestre

Direct stability analysis of steel beam-column with an elastic restraints
I. Misiunaite &A. Juozapaitis

Stabilization of members with I-sections against flexural torsional buckling
R. Stroetmann

Lateral-distortional buckling formulae for hollow tubular flange plate girders with slender unstiffened webs
M.F. Hassanein & N. Silvestre

Modeling of force deformation characteristic of angle bracing members (Invited Paper)
M.A. Gizejowski &A.M. Barszcz

Experimental and numerical research on longitudinally stiffened tapered steel plate girders subjected to shear
A. Bedynek, E. Mirambell & E. Real

A new design methodology for steel hollow sections: The Overall Interaction Concept
J. Nseir, E. Saloumi & N. Boissonnade

Use of the Overall Interaction Concept for the practical design of steel sections and members
N. Boissonnade, J. Nseir & E. Saloumi

Influence of imperfections and geometrical discontinuities on the behavior of the steel towers
A.I. Dogariu & D. Dubina

Nonlinear finite element modelling of castellated steel beams lateral torsional bucking
F.O.M. da Gama, L.R.O. Lima, J.G.S. Silva, P.C.G.S. Vellasco & M.M.B.R. Vellasco

Buckling mode decomposition of thin-walled members with holes
M. Nedelcu, N. Chira, H.L. Cucu &A.G. Popa

Resistance assessment of the sinusoidal openings in cellular beams
S. Durif &A. Bouchaïr

GBT buckling analysis of I-section steel girders under concentrated loads
P. Natário, N. Silvestre & D. Camotim

Design by inelastic analysis – 2010 AISC specification
R.D. Ziemian

Three-dimensional joist member design using equivalent beam theory
S.J. Kilber &A.E. Surovek

Behaviour of I-section columns experiencing local–global mode interaction: Analytical and finite element modelling
M.A.Wadee, L. Bai, D. Camotim & C. Basaglia

Influence of the cross section slenderness on the buckling behaviour of steel welded tapered beam-column
I.M. Cristutiu & D.L. Nunes

Analyzing portal frames using rotational springs
T.N. Haas, H.L. Albertyn & P.E. Dunaiski

Behaviour of pitched-roof portal frames with tapered web and flange members considering lateral restraints
I.M. Cristutiu & D.L. Nunes

Compressive resistance of circular hollow sections with squashed ends
M. Dundu & J. Tumkou

The influence of pallets on the behaviour and design of drive-in steel storage racks – Part I: Behaviour
B.P. Gilbert, L.H. Teh, R.X. Badet & K.J.R. Rasmussen

The influence of pallets on the behaviour and design of drive-in steel storage racks – Part II: Design
B.P. Gilbert, L.H. Teh, R.X. Badet & K.J.R. Rasmussen

Extension of the DSM to welded H profile cross-sections
B. Rossi &Y. Li

On the strength of T-section columns
F. Sena Cardoso & K.J.R. Rasmussen

Stability, failure and design of I-section steel beams subjected to tension
J. Tomás, J. Nseir, D. Camotim & N. Boissonnade

17.Steel joints, steel connections

Lateral-torsional buckling behaviour of members in steel structures with hanging-profile connections
D. Liu & J. Lange

Design bearing stresses for injection bolts with short and long duration high loads
A.M. Gresnigt & D. Beg

On evaluation of a unified moment-rotation characteristic of steel and steel-concrete composite joints
M.A. Gizejowski,W. Barcewicz, J. Uziak &A.A.K. Saleh

The influence of the bolt grade on its behaviour under combined tension and shear
A. Renner & J. Lange

Finite element modeling of CHS T-joints strengthened using through bolts
M.A. Mohamed, A.A. Shaat & E.Y. Sayed-Ahmed

In-plane shear flexibility evaluation of fastened steel flat plate by numerical simulation considering the interaction between connectors and thin plate
F. Bakhti, R. Tremblay & C.A. Rogers

New experimental method for determining the stiffness and strength of steel storage rack floor connections
F. Roure, M.M. Pastor, M.R. Somalo & M. Casafont

Seismic behaviour of welded and bolted I-beam to box column connections
Q.Y. Song, A. Heidarpour & X.L. Zhao

Analytical approach for the determination of the strength and stiffness of the T-stub with four rows of bolts
N. Mehidi, F.Z. Mimoune, M. Mimoune &A. Bouchaïr

Axial capacity of transverse branch plate-to-CHS T-joints
A.A. Shaat

18.Steel-concrete composite construction

Sustainable composite beams with deconstructable bolted shear connectors
S.S.M. Lee & M.A. Bradford

Numerical simulations of concrete-composite-slabs with perforated metal sheets
S. Pirringer & J. Kollegger

A computer method for design and M-N-< analysis of composite steel-concrete cross-sections
C.G. Chiorean, A. Chira & M. Buru

Load-carrying capacity of steel and high-strength concrete composite columns
M. Karmazínová & J.J. Melcher

Behaviour of multi-span composite steel-concrete beams subjected to combined flexure and torsion
E.L. Tan, B. Uy & G. Hummam

Considerations on the long-term behaviour of composite steel-concrete bridges
G. Ranzi, G. Leoni, L. Dezi & R. Zandonini

Nonlinear inelastic analysis of 3D composite steel-concrete frameworks
C.G. Chiorean, M. Buru, A. Chira & I. Marchis

Square concrete filled steel hollow columns
M. Dundu

Study on the loading transferring efficiency of large dimension CFT column in joint zone with internal stiff ring
Y. Chen, X.Z. Zhao, N.N. Yan & S.Y.Wu

Connections by adherence – A numerical analysis of preliminary push-out tests
H.J.F. Diógenes, A.L.H.C. El Debs & M.K. El Debs

19.Stainless steel structures

Constitutive equations for stainless steels: Experimental tests and new proposal
I. Arrayago, E. Real & E. Mirambell

Direct strength method and continuous strength method for cold-formed lean duplex stainless steel columns
Y. Huang & B. Young

Numerical study of lean duplex stainless steel plate girders with stocky flanges and slender unstiffened webs under bending
M.F. Hassanein & N. Silvestre

Structural response of stainless steel cross-sections under combined compression and biaxial bending
M. Theofanous, L. Gardner & E. Koltsakis

Investigating the role of gradual yielding in stainless steel columns and beams by virtual testing
P. Hradil &A. Talja

Experiments on ferritic stainless steel columns in fire
B. Rossi, J.M. Franssen & N. Tondini

Buckling response of ferritic stainless steel columns at elevated temperatures
S. Afshan, L. Gardner & N.R. Baddoo

Interaction effects of constituent plate elements on cold-formed high strength stainless steel cross-section behaviour in compression
F. Zhou, Y. Chen & B. Young

Mechanical properties of austenitic stainless steel after exposure to fire
X.Q.Wang, Z. Tao, T.Y. Song & L.H. Han

Study on ferritic stainless steel and its application on architecture structure
M. Li &W. Dong

20.Concrete structures, concrete design

Assessing the reliability of existing concrete bridges in terms of shear strength
D. Busse, L. Eckfeldt & M. Empelmann

Dismantleable joints of load-bearing reinforced concrete units of prefabricated concrete building system with controlled stiffness (Invited Paper)
J.Witzany, T. Cˇejka & R. Zigler

Numerical investigations on the shear capacity of reinforced concrete slabs under concentrated loads
K. Reissen & J. Hegger

Analysis of the structural behaviour of shear-critical prestressed and reinforced concrete beams using digital image correlation
K. DeWilder, G. De Roeck, L. Vandewalle, P. Lava, D. Debruyne &Y.Wang

The effect of steel fibres on the compressive ductility in lightweight aggregate concrete structures
J.A. Øverli &T.M. Jensen

Full-range behavior of FRP-to-concrete bonded joints with trilinear bond-slip law
H. Yuan & L.Wu

A comparison of the variable strut inclination and alternative stirrup design methods
K.K. Mensah, C. Barnardo-Viljoen & J.V. Retief

Shear strength of reinforced concrete plastic hinges subjected to seismic action
R.V. Mehrabani &V. Sigrist

Experimental and numerical investigations on punching behaviour of thick footings with and without shear reinforcement
D. Kueres, C. Siburg, K. Reissen & J. Hegger

Reliability of EN1992 crack model applied to South African water retaining structures
C.H. McLeod, J.V. Retief & J.A.Wium

New design approach for crack width calculation in reinforced concrete structures
H.A. Elgohary & M.M. Assas

21.Fibre-reinforced concrete, polymer-reinforced concrete, cement composites

Multi-functional fiber reinforced concrete for sustainable structures (Invited Paper)
N. Banthia

Comparison of strain measurement techniques for the characterization of brittle, cementitious matrix composites
D. Arboleda, S. Yuan, J. Giancaspro &A. Nanni

Strut and tie models for disturbed regions: Steel fibre reinforced concrete dapped end beams
J.M. Hisdal, G. Zirgulis, E.V. Sarmiento &T. Kanstad

Study of the properties of hybrid fibre reinforced concretes
T. Zych

A review of the shear behaviour of reinforced steel fibre concrete
S. Zeranka & G.P.A.G. van Zijl

Time-dependent behaviour of pre-cracked polypropylene fibre reinforced concrete (PFRC) under sustained loading
A.J. Babafemi &W.P. Boshoff

Effect of temperature on the behaviour of polymer reinforced concrete façade
J.O. Akinyele

Flexural behaviour of normal and high strength concrete beams reinforced with GFRP rods
N.F.O. Evbuomwan

Flexural behaviour of GFRP prismatic beams in composite action with concrete
N.F.O. Evbuomwan

22.High strength concrete, high performance concrete

UHPC – a challenging material for innovative structures (Invited Paper)
E. Fehling

Modular constructions made of UHPC
N.V. Tue & M. Reichel

Development of ultra-high performance concrete and applications to bridges in Korea
C. Joh, S.Y. Park, K.T. Koh, S.W. Kim, Y.J. Kim & B.S. Kim

Behaviour of hybrid PVA-steel fibre reinforced ultra high performance concrete at high temperature
S. Sanchayan & S.J. Foster

Sustainable building with ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) – coordinated research program in Germany
M. Schmidt

Composite structures of steel and filigree UHPC-elements – experimental and numerical investigations
T. Lechner, O. Fischer & G. Seidl

Optimization process for thin-walled high performance concrete sandwich panels
K. Hodicky, T. Hulin, J.W. Schmidt & H. Stang

Quality control of UHPC by using non-destructive ultrasonic testing methods
B. Middendorf &A. Glaubitt

Statistical model for compressive strength prediction of high-performance concrete
A. Kapelko, M. Kapelko & R. Kapelko

Experimental tests and analytical modeling of UHPC beams subjected to torsion
E. Fehling, M. Ismail &T. Leutbecher

Compressive strength of high-performance concrete with absorption capacity of Super-Absorbing-Polymers (SAP)
B.J. Olawuyi &W.P. Boshoff

A model for spalling of HPC thin plates exposed to fire
T. Hulin, K. Hodicky, J.W. Schmidt, J.H. Nielsen & H. Stang

Micro structural optimization of high strength performance air hardened foam concrete
B. Middendorf &A. Just

The anchorage of rebars in UHPC
P. Lorenz & E. Fehling

Next generation nano-based carbon concrete
P.S. Nagaraja, F.A. Khan, K.N.N. Gowda, S.A.K. Zai & H.R. Srinivas

Evaluation of behaviour and ductility of polymer modified steel fiber reinforced high performance concrete beams
S.A.K. Zai, N. Munirudrappa, K. Muthumani, R. Naveen & H.R. Srinivas

Structural behaviour of high performance fibre-reinforced flowable concrete beams and plates
S.G. Ladkany &A.T. Berhe

Influence of fiber orientation on the properties of strain hardening Ultra-High Performance
Fiber Reinforced Concrete (UHPFRC) under direct tensile loading
C. Hollmann & K.Wille

23.Durability, creep, shrinkage, transport processes in concrete

The origin of plastic settlement cracking and the effect of re-vibration
R. Combrinck &W.P. Boshoff

Composite material under influence of moisture
J. Skramlik, M. Novotny & K. Suhajda

Chimney cracked reinforced concrete walls as a problem of durability exploitation
M. Kaminski, M. Maj &A. Ubysz

Water transport in surface layer of fair-face concrete
P. Reiterman, F. Vogel, O. Holcˇapek, K. Kolárˇ, P. Konvalinka, M. Keppert, M. Cˇáchová & E. Vejmelková

Creep influence on concrete slabs, pre-stressed in both directions
G. Sossou

Frost resistance property of concrete doped with scrap rubber powder
B.M.Wang, Y. Han & S. Liu

24.Construction materials, construction technology, building performance

Determination of the relation between the content of used reclaimed asphalt material and deformation characteristics of asphalt concretes
K. Miláˇcková, P. Mondschein & J. Valentin

Feasibility of lightweight aggregate concrete for structural and non-structural works in Tanzania
A.L. Mrema & H.A. Mboya

Mechanical properties of aluminous cement paste at high temperature
O. Holˇcapek, P. Reiterman, F. Vogel, P. Konvalinka & E. Vejmelková

The influence of percentage replacement from coarse recycled concrete aggregate
D.W. Immelman &W. de Villiers

Full-scale model of road structure
M. Varaus, P. Hyzl & D. Stehlik

Monitoring of experimental sections with recycled waste materials
D. Stehlik, M. Varaus & P. Hyzl

Experience with experimental designs and performance assessment of cold asphalt mixtures – New type of pavement structure in the Czech Republic
J. Suda, J. Valentin, J. Žák, J. Šedina & K. Miláˇcková

Knowledge sharing and constructability in structural design
V. Kuo & J.Wium

Processes of ID-based linking of structural relevant construction phase data to planning phase data using auto-ID techniques
L. Laußat, A. Kelm, A. Meins-Becker & M. Helmus

Verification of MZELWE module in ESP-r programme with experimental confrontation
A.M. Cˇekon, M. Kalousek & B.J. Hraška

Thermal comfort of the rooms in the designing of commercial buildings
K. Nowak, K. Nowak-Dzieszko & M. Rojewska-Warchał

25.Timber structures

Behaviour of steel to timber connections in fire and normal conditions (Invited Paper)
A. Bouchaïr, P. Racher & D. Dhima

Shaking table tests on a large scale moment resistant timber frame with post-tensioning and energy dissipating system
F.C. Ponzo, A. Di Cesare, M. Simonetti, D. Nigro, T. Smith & S. Pampanin

Fracture process under moisture content variation in timber structures
R. Moutou Pitti, F. Dubois, E. Fournely & B. Mbangagoye

The resilience of timber buildings 661
G. Faller

Numerical modeling of a post-tensioned timber frame building with hysteretic energy dissipation
A. Di Cesare, F.C. Ponzo, M. Simonetti, T. Smith & S. Pampanin

26.Masonry structures

In situ full-scale tests for old masonry elements: The out-of-plane response
A. Borri, M. Candela & R. Fonti

Seismic behaviour of masonry walls with soft-layer wall bearings
N. Mojsilovi´c, B. Stojadinovi´c, A. Barandun & C. Vögeli

Application of sequentially linear analysis to the seismic assessment of slender masonry towers
V. Mariani, A.T. Slobbe, M.A.N. Hendriks & J.G. Rots

Experimental evaluation of the response of ferrocement strengthened lightweight masonry walls to impact loads
M.A.N. Abdel-Mooty

Externally applied retrofit system for existing masonry buildings subject to progressive collapse
A. Kousgaard & E. Erdogmus

Non-linear static analysis of masonry-infilled RC frames
A. Koçak, B. Doran, A. Kalyoncuoglu & B. Zengin

Sisal reinforced cement-based masonry units
G. Coetzee,W.P. Boshoff & R.D. Toledo Filho

Structural design for earth buildings
A.C. Heath & P.J.Walker

Affordable, sustainable and resilient tornado shelter design using compressed stabilized earth block construction
B.Wagner, E. Erdogmus &A. Schwer

27.Performance of structures in fire, design for fire resistance

Global structural behaviour in fire and consolidated testing of steel structures (Invited Paper)
M. Fontana, M. Knobloch &A. Frangi

Structures in fire or fires in structures? Assessing the true performance of structures in fire (Invited Paper)
J.L. Torero

Numerical simulation of thin RC structures exposed to fire (Invited Paper)
R. Harte

Shear capacity of steel plate girders with slender webs in fire
T. Ohtsuka, M. Knobloch & M. Fontana

Modeling and assessment of the response of super-light elements to fire
K.D. Hertz, B.M. Campeanu, M. Giraudo & L. Giuliani

Composite floors with steel fibre reinforced concrete slabs exposed to fire
J. Bednáˇr, F.Wald, J. Vodiˇcka &A. Kohoutková

Engineering solutions for structures in fire: Should concrete care?
L.A. Bisby

The application of fire engineering methods for the design of open steel car parks
G.Wo´zniak & R. Obiała

Numerical study on structural behaviour of cold-formed steel columns under fire conditions
S.J.C. Almeida, J.M. Neto & J.P.C. Rodrigues

An analytical method for determining the loading on connections in heating and cooling during a fire
D. Lange & J. Albrektsson

Fire protection of multi-storey straw bale buildings
J.Wachtling, D. Hosser & J. Zehfuß

Structural analysis at the fire limit state: Practical applications
A. Jowsey & P. Scott

Fire design of wooden box floors
D. Dhima & R. Blondeau-Patissier

No-sway collapse of steel frames under fire conditions: A parametric investigation
A. Monti, T. Pariciani, F. Gentili & F. Petrini

Numerical studies of load bearing LSF walls under realistic design fire conditions
P. Keerthan, A. Ariyanayagam & M. Mahendran

Numerical study of travelling fire in full-scale experimental building
K. Horová & F.Wald

Numerical and experimental investigation of the toxicity and light extinction of fire smoke using experimental data from fire tests of polymers
A. Löhnert, N. Monreal, C. Knaust & U. Krause

Development of a simplified design method to predict the fire rating of LSF walls
S. Gunalan & M. Mahendran

Fire resistance assessment of steel structure exposed to fire for differentiated safety requirements
M. Ma´slak

Numerical experimental design approach to evaluate the fire resistance of timber connections
M. Audebert, D. Dhima &A. Bouchaïr

Performance of reinforced concrete structures in post-earthquake fire
B. Behnam, H. Ronagh & M. Ashraf

Behaviour of structural steel subjected to post-earthquake fire
S. Sinaie, A. Heidarpour & X.L. Zhao

28.Structural safety, structural reliability, risk assessment

Target reliability for engineering structures (Invited Paper)
M. Holický

Reliability evaluation and design of steel frames with BRBs under severe earthquakes
Y.S. Liu, G.Q. Li & X.K. Guo

Reliability analysis of corroding pipelines by enhanced Monte Carlo simulation
B.J. Leira, A. Naess & O.E. Brandrud Næss

Some practical aspects of statistics methods of estimation reliability computed for existing silo constructions
M. Kaminski & M. Maj

Model uncertainties in reliability analysis of reinforced concrete structures
M. Holický, M. Sykora, C. Barnardo-Viljoen, K.K. Mensah & J.V. Retief

Safety in design for industrial and mining structures
T. Langbecker & S. Loganathan

Risk-based design in mining structures
M. Mmusi &A. Masarira

Simulated virtual portfolio for masonry buildings
A. Mühlhausen, U.E. Dorka, F. Obón Santacana, A. Smolka & M. Stupazzini

29.Structural optimisation, manufacturing processes

Effective lightweight design of a rocket interstage ring through mixed-integer optimization
H. Köke, L.Weiß & C. Hühne

Topology optimization with local stress contraints in a simultaneous analysis and design setting
D.P. Munro &A.A. Groenwold

Reliability-based robust optimization using variance based methods
G. Karaki

Designing adaptive structures for whole life energy savings
G. Senatore, P. Duffour, S. Hanna, P.Winslow & C.Wise

Softening some effects of the no free lunch (NFL) theorems in optimization via parallel computing
S.S. van Huyssteen &A.A. Groenwold

Exploring the domain of application of adaptive structures
G. Senatore, P. Duffour, P.Winslow, S. Hanna & C.Wise

Effect of serviceability limits on optimal design of steel portal frames
T.D. Phan, J.H. Lim, J.B.P. Lim,W. Sha, T.T. Tanyimboh & M. Dundu

Optimization of the injection molding processes using the Moldflow simulation program on the example of electrical connectors
M. Szostak & R. Staniek

Comparison of simulation results of injection molding process obtained by Moldflow and Moldex3D programs
M. Szostak & R. Staniek

The use of modified three axes forging to strengthen Nb for superconducting radio frequency cavities
P.N. Kalu, N. Bembridge & I. Dagwa

Biomass in materials processing: Using cassava leaves to case-harden mild steel
R. Gordon, K.J. Akinluwade, A.R. Adetunji, P.N. Kalu & O.O. Adewoye

30.Structural health monitoring, damage detection, non-destructive evaluation

Non-destructive evaluation (NDE) practice for concrete bridges in USA (Invited Paper)
A. Ghorbanpoor & S. Boone

Rapid and economical condition assessment of concrete bridge decks through automation of NDE data collection, analysis and interpretation
N. Gucunski, A. Maher, H. Ghasemi & F.S. Ibrahim

Making sense of bridge monitoring: Vision for the future (Invited Paper)
A. Pavic & J.M.W. Brownjohn

Structural model updating using combined global mode and local primary frequency
J.L. Hou, J.P. Ou & Ł. Jankowski

On the application of artificial boundary condition frequencies in structural identification (Invited Paper)
Y. Lu, L. Mao & Z.G. Tu

A novel two-step method for localization and assessment of cracks in beams
G.R. Gillich & Z.I. Praisach

Model updating of strategic building structures under real earthquake loading
R. Ceravolo, A. De Stefano, E. Matta, A. Quattrone & L. Zanotti Fragonara

A frequency analysis applied to force identification
M. Thiene, U. Galvanetto, M. Ghajari & M.H. Aliabadi

Influence of multiple cracks upon the dynamic behaviour of beams
Z.I. Praisach & G.R. Gillich

Structural health monitoring of continuously welded underground pipelines based on quasi-distributed wireless inclinometers
S. Li, M. Zhao & N. Gao

Cable break detection in pre-stressed bridges, parking decks and girders
B. Hillemeier & S. Knapp

Detection of damage due to salt crystallization through the Scaling Subtraction Method
P. Antonaci, P.G. Bocca, A.S. Gliozzi & M. Scalerandi

A damage evaluation method for bridge substructures using longitudinal impact dynamic responses
J.W. Zhan, H. Xia & N. Zhang

Structural damage identification in small scale models of bridge decks
R. Carrazedo &T.M. Juliani

An application of the local flexibility method to hyper-static beams using non-local virtual forces
T.Y. Hsu, S.Y. Shiao,W.I. Liao & C.H. Loh

Effect of load redistribution of a steel truss bridge due to fracture of a truss member on vibration-based fault detection
C.W. Kim, S. Kitauchi, K. Hashimoto, K. Sugiura & M. Kawatani

A system model for lifecycle monitoring of bridges
M.Wild, O. Fischer, G. Dori &A. Borrmann

The opportunities of blind source separation techniques in the automation of modal identification for vibration based SHM
C. Rainieri & G. Fabbrocino

Transducers frequency influence on ultrasonic velocity measurements in concrete specimens
G. Concu, B. De Nicolo, N. Trulli & M. Valdés

Application of SHM system based on modal filtration to the truss structure
K. Mendrok, T. Uhl &W. Maj

System identification of masonry buildings in Vienna
F. Kopf, D. Schäfer, M. Pietsch & H.Wenzel

Shear wave travel times in multi-story buildings for system identification and damage detection
E. ¸Safak, E. Çaktı & E. Zengin

Application and developments of the infrared thermography in the building construction sector
S. Knapp & B. Hillemeier

Automated devices for inspection and maintenance
E. Kuhn & C. Zimmermann

Structural health monitoring of the Basilica S. Maria di Collemaggio
V. Gattulli, F. Graziosi, F. Federici, F. Potenza, A. Colarieti & M. Lepidi

Experimental study on bridge damage identification based on wavelet packet energy curvature difference method
Z. Yu, H. Xia & J. Zhan

Damage detection on reinforced concrete framed structures using a band-variable filter
F.C. Ponzo, R. Ditommaso, G. Auletta &A. De Muro

Damage identification in the mistuned bladed system utilizing the outlier analysis
A.U. Rehman, F.H. Shah, K.Worden & J.A. Rongong

Modal characteristics-based damage identification in repeating structures
A.U. Rehman, F.H. Shah, S. Nazar, C.E. Lord &A. Javed

Research on corrosion monitoring for steel-reinforced concrete structures using fiber optic sensing technique
X.F. Zhao, L.Wang, Q. Liu, S.J. Shan, H. Dong, Y.F. Zhu, Y.H. Jiang &Y. Yu

Steel reinforced concrete structures dynamic damage monitoring using guided wave testing technique
D.S. Li, J.H. Yuan,W. Yang &W.Y. Zhang

Structural condition assessment based on modal flexibility from operational modal analysis and model updating
L.-M. Zhang, T.Wang & X.-K. Lin

31.Structural assessment, damage assessment, failure analysis, forensic engineering, disaster management

The art of the forensic engineer
D. Charrett

Lessons for structural engineers: The Hillsborough disaster (Invited Paper)
R.A. Smith

Causal models for the forensic investigation of structural failures
S. Arangio, C. Crosti & F. Bontempi

Capacity assessment of damaged school buildings after 2011 Van earthquake
R.A. Oyguc

Structural failures and monitoring of structural health with use ofWiSeNeMONIT system
S.Wierzbicki, M.A. Gizejowski & Z. Stachura

Approaches to quantify the safety gain for existing concrete bridges due to surveillance
C. Siegert, L. Eckfeldt & M. Empelmann

An investigation on the collapse sequence of an RC frame during L’Aquila 2009 earthquake
M.G. Mulas, L. Martinelli & F. Perotti

Structural assessment during the demolition of an arch bridge by advanced modal techniques
K. Islami & R. Betti

EQvis: A consequence based risk management software tool
D. Schäfer, M. Pietsch & H.Wenzel

Measuring degree of interdependencies at the infrastructure level during emergencies
D. Solari, G.P. Cimellaro &A.M. Reinhorn

Back-analysis of the collapse of a metal truss structure
C. Crosti & F. Bontempi

FE models for evaluating damages in churches hit by L’Aquila earthquake
G. Brando, E. Criber & G. De Matteis

32.Repair, strengthening, retrofitting, sustainable construction

The strengthening and widening of the Okavango River Bridge in Northern Namibia
W. Martin

CFRP strengthening of steel I-beam against local web buckling: A numerical analysis
M.A. Ghareeb, M.A. Khedr & E.Y. Sayed-Ahmed

Timber beams with external strengthening based on CFRP and GFRP composites
M. Karmazínová

Bond characterization between historical concrete substrate and SRG/SRP strengthening systems
E. Stievanin, F. da Porto, M. Panizza, E. Garbin & C. Modena

Methods of silo strengthening walls in practice
M. Kaminski & M. Maj

Study on mechanical behaviour of circular concrete columns confined by HFRP under axial compressive load
L.J. Li, S.D. Xu, L. Zeng &Y.-C. Guo

Research on concrete repair materials
G. Lagoda &T. Gajda

Energy harvesting for the sustainability of structures and infrastructures
K. Gkoumas, F. Petrini, S. Arangio & C. Crosti

Sustainability considerations for tunnel projects
J. Sauer & O. Fischer

Challenges in rehabilitation techniques in strengthening cracked concrete beams
M.K. Murthy, N. Munirudrappa, S.A.K. Zai, J. Guruswamy & S. Krishnan

33.Soil-structure interaction, foundations, geotechnical engineering

The second order solution of Boussinesq’s problem
E. Ferretti

Upper and lower bound calculations of the bearing capacity of strip footings near slopes in cohesionless soil
S. Krabbenhoft, L. Damkilde & K. Krabbenhoft

Stress state of massive foundation slabs – Measurements and simulation
K. Stopp

Soil-structure-interaction: Analysis through measurements
F. Kopf, D. Schäfer & J. Pistrol

Numerical calculation of damping for monopile foundations under cyclic load during steady-state vibration
M. Bayat, L.V. Andersen, S.M. Andersen & L.B. Ibsen

Improved subgrade reaction model in designing embedded piles exposed to static lateral head loads
M. Pulsfort &T.Welskopf

Field test of soil-steel arch with ribs and calculation of internal forces on the basis of measured strains
B. Kunecki & L. Korusiewicz

Alternative shape of suction caisson to reduce risk of buckling under high pressure
S. Madsen, L.V. Andersen & L.B. Ibsen

Qualitative and quantitative assessment of liquefaction in a saturated road embankment
A. Borowiec & K. Maciejewski

A study of frictional interface properties between typical South African sands and construction materials
Z. Bhengu, D. Kalumba & F.C. Chebet

Dynamic soil-structure interaction behaviour of building frames with raft foundation
G. Narayana, H. Sharada Bai & M.P. Jyothi

Using the shear strength reduction method to assess the stability of retaining structures adjacent to excavations for the University of Cape Town’s New Engineering Building 911
C.J.Warren-Codrington & D. Kalumba

34.Structural engineering education

Efforts to reduce the drop-out rate in civil and structural engineering programs (Invited Paper)
U. Quapp & K. Holschemacher

Teaching and learning of fundamentals of structural engineering in undergraduate level
M.R. Karim

Structural stability and the complement to the differential equation
R.D. Ziemian

International master program in structural engineering at Leipzig University of Applied Sciences (HTWK Leipzig)
K. Holschemacher & U. Quapp

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