2nd Edition

Resource Recovery From Municipal Solid Wastes Volume II: Final Processing

    This text includes two volumes discussing resource recovery form municipal solid wastes. Volume 2 discusses in more detail the final processing including; incineration, preparation and use of refuse-derived fuel, biological resource recoveyr, biogas production, hydrolysis and single cell protein and ethanol production, composting, environmental aspects, and landfill.

    Volume 2: 1. Incineration 2. Production and Utilization of Refuse- Derived fuel 3. Biological Resource Recovery 4. Biogas Production 5. Hydrolysis and Single-Cell Protein and Ethanol Production 6. Composting 7. Environmental Aspects 8. Landfill-the Ultimate Disposal


    Luis F. Diaz President, George M. Savage Vice President.  Clarence G. Golueke Director of Research and Development, all Cal Recovery Systems, Inc. Cal Recovery Systems, Inc. Richmond, California.