1st Edition

Resources & Environment in Asia's Marine Sector

By James B. Marsh Copyright 1992

    This volume brings together a cross-section of marine experts who provide a comprehensive exploration of the major facets of Asia's marine sector. It considers both the marine mineral and fish stocks in Asian waters. This extensive volume examines "official" statistics with an objective eye and provides an overview of fish stock with much focus on the access and management of tuna. It considers global economic issues concerning fishing rights, looks at joint ventures between nations, and considers law enforcement efforts. The volume devotes a section to sea lanes and another to off shore mineral deposits. It also considers current and growing problems and possible solutions regarding pollution:

    The fisheries of the Northwest Pacific - a statistical overview; the use of shared stocks in the Northwest Pacific Ocean with particular reference to Japan and USSR; changes in tuna fisheries negotiations between Japan and the Pacific-Island nations; the impact of global exclusive economic zones on Taiwan's distant-water fishing industry; economic evaluation of trade and production in the Thai fisheries industry; fisheries law enforcement programs, practices, and problems in Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand; Japanese efforts in marine ranching developments; marine minerals in China seas; the economic value of the Malacca Strait; marine pollution in the Taiwan area - special studies of trace metals and thermal diffusion; sedimentation damage to marine resources - environmental and economic analysis.


    James B. Marsh