1st Edition

Resources, Environment and Engineering Proceedings of the 2014 Technical Congress on Resources, Environment and Engineering (CREE 2014), Hong Kong, 6-7 September 2014

Edited By Liquan Xie Copyright 2015

    Resources, Environment and Engineering contains 66 technical papers from the 2014 Technical Congress on Resources, Environment and Engineering (CREE 2014, Hong Kong, 6-7 September 2014, including the 4th Technical Conference on Chemical Engineering, CCE 2014). The contributions review recent technological advances in the fields of resources and the environment, and showcase the developments occurring in the areas of resources, environmental protection and associated engineering practice.

    The book covers a wide range of topics, including:
    • Water resources and management
    • Urban wastewater and comprehensive treatment techniques
    • Food safety and risk management
    • Safety engineering and environmental pollution control
    • Biotechnology and food engineering
    • Civil and hydraulic engineering
    • Oil and gas engineering
    • Mining engineering
    • Chemical engineering
    • Other issues related to the protection and improvement of resources and environments

    Resources, Environment and Engineering will be invaluable to academics and professionals in both resource and environmental engineering.


    Water and hydraulic engineering

    Water purification system design for man-made lake based on the source water quality
    A.J. You, Q.N. Jin & Z.C. Han

    A study on the application of a cooling water physical model
    Z.Q. Li & W.T. Lei

    Study on priority control line optimization method on Hu Nanzhen Reservoir operation curve
    S.-W. Wang, H.-L. Wang & J.-H. Wen

    Using the linearized calibration method for parameter calibration of Xin’anjiang model
    L.P. Zhao & W.M. Bao

    Bearing behavior research on steel lined reinforced concrete penstocks based on the CDP model
    H. Wu & H. Ran

    Study on Zizania latifolia wetland in agricultural non-point source pollution control of hill region paddy field
    H.B. Xu & K.P. Xu

    Study on flow’s wave velocity of the Beijing–Shijiazhuang section on the Mid-route of South-to-North Water Transfer Project
    J. Tian & Y. Zhu

    Study on hydrodynamic characteristics of Shuangjian Shoal protection engineering
    J. She, Y. Xia, D. Du, Y. Wen & H. Xu

    Analysis of sludge drying technology
    W. Wei, H. Xiang, H. Zou & X. Du

    The application of thermophilic bacteria in the sludge bio-drying experiment
    H. Zou, Y. Zhang, H. Tang & Y. Xie

    Pollutant source analysis and identification of prior control areas of Laixi River Basin in Lu County based on SWAT
    B.Q. Wu, X.D. Li, H.B. Zhang, X. Liu, X.X. Wang, L. Zhou & M. Ke

    Runoff prediction using distributed Xinanjiang model
    L. Zhu, Y. Wang, X. Huang & F. Zhang

    The analysis and comparison of soil dielectric constant-water content models
    Z. Zeng, H. Lu, Y. Zhao & H. Liu

    A smart irrigation decision support system based on cloud
    F. Zhu, P. Zhong, C. Mao, Q. Zheng & X. Lv

    Using crop water productivity to agricultural irrigation water in Zhangye
    L.C. Wang & S.J. Yan

    Research on characteristics of SBBR treating Monosodium Glutamate Wastewater
    Z.G. He, S.Y. Jia, M. Zheng, Z.X. Peng & Q. Xie

    Numerical investigation of the lift force on bubble
    L. Xu, Y. Xue, Y. Gong & G. Chen

    Effects of close double-parallel bridges on flooding
    X.-F. Zhang, W.-G. Luo, X. Liu & W.-X. Cai

    Effect of the evolution of river-lake relation on the water environmental capacity of the outlet reach of Xiangjiang River
    X. Wang, C.H. Sun & Y.Y. Wang

    Environmental and civil engineering

    Improving public satisfaction on urban bus service: Lessons learned from different cities of China
    X.W. Hu, Z.J. Xie, H.L. Zhang, Z.B. Liu & Y. Qu

    Study on the content of six metal elements in different forest soil in Kowloon Reservoir Area
    H.-L. Mao, Z.-T. Sheng, Z.-H. Lin, B.-F. Wu, W.-D. Su & G. Liu

    Vegetation type recognition based on decision tree
    Z. Lin, Z. Sheng, H. Mao, Y. Jin, W. Su & G. Liu

    Calculation and analysis of the monitoring results of deep foundation pit of Qifeng Park Station of Dongguan rapid rail
    S. Lu

    Evolutional model of airflow in urban street canyon
    S. Jin & Y. Gong

    Ductility performance analyses of the semi-integral jointless bridge
    X. Zhan, X. Shao & G. Liu

    Study on ecological utilization of water in green residential community
    Z.-X. Yuan

    Supporting design and supervision of Huitongtianxia Building’s deep excavation
    D. Peng & H.-J. Li

    The effect of ridge topography on earthquake ground motion
    Z. Zhou & J. Liu

    Analysis on dynamic earth pressure of structure sidewalls of subway station based on finite element method
    G. Zhang, W. Liao, J. Zhang & Z. Zhang

    Improving social cohesion and security in residential communities in Beijing by utilising the space between tall residential buildings
    T. Sun

    AHP-Fuzzy model for urban seismic geo-hazards risk
    J. Ding & Y. Li

    The prediction model of Cotinus Coggygria Leaves Discoloration day in Beijing and its application in 2012–2013
    D. Ding, X. Li, Z. Yin & Z. Xie

    Analysis of characteristics of high temperature weather in Guilin area
    X. Bai

    Comprehensive evaluation of city ecological environment based on fuzzy mathematics
    X.-N. Ma & J.-Y. Zhao

    Energy engineering

    Applying top coal caving method to extract thick coal seam
    H. Yu & Q. Liu

    Non-zero fixed pitch angle effect on performance of Darrieus rotor
    Z. Zhao, J. Chen, T. Li, B. Xu & T. Wang

    The research of tectonic transport and its control on hydrocarbon in Lingqing Depression (East)
    Q. Chu, W. Liang, H. Li, X. Chen & Z. Wu

    Chemical engineering

    Numerical simulation on sensitivity of gel treatment performance to physical and chemical properties
    C. Zhao & X. Zhang

    The experimental evaluation of a new crosslinked acid fracturing fluid system
    R. He, Z.-Z. Yang, X.-G. Li, F. Chen & D.-L. Teng

    Effect of fish collagen addition on physico chemical properties of restructured fish
    H. Wen, L. Zhao, M.L. Yuan & Y. Wei

    Effect of operating parameters on the performance of a new spray granulation tower
    L. Feng, Y. Mao, J. Wang, J. Wang & G. Zhang

    Computer technology imitate traditional dyeing patterns
    S. Li & J. Wang

    Experimental study on the property of deep profile control agents suitable for hyperthermia and minerized oil reservoir
    Z. Wei, C. Dai, H. Li, Q. You & K. Wang

    Thermal techniques for the recovery of heavy oil in Sudan: Current and future trends
    X. Zhang, X. Wu, G. Zhao, R. Wang, X. Yuan & Q. Zhou

    Hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin as retarding reagent in polyacrylonitrile dyeing
    H.Q. Cai & C.M. Wang

    Numerical simulation on flow and mixing of gas-solid two-phase in FCC riser feedstock injection zone by using EMMS drag model
    S. Chen, W. Wang, Z. Yan, Y. Fan & C. Lu

    Pressure distribution of a rectangular moving bed with cross-flow
    W.Y. Long, J. Xu, Y.P. Fan, C.X. Lu & G. Cui

    Particles entrainment of a modified gas-solid fluidized bed
    G. Cui, Z. Meng, W. Ma, M. Liu & C. Lu

    Effects of fin shape and parameter on the flow and heat transfer performance of finned tube heat exchangers
    J.X. Yin, J.Z. Ma, Z.M. He & G.J. Wu

    Local density distribution in a new FCC feed injection scheme
    Z.H. Yan, S. Chen, X.G. Qin, Y.P. Fan & C.X. Lu

    The oxidation stability of KF/CaO catalyzed biodiesel
    W. Wang, C.J. Shi, S.Y. Hu, L.B. Wen & Y. Wang

    Solids volume fraction in different pre-lifting schemes
    L. Zhu, Q. Shen, G. Cui, Y. Fan & C. Lu

    Analysis of influence factors of the result of numerical simulation in cathodic protection
    B. Chen & J. Li

    The feasible applied experimental study on air foam drive under the high-pressure condition in heterogeneous light reservoirs
    Y. Liu & J. Mi

    Biochemical and food engineering

    Medium optimization of L(+)-lactic acid production by Genome shuffled Lactobacillus rhamonsus Lc-F34 from agriculture wastes using statistical tools
    Y. Wang, H. Yu, C. Piao, J. Liu, D. Cai, M. Zheng & J. Liu

    Lipid composition and oxidation in dry-cured sausage during processing
    L. Li

    Structural identification of flavan-3-ols and flavonoids from Litchi (Litchi chinensis Sonn.) pericarp
    X. Guan, Y. Huang, J. Liu, F. Lu, Y. Chen, X. Yan, Z. Yang, L. Wan & D. Li

    The anti-obesity effect of instant Pu-erh green tea in mice with hydrogenated oil diet-induced obesity
    M. Lian, S.D. Lv, Y.L. He, J.S. Zhou, Y.F. Jiang & Q.X. Meng

    Swimming exercise and diet restriction alter the serum cholesterol of rats submitted to a high-fat diet
    M. Yu & Y. Liu

    ACE inhibitory rate of rice bran peptides separated by gel filtration chromatography
    A. Zhai, X. Li, Z. Li & D. Li

    Isolation and identification of aroma-producing yeasts in the fermented grains of Maotai-flavor liquor
    X. Wang, B. Pang, S. Ban, X. Zhang, S. Qiu, M. Chen, A. Lu & F. Liang

    Food poisoning: China still has a long way to go
    J.-M. Cheng, L. Yang, R. Yan & R. Liu

    A comparative study of wheat gluten by two pretreatments
    S.-X. Liu & X.-L. Qiao

    Comparative of in vitro antioxidant and cholesterol—lowering activities of fermented goat & cow milk
    W.Q. Zhang, W.P. Ge, J. Yang, X.C. Xue, S.Z. Wu, Y. Chen & L.H. Qin

    Effect of chitosan/nano-SiOx on superoxide anion production rate and relative enzymes of peach fruits
    S.-S. Li, M.-L. Wang & Y.-M. Wu

    Studies on dynamic changes of the physicochemical properties in rice slurry during Fermented Rice Steamed Cake (Fagao) production
    D. Chen, Y. Shen, P. Wu, X. Li, X. Xu & S. Pan

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    Liquan Xie, School of Civil Engineering, Tongji University, Shanghai, China.