1st Edition

Responding in Mental Health-Substance Use

By David B. Cooper Copyright 2011

    Mental health-substance use is a complex interrelation, with equally complex implications for individuals and their families, health professionals and society. Although its international recognition as an issue of critical importance is growing, clear guidance for professionals on mental health-substance use and its treatment is hard to find. The Mental Health-Substance Use series addresses this need, concentrating on concerns, dilemmas and concepts that impact on the life and well-being of affected individuals and those close to them, and the future direction of practice, education, research, services, interventions, and treatment. Having outlined the field and service development in previous books, the third book in the series explores how professionals can best respond to the particular concerns and dilemmas arising from and in mental health-substance use for individuals and their families. It aims to inform, develop and educate these responses by sharing knowledge and enhancing expertise in this fast-developing field by exploring the interrelated psychological, physical, social, legal and spiritual experiences. The volumes in this series are designed to challenge concepts and stimulate debate, exploring all aspects of the development in treatment, intervention and care responses, and the adoption of research-led best practice. They are essential reading for mental health and substance use professionals, students and educators.

    1. Setting the scene 2. The family perspective 3. The individual’s perspective: Hard to reach people or hard to access services? 4. The female perspective 5. The older adult’s perspective 6. The young person’s perspective 7. The child’s perspective 8. The additive effect of mental health–substance use on cognitive impairment 9. Mental health–substance use first aid 10. Mental health–substance use: Why do general practitioners need to know about it? 11. Mental health–substance use: Presenting together in primary care–the practical challenge 12. Integrated service and system planning debate 13. Mental health–substance use in emergency settings 14. Crime, prison, mental health–substance use 15. Communicating harm reduction


    Editor-in-Chief, Mental Health and Substance Use