1st Edition

Responding to a Serious Mental Health Problem Person-Centred Dialogues

By Richard Bryant-Jefferies Copyright 2005

    This book uses narrative to describe powerfully what is happening, interspersed with the counsellor’s thoughts and reflections. Sessions of supervision are also described and linked to what is occurring in the therapy. The first part of the book focuses on a client struggling to cope with her son who has mental health and drug problems. The second part describes the son’s experience of entering into a therapeutic encounter after having reached a crisis point. Cultural differences are also explored. Included in this volume is material to inform the training process of counsellors and many others who seek to work with people experiencing these relational dynamics. It is intended as much for experienced counsellors as it is for trainees. It provides real insight into what can occur during counselling sessions.

    The book will also be of value to the many healthcare and social care professionals who, whilst they may specialise in other areas, will find that the issues dealt with in this volume have impact on the work they are doing. For them, the text demystifies what can occur in therapy, and provides useful ways of working that may be used by professionals other than counsellors. Potential clients will also gain an insight into the process.

    Part 1: A mother seeks counseling. Counselling sessions. Supervision sessions. Part 2: Her son begins his own counselling process. Counselling sessions. Supervision sessions.


    Richard Bryant-Jefferies