1st Edition

Responsible Global Leadership Dilemmas, Paradoxes, and Opportunities

    Ensuring principle-driven, legally sound, and ethically acceptable behavior in the global context is not an easy task for leaders. They face the requirement of meeting the needs and expectations of a diverse set of stakeholders. They are increasingly called on to protect, preserve, and restore the resources of the environment. They are expected to improve human well-being and social equity and recognize and effectively address economic and social issues concerning equality, social justice, and human-rights protection, and they have to navigate their organizations through periods of radical change, turbulence and crisis. 

    How should leaders in global organizations go about meeting the multiple demands of a complex global stakeholder environment? This book explores the dilemmas, paradoxes, and opportunities that leaders in global organizations of all types encounter daily and addresses how managers can and should think about and approach these complex issues in responsible and productive ways.

    This book will be of interest to students and scholars across business, management, and the social sciences more broadly.


    Introduction: why we study Responsible Global Leadership?;
    Mark E. Mendenhall, Milda Zilinskaite, Günter K. Stahl and Rachel Clapp-Smith;

    PART I The nature and context of Responsible Global Leadership;

    1. Responsible leadership in a VUCA world;
      Christof Miska, Vera Economou and Günter K. Stahl;
    2. Geopolitics, social polarization, and the bridging role of cosmopolitan leaders;
      Carol Reade and Hyun-Jung Lee;
    3. "Positive change" in Responsible Global Leadership: process and paradox;
      Sonia Cristina Oliveira, Luca Giustiniano and Miguel Pina e Cunha;
    4. PART II Challenges facing responsible global leaders;

    5. Responsible Global Leadership in an era of environmentalism;
      Jakari Griffith, Rachel Clapp-Smith, Gwendolyn M. Combs and David Ellis;
    6. Responsible Global Leadership in downstream and upstream supply chains: a typology of archetypes of strategic responses to CSR pressures;
      Sheila M. Puffer, David Wesley, Luis Alfonso Dau and Elizabeth M. Moore;
    7. Responsible global migrant workforce management: leadership challenges and opportunities Milda Zilinskaite and Aida Hajro
    8. The role of inclusion in Responsible Global Leadership;
      Karsten Jonsen, Orly Levy, Ina Toegel and Josefine van Zanten;
    9. PART III Rolling out Responsible Global Leadership in global organizations: issues and best practices;

    10. Developing globally responsible leaders;
      Philip H. Mirvis;
    11. Developing responsible global leaders in a multinational high reliability organization;
      Anna K. J. Gosovic and Anne-Marie Søderberg;
    12. The long and winding road to Responsible Global Leadership in the banking industry;
      Marlene Gruber and Milda Zilinskaite;
    13. Responsible global leaders as drivers of Responsible Innovation;
      Christian Voegtlin and Moritz Patzer;
    14. PART IV Epilogue;

    15. Responsible Global Leadership: the anatomy and promise of an emerging field;
      Mark E. Mendenhall, Günter K. Stahl, and Christof Miska;


    Mark E. Mendenhall holds the J. Burton Frierson Chair of Excellence in Business Leadership at the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga, and is a past president of the International Management Division of the Academy of Management.

    Milda Žilinskaitė is a senior scientist at Vienna University of Economics and Business, and a manager at the WU Center for Sustainability Transformation and Responsibility (STaR).

    Günter K. Stahl is a professor of international management and a codirector of the Centre for Sustainability Transformation and Responsibility (STaR) at the WU Vienna University of Economics and Business.

    Rachel Clapp-Smith is a professor of leadership in the College of Business, Chair of the Managerial Studies Department, and Academic Director of the Leadership Institute at Purdue University Northwest.