2nd Edition

Responsible Leadership

Edited By Nicola Pless, Thomas Maak Copyright 2022
    530 Pages 24 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    530 Pages 24 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The second edition of Responsible Leadership offers orienting knowledge on how to lead in a world of contested values—a world where leadership work extends beyond leaders and direct reports to a whole range of stakeholders inside and outside an organization.

    The new edition comes at a time where leaders face growing expectations to do better, and more, and where leadership challenges such as the ethical tragedy of climate change and global pandemics highlight the urgency of collective action. Updated and significantly extended, the second edition of this much acclaimed volume assembles leading scholars and practitioners in the field. It includes new chapters on inclusive leadership, the study of responsible leadership, the purpose of organizations, authenticity and values, virtuous leadership, irresponsible leadership, the paradoxical nature of responsible leadership, responsible leadership in context and in Asia, artistic expression to enable responsible leadership, responsible leadership measurement, and new directions for responsible leadership.

    This volume offers rich and functional insights into the concept and practice of responsible leadership. It will appeal to academics and practitioners alike with a wide array of perspectives grounded in pioneering scholarship and best practice.

    1. Introduction: The ongoing quest for responsible leadership in business

    Thomas Maak and Nicola M. Pless

    Part I: What is responsible leadership?

    2. Why ethics is at the heart of leadership

    Joanne B. Ciulla

    3. Responsible leadership—A relational approach

    Thomas Maak and Nicola M. Pless

    4. Inclusive leadership for our global era

    Peter Wuffli

    5. Reflections on the study of responsible leadership

    Anne Tsui

    6. Responsible leadership and societal purpose: Reframing the purpose of business as pursuing good dividends

    Steve Kempster

    7. Values, authenticity, and responsible leadership

    R. Edward Freeman and Ellen R. Auster

    8. Responsible leadership as virtuous leadership

    Kim Cameron

    9. A compass for decision making

    Lynn Sharp Paine

    10. Responsible leadership: A shift from individual leaders to leader relations

    Anne Keränen

    11. (Ir)responsible followership

    Barbara Kellerman

    Part II: What makes a responsible leader?

    12. Different approaches toward doing the right thing: Mapping the responsibility orientations of leaders

    Nicola M. Pless, Thomas Maak, and David A. Waldman

    13. Exploring the paradoxical nature of responsible leadership

    Arménio Rego, Miguel Pina e Cunha, and Stewart Clegg

    14. Servant leadership and virtues from an Aristotelian viewpoint

    Alejo José G. Sison and Garrett W. Potts

    15. Moral intelligence: Leadership in a world of contested values

    Daniel Diermeier

    16. Developing responsible leadership: The case of Fabio Barbosa

    Erik van de Loo and Toya Lorch

    Part III: Responsible leadership in and across cultures

    17. Leading responsibly across cultures

    Sonja A. Sackmann

    18. Towards responsible leadership through reconciling dilemmas

    Tong Schraa-Liu and Fons Trompenaars

    19. Leading responsibly in the Asian-led digital age: Towards a theory of virtuous responsible leadership

    Mario Fernando and Ruwan Bandara

    20. Responsible leadership in context: Four frames and two nations

    Philip Mirvis, Yolande Steenkamp, and Derick de Jongh

    Part IV: How to develop responsible leadership

    21. Principle-based leadership: Lessons from the Caux Round Table

    Stephen B. Young

    22. Responsible leadership and transformative cross-sector partnering

    James E. Austin, María Helena Jaén, Ezequiel Reficco, and Alfred Vernis

    23. The development of responsible leaders: A case study of a responsible leader in Colombia

    Margarita M. Castillo M., Iván D. Sánchez, and Sebastián Dueñas Ocampo

    24. The Ulysses Program and the development of globally responsible leaders in a VUCA world

    Nicola M. Pless and Ralf Schneider

    25. Dialogarchitecture: An artistic co-creation process to enable responsible leadership learning and implementation

    Hans-Juergen Frank, Nicola M. Pless, and Thomas Maak

    Part V: Conclusion

    26. Responsible leadership: New directions in the 2020s and beyond

    David A. Waldman

    27. Responsible leadership and the micro-foundations of CSR: Introducing a measure of CSR quality

    Nicola M. Pless and Thomas Maak


    Nicola M. Pless is Professor of Positive Business at the University of South Australia, and the recipient of the Aspen Institute’s Faculty Pioneer Award. Dr Pless is a former senior executive whose work focuses on the ideation and development of integrative responsible leadership.

    Thomas Maak is Professor of Leadership and Director of the Centre for Workplace Leadership at the University of Melbourne, Australia. He has worked extensively with companies and governments at the interface of ethics, governance, and leadership.

    'Business leadership must have at its core an extraordinary obligation to do the right thing. Here, for the first time, we have a comprehensive study of what doing the right thing really is - of how Responsible Leadership can and should become a central feature of how we do business.'

    Samuel A. DiPiazza, Jr., retired global CEO, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Mayo Clinic.

    'Seldom has a single book united so many different voices so well. A global list of premier thinkers and successful practitioners tackle the definition of "responsible leadership." The result is provocative and multi-layered.'

    Thomas Donaldson, Mark O. Winkelman Professor of Legal Studies, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

    'At last! A book that takes ethics and responsibility as serious and central components of leadership. This is one of the rare books on leadership that is worth reading and re-reading. The chapters give us a deep and practical understanding of how "responsible leadership" can work. It should change the way that we think about leadership and organizations.'

    R. Edward Freeman, Olsson Professor of Business Administration & Academic Director, The Business Roundtable Institute for Corporate Ethics, The Darden School, University of Virginia

    'A unique exploration of the multiple facets of responsible leadership, this fascinating book certainly challenges and inspires leaders to reconcile moral dilemmas, to lead from within with authenticity and integrity, to develop responsible leaders, and to pave the way towards a society where ethics and economics meet together. A great(ly awaited) second edition that should become the compass of a growing number of leaders for the years to come.'

    Luc Janin, Senior Partner, Korn Ferry


    'Are most leaders irresponsible, or do they just not know how to be(come) responsible leaders? Surely, it takes character and competence to fill a leadership role, but to be successful over time, any leader needs to consider the interests of their constituents and serve the common good, rather than their own and their organisation’s self-interest. If you are one such leader, congratulations – you won’t need this book. If you have any doubt, you will! Learn from the authors’ insights, put into practice, and lead the change. That way, a third edition will be a celebration of what we learned by listening.  

    Susanne Stormer, Partner and Head of Sustainability, PwC Denmark, Visiting (Associate) Professor at UC Berkeley Haas