1st Edition

Restoration and Management of Tropical Eutrophic Lakes

Edited By M V Reddy Copyright 2005
    534 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    This book is an essential knowledge base for both ecological restoration and management. Although tropical lakes are not identical, and therefore require individually developed and restoration and management practices; there are general principles in both restoration and management that can be derived from the case histories in this book and the limnological literature in general.

    Abiotic Environment: A Habitat-based Approach to Catchment Assessment and Sustainable Development in East African Freshwater Systems
    Surface Water Quality and Sediment Characteristics of the Eutrophic Husainsagar Lake in Twin Cities of Hyderabad - Secunderbad, India
    Phosphorus and Eutrophication in a Subtropical Lake Basin: Lake Chapala-Mexico
    Detergents and Eutrophication in Temperate Lakes
    Relevance to Tropical Aquatic Lake Environments with Reference to India
    Natural Eutophication of a Shallow Tropical Freshwater Lake
    Impact and Possible Restoration Strategy
    Biotic Environment: The Impact of Eutrophication on Lake Chivero, Zimbabwe: A Tropical African Reservoir
    Invasive Aquatic Weeds and Eutrophication: The Case of Water Hyacinth in Lake Victoria
    Phytoplankton Characteristics, Trophic Evolution and Nutrient Dynamics in an Urban Eutrophic Lake: Kandy Lake in Sri Lanka
    The Importance of Nutrient Input, Invertebrate Predation and Oxygen Deficit Governing the Temporal and Spatial Distribution of Plankton Community in Tropical Reservoirs
    Eutrophication and its Influences on the Fish Fauna of Lake Victoria
    Restoration and Management: Lake Restoration and Biomanipulation in Temperate Lakes: Relevance for Subtropical and Tropical Lakes
    Using Biomanipulation to Control Eutrophication in a Shallow Tropical Urban Reservoir (Lago Paranoa, Brazil)
    Water Quality Amelioration in an Urban Eutrophic Lake by Preventing Inflow of Municipal Sewage - A Case Study: Husainsagar Lake (Hyderabad, India)
    Restoration of Tropical Urban Lakes - Case Study: Lake Pampulha, Brazil; Dianchi Lake - A Hypereutophic Lake in China