1st Edition

Restoration of Function in Upper Limb Paralyses and Muscular Defects

    480 Pages 150 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Restoration of Functions in Upper Limb Paralyses and Muscular Defects provides the necessary information for the surgical management of muscular defects and neurobiological disorders of the upper extremity and details the restoration of essential functions in this area.

    This text examines:

    • Upper extremity paralysis and muscular deficits
    • Free muscle transfer
    • Obstetrical paralyses: primary surgery
    • Volkmann syndrome
    • The tetraplegic upper limb
    • Physiology of nerve regeneration
    • Electrodiagnosis studies
    • Pathological mechanics

    Drawing on extensive practical clinical experience, the contributors to this volume present practitioners working with these afflicted patients with an authoritative, insightful resource to find solutions for a range of paralysis challenges and further enhance their practice.

    Introduction  1. Upper Extremity Paralysis and Muscular Deficits  2. Surgical Classification of Upper Limb Paralyses  3. Examination of Upper Limb Paralyses   4. Electrodiagnosis in Upper Extremity Paralysis  5. Basic Notions of Biomechanical Physics  6. Biomechanical Research on Muscle--Tendon Transfers  7. Free Functioning Muscle Transfer  8. Normal and Pathological Mechanics of the Shoulder  9. Paralytic Disorders of the Shoulder Girdle  10. Normal and Pathological Mechanics of the Elbow and Pronosupination  11. Paralyses of the Elbow: Flexion and Pronosupination  12. Normal and Pathological Mechanics of the Wrist  13. Restoration of Extension of Wrist and Digits  14. Normal and Pathological Mechanics of the Digits  15. Restoration of Flexion of the Fingers  16. Normal and Pathological Biomechanics of the Thumb  17. Restoration of Thumb Opposition  18. Restoration of the Intrinsic Muscles of the Long Fingers  19. Restoration of Thumb--Index Lateral Pinch  20. Adult Brachial Plexus Paralyses  21. Obstetrical Paralyses: Primary Surgery  22. Obstetrical Paralyses: Sequellae   23. Timing of Reconstructive Surgery after Peripheral Nerve Lesions  24. Paralytic Aspects of Nerve Entrapments  25. Sensory Palsy  26. Re-education after Sensory Nerve Transfer  27. Volkmann's Contracture  28. Compartment Syndromes of the Upper Limb  29. The Tetraplegic Upper Limb  30. The Spastic Upper Limb and its Surgical Rehabilitation  31. Hand Reconstruction in Leprous Palsies  32. Restoration of Function of the Upper Limb after Tendon Transfer


    Raoul Tubiana, Alain Gilbert, Caroline Leclercq, Rene Malek