1st Edition

Restorative Responses to Sexual Violence Legal, Social and Therapeutic Dimensions

Edited By Estelle Zinsstag, Marie Keenan Copyright 2017
    326 Pages
    by Routledge

    326 Pages
    by Routledge

    Sexual violence, in all its forms, is a crime for which anecdotal accounts and scholarly reports suggest victims in their great majority do not receive adequate ‘justice’ or redress. The theory and practice of restorative justice is rapidly developing and offers some well-argued new avenues for dealings with crime in general. It has the potential to be extended to cases of sexual violence and a number of small scale programmes are already underway across the world.

    Restorative Responses to Sexual Violence examines this innovative justice paradigm in more depth in the particular context of sexual trauma and violence in order to establish the empirical realities of restorative justice approaches in cases of sexual violence, and considers how such approaches could be developed adequately in the future. This book is divided into two parts, each representing a key area of research and practice: theoretical and conceptual frameworks, and justice and therapeutic perspectives.

    This international collection brings together leading expert scholars and practitioners to offer both theoretical and practical perspectives on restorative justice and sexual violence. This book will be of interest to researchers in the field of law, criminology, psychology, social science, social work and psychotherapy, as well as practitioners in the fields of criminal justice, restorative justice and sex offender and victim trauma therapies.

    Restorative responses to sexual violence: an introduction (Estelle Zinsstag and Marie Keenan)

    Part I: Theoretical and conceptual frameworks

    1. Repairing the harms of rape of women through restorative justice (Nikki Godden-Rasul)

    2. Towards integrative frameworks for addressing sexual violence: feminist, abolitionist, social harm and restorative perspectives (Brunilda Pali)

    3. Criminal justice, restorative justice, sexual violence and the rule of law (Marie Keenan)

    4. Wartime sexual violence and conventional and restorative justice responses: the potential of a ‘blended approach’ within transitional justice (Estelle Zinsstag and Virginie Busck-Nielsen)

    5. Restorative justice and the dual role problem confronting practitioners (Tony Ward)

    6. Sexual violence and victims’ justice interests (Kathleen Daly)

    Part II: Justice and therapeutic perspectives

    7. Sibling sexual violence and victims’ justice interests: a comparison of youth conferencing and judicial sentencing (Kathleen Daly and Dannielle Wade)

    8. Seeking justice for survivors of sexual violence: recognition, voice and consequences (Clare McGlynn, Julia Downes and Nicole Westmarland)

    9. Achieving justice outcomes: participants of Project Restore’s restorative processes (Shirley Jülich and Fiona Landon)

    10. The RESTORE Program for sex crimes: differentiating therapeutic jurisprudence from restorative justice with therapeutic components (Elise C. Lopez and Mary P. Koss)

    11. Responsibility, care and harm: the involvement of the community in cases of child sexual abuse – a reflection from the practice experience of the Belgian mediation service Alba (Miriam Beck, Daniela Bolívar and Bie Vanseveren)

    12. On the relationship between restorative justice and therapy in cases of sexual violence (Gunda Woessner)

    13 Circles of support and accountability: survivors as volunteers and the restorative potential (Nadia Wager and Chris Wilson)

    14. Towards a better understanding of justice: concluding thoughts on restorative responses to sexual violence (Marie Keenan, Estelle Zinsstag and Ivo Aertsen)


    Estelle Zinsstag is a Senior Researcher at the Leuven Institute of Criminology, University of Leuven, Belgium.

    Marie Keenan is Lecturer and Researcher at the School of Social Policy, Social Work and Social Justice University College Dublin, Ireland.

    "This is a brave edited collection. The juxtaposition of restorative justice with sexual violence is an emotive topic and this collection faces the problems and the possibilities inherent in doing so with care, craft and thought. It brings together international expertise and will be of interest to an international audience. The editors are to be congratulated for putting such a valuable collection together that deserves to be read by a wide audience of practitioners, researchers and academics."

    Sandra Walklate, Eleanor Rathbone Chair of Sociology, University of Liverpool, Professor of Criminology, Monash University, Australia, and Adjunct Professor School of Justice, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

    "This important book represents a major step forward in understanding the harms of sexual assault and the profound needs that survivors have in its aftermath. Presenting research from around the world, the authors examine how restorative justice may both meet and fail to meet these needs. In my view, this remarkable collection will guide work on this topic for many years to come."

    James Ptacek, Professor and Chair, Department of Sociology, Suffolk University, USA