1st Edition

Retailing and the Public (RLE Retailing and Distribution)

By Lawrence Neal Copyright 1932

    In one of the first books to treat retailing as a subject of serious analysis, Retailing and the Public examines the state of one of the most important industries in the country. Retailing gives direct employment to more people than any other trade; it accounts for over half of national income. No other industry affects the public as much as retailing does. These facts stand as true today as they did in the 1930s, and this classic text, groundbreaking in its time, shines as much light on the present as it does the past.

    First published 1932.

    Foreword by F. J. Marquis.  Introduction.  Part 1. Section 1. Survey of Retailing Organisations 1. Preliminary  2. The Small Independent Shop  3. The Speciality Shop  4. The Departmental  Store  5. The Multiple Shop  6. The Co-operative Movement  7. The ‘Fixed Price’ Chain Store  8. The Characteristics of Multiple Organisations   9. Club Trading  10. Mail Order Business  Section 2. The Departmental Store in Action  11. The Building  12. The Organisation  13. Budgetary Control of Merchandising  14. Budgetary Control of Expenses  Part 2. To-day and To-morrow  15. An Objective Analysis of Retailing  16. Future Trends


    Lawrence E. Neal, Joint Managing Director of Daniel Neal & Sons Ltd. President Joint Managing Director., F. J. Marquis, President Joint Managing Director.

    ‘A valuable and welcome undergraduate textbook.’ Environment and Planning

    ‘Recommended unreservedly to managers and planners in the distributive trades and to all those who are concerned with the implications of current trends in the provision of shopping facilities.’ Retail Distribution and Management