1st Edition

Rethinking China's Provinces

Edited By John Fitzgerald Copyright 2002

    This is the third volume in a series examining the political importance of China's provinces under reform. The present book provides a survey of provinces as echelons of the peoples Republic of China. It seeks to locate the province as an administrative level in the Chinese state, through an examination of history, economic, social and political developments of these units. By situating the province history, this volume identifies new developments in the territorial administration of the People's Republic over the reform era. It also charts the consequent emergence of the city as an intermediate unit, situated between the province and the country, and providing challenges to the hierarchy of the bureaucratic state. This book includes detailed analyses of Chongqing, Henan, Guangdong, Anhui, Yunnan and Heilongjiang. It contains extensively researched empirical data collected from these provinces, and user friendly maps of these regions.

    List of Tables and Figures Authors Preface 1. Introduction John Fitzgerald 2. The Province in History John Fitzgerald 3. New Chongquing: Opportunities and Challenges 4. Henan as a model: From Hegemonism to Fragmentism Thomas Heberer and Sabine Jakobi 5. Guangdong Under Reform: Social and Political Trends and Challenges Peter Cheung 6. Discourses of Poverty: Weakness, Potential and Provincial Identity in Anhui Sun Wanning 7. Looking South: Local Identities and Transnational Linkages in Yunan Margaret Swain 8. The Political Implications of Heilongjiang's Industrial Structure Gaye Christofferson 9. Why Provinces Barbara Krug


    John Fitzgerald