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Rethinking Development

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Rethinking Development offers accessible and thought-provoking overviews of contemporary topics in international development and aid. Providing original empirical and analytical insights, the books in this series push thinking in new directions by challenging current conceptualizations and developing new ones.  

This is a dynamic and inspiring series for all those engaged with today’s debates surrounding development issues, whether they be students, scholars, policy makers and practitioners internationally. These interdisciplinary books provide an invaluable resource for discussion in advanced undergraduate and postgraduate courses in development studies as well as in anthropology, economics, politics, geography, media studies and sociology.

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Dear Development Practitioner Advice for the Next Generation

Dear Development Practitioner: Advice for the Next Generation

1st Edition


Edited By Simon Milligan, Lee Wilson
October 25, 2023

In this book, influential development practitioners reflect on their careers by writing letters of advice to their younger selves. Sharing their successes and failures, the challenges and barriers they have encountered, and the changes and continuities within their work, these deeply personal ...

The Unintended Effects of Aid and Development

The Unintended Effects of Aid and Development

1st Edition


By Dirk-Jan Koch
September 27, 2023

Foreign aid and international development frequently bring with it a range of unintended consequences, both negative and positive. This book delves into these consequences, providing a fresh and comprehensive guide to understanding them and studying them.   The book starts by laying out a ...

The Project in International Development Theory and Practice

The Project in International Development: Theory and Practice

1st Edition


By Caitlin Scott
June 26, 2023

The project has become fundamental to international development and humanitarian practice, playing a key role in defining objectives, funding streams and ultimately determining what success looks like. This book provides a much-needed overview of the project in international development practice, ...

South-North Dialogues on Democracy, Development and Sustainability

South-North Dialogues on Democracy, Development and Sustainability

1st Edition

Edited By Cristina Fróes de Borja Reis, Tatiana Berringer
May 31, 2023

This book shows how bringing together experts from the Global South and the Global North can help us to understand and combat global economic, political, and social inequalities. For too long, the world’s problems have been viewed through the narrow conceptual lenses of the Global North. This book ...

Researching Development NGOs Global and Grassroots Perspectives

Researching Development NGOs: Global and Grassroots Perspectives

1st Edition

Edited By Susannah Pickering-Saqqa
April 28, 2023

This book offers a critical insight into how the study of NGOs can be more theoretically grounded and methodologically creative. The role of NGOs in global development has been the focus of considerable research and scholarship for the last four decades. More recently, scholars and NGO ...

Disability and International Development A Guide for Students and Practitioners

Disability and International Development: A Guide for Students and Practitioners

2nd Edition

By David Cobley
April 20, 2023

Disability and International Development provides a comprehensive overview of the key themes in the field of disability and development, including issues around identity, poverty, disability rights, education, health, livelihoods, disaster recovery and approaches to researching disability. As ...

Critical Approaches to Heritage for Development

Critical Approaches to Heritage for Development

1st Edition

Edited By Charlotte Cross, John D. Giblin
December 15, 2022

This book investigates the relationship between heritage and development from the global visions articulated by UNESCO and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to local activism, livelihood innovations and political strategies employed in diverse countries of the Global South.  In recent years,...

COVID-19 and Foreign Aid Nationalism and Global Development in a New World Order

COVID-19 and Foreign Aid: Nationalism and Global Development in a New World Order

1st Edition

Edited By Viktor Jakupec, Max Kelly, Michael de Percy
November 24, 2022

This book provides a timely, critical, and thought-provoking analysis of the implications of the disruption of COVID-19 to the foreign aid and development system, and the extent to which the system is retaining a level of relevance, legitimacy, or coherence. Drawing on the expertise of key ...

Arts and Culture in Global Development Practice Expression, Identity and Empowerment

Arts and Culture in Global Development Practice: Expression, Identity and Empowerment

1st Edition

Edited By Cindy Maguire, Ann Holt
March 31, 2022

This book explores the role that arts and culture can play in supporting global international development. The book argues that arts and culture are fundamental to human development and can bring considerable positive results for helping to empower communities and provide new ways of looking at ...

Development with Dignity Self-determination, Localization, and the End to Poverty

Development with Dignity: Self-determination, Localization, and the End to Poverty

1st Edition

By Tom G. Palmer, Matt Warner
January 31, 2022

At a time when the global development industry is under more pressure than ever before, this book argues that an end to poverty can only be achieved by prioritizing human dignity. Unable to adequately account for the roles of culture, context, and local institutions, today’s outsider-led ...

Post-Conflict Participatory Arts Socially Engaged Development

Post-Conflict Participatory Arts: Socially Engaged Development

1st Edition

Edited By Faith Mkwananzi, Firdevs Melis Cin
December 16, 2021

This book investigates the power of art to enhance human development and to initiate positive social change for individuals and societies recovering from conflict. Interventions aimed at reinforcing social justice and bringing communities together after conflict are often accused of being top-down...

The Diaspora's Role in Africa Transculturalism, Challenges, and Development

The Diaspora's Role in Africa: Transculturalism, Challenges, and Development

1st Edition

By Stella-Monica N. Mpande
November 08, 2021

Africans living in the diaspora have a unique position as potential agents of change in helping to address Africa’s political and socioeconomic challenges. In addition to sending financial remittances, their multiple, hybrid identities in and out of geographical and psychocultural spaces allow them...

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