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Rethinking Development

About the Series

Rethinking Development offers accessible and thought-provoking overviews of contemporary topics in international development and aid. Providing original empirical and analytical insights, the books in this series push thinking in new directions by challenging current conceptualizations and developing new ones.  

This is a dynamic and inspiring series for all those engaged with today’s debates surrounding development issues, whether they be students, scholars, policy makers and practitioners internationally. These interdisciplinary books provide an invaluable resource for discussion in advanced undergraduate and postgraduate courses in development studies as well as in anthropology, economics, politics, geography, media studies and sociology.

To submit proposals, please contact the Development Studies Editor, Helena Hurd ([email protected]).

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Arts and Culture in Global Development Practice Expression, Identity and Empowerment

Arts and Culture in Global Development Practice: Expression, Identity and Empowerment

1st Edition

Edited By Cindy Maguire, Ann Holt
March 31, 2022

This book explores the role that arts and culture can play in supporting global international development. The book argues that arts and culture are fundamental to human development and can bring considerable positive results for helping to empower communities and provide new ways of looking at ...

Development with Dignity Self-determination, Localization, and the End to Poverty

Development with Dignity: Self-determination, Localization, and the End to Poverty

1st Edition

By Tom G. Palmer, Matt Warner
January 31, 2022

At a time when the global development industry is under more pressure than ever before, this book argues that an end to poverty can only be achieved by prioritizing human dignity. Unable to adequately account for the roles of culture, context, and local institutions, today’s outsider-led ...

Post-Conflict Participatory Arts Socially Engaged Development

Post-Conflict Participatory Arts: Socially Engaged Development

1st Edition

Edited By Faith Mkwananzi, F. Melis Cin
December 16, 2021

This book investigates the power of art to enhance human development and to initiate positive social change for individuals and societies recovering from conflict. Interventions aimed at reinforcing social justice and bringing communities together after conflict are often accused of being top-down...

The Diaspora's Role in Africa Transculturalism, Challenges, and Development

The Diaspora's Role in Africa: Transculturalism, Challenges, and Development

1st Edition

By Stella-Monica N. Mpande
November 08, 2021

Africans living in the diaspora have a unique position as potential agents of change in helping to address Africa’s political and socioeconomic challenges. In addition to sending financial remittances, their multiple, hybrid identities in and out of geographical and psychocultural spaces allow them...

Global Learning and International Development in the Age of Neoliberalism

Global Learning and International Development in the Age of Neoliberalism

1st Edition

By Stephen McCloskey
October 18, 2021

This book argues that the international development sector is in crisis which can be mostly sourced to its side-stepping the dominant development question of our age, the neoliberal growth paradigm. It argues that this crisis can be addressed, at least in part, by the sector’s re-engagement with ...

Prevention of Violence Against Women and Girls Mainstreaming in Development Programmes

Prevention of Violence Against Women and Girls: Mainstreaming in Development Programmes

1st Edition

By Tamsin Bradley, Janet Gruber
September 17, 2021

Prevention of Violence Against Women and Girls argues that women and girls are vulnerable across all areas of society, and that therefore a commitment to end violence against women and girls needs to be embedded into all development programmes, regardless of sectorial focus. This book presents an ...

Mobile Technology and Social Transformations Access to Knowledge in Global Contexts

Mobile Technology and Social Transformations: Access to Knowledge in Global Contexts

1st Edition

Edited By Stefanie Felsberger, Ramesh Subramanian
May 03, 2021

This book investigates the ways in which the mobile telephone has transformed societies around the world, bringing both opportunities and challenges. At a time when knowledge and truth are increasingly contested, the book asks how mobile technology has changed the ways in which people create, ...

Introducing Forced Migration

Introducing Forced Migration

1st Edition

By Patricia Hynes
March 31, 2021

At a time when global debates about the movement of people have never been more heated, this book provides readers with an accessible, student-friendly guide to the subject of forced migration. Readers of this book will learn who forced migrants are, where they are and why international protection...

Southern-Led Development Finance Solutions from the Global South

Southern-Led Development Finance: Solutions from the Global South

1st Edition

Edited By Diana Barrowclough, Kevin P. Gallagher, Richard Kozul-Wright
September 30, 2020

Southern-Led Development Finance examines some of the innovative new south-south financial arrangements and institutions that have emerged in recent years, as countries from the Global South seek to transform their economies and to shield themselves from global economic turbulence. Even before the...

Using Evidence in Policy and Practice Lessons from Africa

Using Evidence in Policy and Practice: Lessons from Africa

1st Edition

Edited By Ian Goldman, Mine Pabari
June 15, 2020

This book asks how governments in Africa can use evidence to improve their policies and programmes, and ultimately, to achieve positive change for their citizens. Looking at different evidence sources across a range of contexts, the book brings policy makers and researchers together to uncover what...

Rural Development in Practice Evolving Challenges and Opportunities

Rural Development in Practice: Evolving Challenges and Opportunities

1st Edition

By Willem van Eekelen
May 18, 2020

Rural Development in Practice focuses on the evolving nature of rural development in the Global South. It outlines how we got to where we are today, checks what we can learn from history, and explores the development drivers, facilitators, and obstacles most likely to shape the years ahead. The ...

Women, Literature and Development in Africa

Women, Literature and Development in Africa

2nd Edition

By Anthonia C. Kalu
December 17, 2019

This book is a powerful exploration of the role of women in the evolution of African thinking and narratives on development, from the precolonial period right through to the modern day. Whilst the book identifies women’s oppression and marginalization as significant challenges to contemporary ...

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