1st Edition

Rethinking Gaspara Stampa in the Canon of Renaissance Poetry

Edited By Unn Falkeid, Aileen Feng Copyright 2015

    Despite the fact that Gaspara Stampa (1523?-1554) has been recognized as one of the greatest and most creative poets and musicians of the Italian Renaissance, scholarship on her work has been surprisingly scarce and uncoordinated. In recent years, critical attention towards her work has increased, but until now there have been no anthologies dedicated solely to Stampa. Rethinking Gaspara Stampa in the Canon of Renaissance Poetry aims to set a foundation for further Stampa studies by accounting for her contributions to literature, music history, gender studies, the history of ideas, philosophy, and other areas of critical thought. This volume brings together an international group of interdisciplinary scholars who employ varied methodologies to explore multiple aspects of Stampa’s work in dialogue with the most recent scholarship in the field. The chapters emphasize the many ways in which Stampa’s poetry engages with multiple cultural movements of early modern Italy and Europe, including: Ficinian and Renaissance Neoplatonism, male-authored writing about women, Longinus’s theory of the sublime, the formation of writing communities, the rediscovery of Aristotle’s writings, and the reimagined relation between human and natural worlds. Taken as a whole, this volume presents a rich introduction to, and interdisciplinary investigation of, Gaspara Stampa’s impact on Renaissance culture.

    Introduction, UnnFalkeid, Aileen A.Feng; Part I The Sublime; Chapter 1 Naming Sappho, JaneTylus; Chapter 2, UnnFalkeid; Chapter 3, FedericoSchneider; Part II Real, Virtual, and Imagined Communities; Chapter 4 Desiring Subjects, Aileen A.Feng; Chapter 5 Voi e tu, Love and Law, Ann RosalindJones; Chapter 6 Le amiche carte, AngelaCapodivacca; Chapter 7 Writing as a Pro, William J.Kennedy; Part III Personae; Chapter 8 Playing (with) Personae, UlrikeSchneider, AchimHescher; Chapter 9 Gaspara Stampa as Salamander and Phoenix, VeronicaAndreani; Chapter 10 Anassilla, TroyTower;


    Unn Falkeid is Research Fellow at the Royal Swedish Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities, affiliated with the Department of Culture and Aesthetics at Stockholm University. Aileen A. Feng is Assistant Professor of Italian and Faculty Affiliate in Gender and Women’s Studies at the University of Arizona, USA.

    "The strength of this collection lies in the focused, carefully nuanced analyses of its authors, and the thoughtful organization of its editors. The volume thus successfully moves beyond previous tendencies to highlight Stampa's work solely vis-a-vis her female contemporaries, offering instead a refreshing analysis of Stampa's work vis-a-vis the male-female literary culture of the Renaissance." -- Benedetta Lamanna, University of Toronto