1st Edition

Rethinking Geopolitics

Edited By Simon Dalby, Gearoid O.u Tuathail Copyright 1998
    346 Pages
    by Routledge

    346 Pages
    by Routledge

    Rethinking Geopolitics argues that the concept of geopolitics needs to be conceptualised anew as the twenty-first century approaches.
    Challenging conventional geopolitical assumptions, contributors explore:
    * theories of post-modern geopolitics
    * historical formulations of states and cold wars
    * the geopolitics of the Holocaust
    * the gendered dimension of Kurdish insurgency
    * the cold war world
    * political cartoons concerning Bosnia
    * Time magazine representations of the Persian Gulf
    * the Zapatistas and the Chiapas revolt
    * the new cyber politics
    * conflict simulations in the US military
    * the emergence of a new geopolitics of global security.
    Exploring how popular cultural assumptions about geography and politics constitute the discourses of contemporary violence and political economy, Rethinking Geopolitics shows that we must rethink the struggle for knowledge, space and power.

    List of figures, List of tables, List of contributors, Introduction: Rethinking geopolitics: towards a critical geopolitics, 1 Postmodern geopolitics? The modern geopolitical imagination and beyond, 2 Figuring the Holocaust: singularity and the purification of space, 3 Fourteen notes on the very concept of the Cold War, 4 The occulted geopolitics of nation and culture: situating political culture within the construction of geopolitical ontologies, 5 Stabilizing borders: the geopolitics of national identity construction in Turkey, 6 Manufacturing provinces: theorizing the encounters between governmental and popular ‘geographs’ in Finland, 7 Reel geographies of the new world order: patriotism, masculinity, and geopolitics in post-Cold War American movies, 8 Enframing Bosnia: the geopolitical iconography of Steve Bell, 9 Outsides inside patriotism: the Oklahoma bombing and the displacement of heartland geopolitics, 10 What is in a gulf?: from the ‘arc of crisis’ to the Gulf War, 11 Going globile: spatiality, embodiment, and media-tion in the Zapatista insurgency, 12 ‘All but war is simulation’, 13 Running flat out on the road ahead: nationality, sovereignty, and territoriality in the world of the information superhighway, 14 Geopolitics and global security: culture, identity, and the ‘pogo syndrome’, Index


    Simon Dalby, Gearoid O.u Tuathail