316 Pages
    by Routledge India

    316 Pages
    by Routledge India

    Innovation manifests itself as a key driver of improved productivity and sustainable growth in today’s global economic landscape. This book

    • brings together perspectives and case studies from across the world;

    • discusses frameworks and actual conditions required for innovation; and

    • examines a variety of themes, such as technology innovation, research & development, team and human resource management, product and process creativity and entrepreneurship development to augment strategic and competitive advantage.

    It will prove essential to those in business and management, entrepreneurship, economics and development studies, particularly those interested in innovation, strategic planning and business leadership.

    Preface. Introduction. 1. Cluster as an Approach to Innovation Development of Entrepreneurships — A Case Study from Poland Magdalena Bialic-Davendra and Drahomíra Pavelková 2. New Product Creativity and Competitive Advantage: Relevancy to the Malaysian Economy Pelin Bicen and William H.A. Johnson 3. Option-Games Analysis on the Strategic Partnership of Biotech Start-ups Takao Fujiwara 4. Commercial Spinoffs Generated by Italian Universities: An Empirical Analysis Maria V. Ciasullo and Giulia Monetta 5. Organizational Factors and Innovation — Analysis of Different Types of Organizations Vishnuprasad Nagadevara 6. Networks of Small Producers for Technological Innovation: Some Models Pankaj Chandra 7. Insights in Research and Development, and Innovation in Europe and Spain in Particular: Practitioner Perspectives V. Richard Benjamins, Lourdes Perez and Jesús Contreras 8. Building Innovative Teams on Diverse Creativity Vesa Routamaa 9. Diversity and Innovative Performance in Teams: The Role of Conflict-Management Styles, Team and Leadership Identity Aline D. Masuda and Konstantinos C. Kostopoulos 10. Strategic and Tactical Dimensions of Technology Standards Battles: Sony and Blu-Ray C. Jayachandran and Ram Subramanian 11. Challenges in the Development of Technological Capabilities: Business Models and Entrepreneurial Culture in Emerging Economies Ricardo Arechavala-Vargas, Berta E. Madrigal-Torres, Bernardo Jaen-Jimenez and Lorena G. Verde-Flota.


    Ram Subramanian, Martin Rahe, Vishnuprasad Nagadevara, C. Jayachandran

    ‘[Addresses] the creation and implementation of new ideas, and integrat[es] them with systemic culture through . . . building . . . knowledge, capability [and] coalitions. [Its] global and local relevance [has a] unique appeal.’Samir Ranjan Chatterjee, Curtin University, Australia

    ‘This valuable collection argues for application of organization theories at multiple levels of analysis for a deepened and nuanced understanding of innovation.’ — Sudhi Seshadri, LKC School of Business, Singapore