1st Edition

Rethinking Insecurity, War and Violence Beyond Savage Globalization?

Edited By Damian Grenfell, Paul James Copyright 2009
    256 Pages
    by Routledge

    246 Pages
    by Routledge

    Rethinking Insecurity, War and Violence: Beyond Savage Globalization? is a collection of essays by scholars intent on rethinking the mainstream security paradigms.

    Overall, this collection is intended to provide a broad and systematic analysis of the long-term sources of political, military and cultural insecurity from the local to the global. The book provides a stronger basis for understanding the causes of conflict and violence in the world today, one that adds a different dimension to the dominant focus on finding proximate causes and making quick responses

    Too often the arenas of violence have been represented as if they have been triggered by reassertions of traditional and tribal forms of identity, primordial and irrational assertions of politics. Such ideas about the sources of insecurity have become entrenched in a wide variety of media sources, and have framed both government policies and academic arguments. Rather than treating the sources of insecurity as a retreat from modernity, this book complicates the patterns of global insecurity to a degree that takes the debates simply beyond assumptions that we are witnessing a savage return to a bloody and tribalized world.

    It will be of particular interest to students and scholars of international relations, security studies, gender studies and globalization studies.


    Introduction: Part One

    1. Debating Insecurity in a Globalizing World: An Introduction

    Damian Grenfell and Paul James

    2. Globalizing Empire, Nationalism and Violence

    Paul James and Tom Nairn

    3. Globalization, Civil Society and Human Security

    Mary Kaldor (to be confirmed)

    4. Global Capitalism and the Politics of Risk

    James Goodman


    Introduction: Part Two

    5. The Spectacle of Terror: Postmodern Wars and the Therapeutic Security Paradigm

    Michael Humphrey

    6. The Effect of Mediation? Embodied Sympathy and Control in the Global War on Terror

    Kirsty Best

    7. The Recursion of Postcolonialism and Challenges to Mainstream International Relations

    Phillip Darby

    8. The Consequences of Ecological Risk and Broadening the Field of Security Studies

    Robyn Eckersley


    Introduction: Part Three

    9. Zones of Conflict and the Global War on Terror

    Martin Griffiths

    10. Political Regimes and the War on Terror in South East Asia

    Garry Rodan

    11. Insecurity, Risk, Identity and the War in Kosovo

    John Tulloch

    12. Globalization and the Conflict in Israel/Palestine

    Jamal Nassar (to be confirmed)


    Introduction: Part Four

    13. Resilience: Conditions for Reconstruction in Peripheral Communities

    John Handmer

    14. Reconstruction: Negotiating Governance after Major Conflict

    Richard Caplan (to be confirmed)

    15. Recovery: Taming the Rwa Bhineda after the Bali Bombings

    Jeff Lewis and Belinda Lewis

    16. Reconciliation: Violence and Gender in East Timor

    Damian Grenfell


    Damian Grenfell is a researcher in the Globalism Institute at RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia.

    Paul James is Academic Director of the Globalism Institute at RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia and Director of the United Nations Global Compact, Cities Program (UNGCCP).