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Rethinking Memory, Representation and Human Rights

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Events over recent decades โ€“ from 9/11 and the global War on Terror, to the COVID pandemic and growing calls for racial justice, to the international rise of right-wing populism and a retreat from democracy โ€“ have revealed the global interdependence, fragility and inequity within and between our cultures and societies, as growing demands for structural equity and racial justice have come up against exclusive nationalism, sectarianism and the politics of blame and conspiracy. This confluence of events and processes gives us an opportunity to re-evaluate many of the structures and norms related to memory, representation and human rights. This book series analyses and documents the role of memory sites in this changed and changing world.

Our contemporary time presents challenges and opportunities to memory sites, understood broadly to include museums and memorials, as well as heritage sites, atrocity sites, peace sites, online spaces, and other spaces in which memory manifests. This series offers a forum for rethinking memory, representation and human rights in public spaces. It explores the potential of memory sites to disrupt official narratives and build solidarity within and between communities, on the one hand, and on the other, to preserve and strengthen the status quo and reinforce populist and nationalist narratives. Situated in a space between the overlapping fields of museum, memory, trauma, and genocide studies, this critical series re-examines different constellations and manifestations of memory, representation and human rights, exploring a range of influences on our present relationships to the past, from politics to global discourses and designs for memory making.

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Museums and Mass Violence

Museums and Mass Violence

1st Edition


Edited By Paul Morrow, Amy Sodaro, Leora Kahn
January 15, 2025

Museums and Mass Violence examines the varied ways in which museums around the world address - or fail to address - the problem of mass violence and severe human rights abuses. Bringing together a diverse group of scholars and practitioners and a transnational set of case studies, this volume ...

Curating Human Rights Displaying, Combating and Obscuring Human Rights Violations in Museums

Curating Human Rights: Displaying, Combating and Obscuring Human Rights Violations in Museums

1st Edition


By Robin Ostow
November 11, 2024

Curating Human Rights conceptualizes the human rights museum as a dynamic cultural-political genre that interacts with multiple social activist, state and corporate stakeholders. Drawing upon ethnographic and archival research on seven human rights museums in six countries, Ostow examines ...

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